The Larkin The Evening

The City of Hull has just begun ‘Larkin 25′, a 25-week-long event, marking the 25th anniversary of the poet’s death on 2nd December 1985. BBC Radio 4′s ‘Front Row’ hosted by Mark Lawson, plugged the event, but spent at least half its time promoting the charges that Larkin was: a/ a misogynist; b/ a racist; c/ a Nazi sympathiser. No-one on the programme challenged these claims and even the suggestion … Continue reading

Three in a Row

Three new items have just come through from Honest Reporting. I’m proud to boast that I have commented on these three topics myself in the last few days.1.) The one about the Al-Dura hoax which passed yet another stage in the legal battle between Phillipe Karsenty and France 2. This case establishes that once again the world rushed to condemn Israel prematurely. The big lie that spread around the world … Continue reading


John Humphrys writes for the Daily Mail about the EU and claims – with breathtaking arrogance that oozes from every condescending sentence – that the corporation might have been guilty of not recognising eurosceptics enough. Pardon? Which parallel BBC universe does he live in? He and his cohorts have ignored and poured scorn on euroscepticism for years; they have also made bias by omission (i.e not properly reporting EU affairs … Continue reading


The Times reports that the BBC has ignored pleas for public sector pay restraint with a multimillion-pound offer to boost the salaries of more than 13,000 workers. On the day that the Chancellor George Osborne warned that the black hole in the nation’s finances was larger than previously thought, the BBC announced that staff earning less than £37,726 — 70 per cent of the total — would each receive a … Continue reading


BBC doing all it can to present the floundering of Obama as Presidential. Yesterday Obama sought to compare the Gulf Oil Spill with 9/11 (BBC seems to think that was a natural point of comparison) and today he now seeks to use this eco-disaster to advance his green agenda. What is it the Dems say – you should never miss the opportunity a good crisis provides? Rather than ask challenging questions … Continue reading


The BBC picks up on the soaring and absolutely unaffordable costs of having to fund Public sector pensions. So, who better to get on to discuss this issue than Unison’s Dave Prentice who instantly takes the conversation off the tracks. Evan Davies tried to steer the conversation on topic but Dave Spart was having none of it and he was allowed to waffle. It’s going to be a big issue … Continue reading


Today is the zenith for Irish republican propaganda and the BBC is keen to play a part. The Saville Report is published today and the BBC reporters in “Derry” (No hint of bias there, folks) are there to join in the British Army bashing contest. They interviewed IRA Commander Martin McGuinness (the butcher in charge of terrorism in Londonderry at that time ) and never asked ANY challenging questions about … Continue reading

Conning the World

After blanket one-sided coverage of the flotilla fiasco, Tim Franks hangs on to his job long enough to criticise Israel’s drop-in-the ocean attempt at redressing the balance. The song ‘We Con the World’ has already been banned by Youtube, so he needn’t have gone to the trouble of reporting it, and anything else said in Israel’s defence, as though it came from ‘Israel’s massive P.R. machine’ or some such. In … Continue reading


In it’s zeal to create the impression that the world and his wife wants the naval blockade of Gaza lifted, the BBC gushes that “The blockade on the Gaza Strip “must be broken”, the head of the Arab League Amr Moussa has said.” Odd then how they are less than effusive about sharing the news that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has told Obama that the naval blockade must be … Continue reading