Been away from the media all day, but just looked at BBC main news portal. The headline is “Doubt cast on Israel raid account”. Mmm. So, I wonder who is casting this doubt that the BBC deems worthy of leading their news? Why it is none other than the “activists” aka Jihad enablers! What a neutral source!! I doubt that Al Jazeera could be any worse than the BBC is at … Continue reading


Only on the BBC does a discussion concerning the exorbitant salaries of senior civil servants morph into a discussion on why the salaries of those employed in the private sector should not also be publicly displayed? Check out the interview on Today @ 7.51am. They do not understand the difference between those on the State payroll and those who make their own income. Click through to read and contribute comments … Continue reading


Anyone catch the BBC in full anti-Israel mode this morning on “Today”? I though Humphyrs was particularly hysterical during his 810am rant with the Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor – at one point denying that knives were weapons. (“You can get them in you kitchen drawer”) Evan Davies did all he could @ 8.47am to confirmt that the blockade  of Gaza was illegal, that the boarding of the ships was illegal … Continue reading


Wonder what your thoughts of the BBC coverage of the Hate Flotilla are this evening? Earlier on, on the 3pm BBC news, I was stunned to hear a Hamas spokesman being interviewed with NO balancing interview from someone from the Israeli side. This is another Hezbollah moment, we’re all Hamas now…and the BBC lead the chorus of outrage. How DARE those Jews defend themselves… Click through to read and contribute … Continue reading


I thought the BBC ran a very peculiar item this morning @ 8.46am concerning what they see as the homosexual angle to Lib-Dem David Laws ripping off the tax payer to the tune of £40,000 on his expenses claims. Evan Davies (Gay) conducted the interview with fellow blogger Iain Dale (Gay) and Kelvin McKenzie. (Not Gay). I am unsure why the BBC seem to want to bring the gay factor … Continue reading


Looks like the Flotilla won’t be floating any closer to Gaza. Did you catch the OUTRAGE expressed by Humphyrs at Israeli spokesman Mark Regev just after 8am? Humphrys repeated the allegation from the Hamas enablers on the Flotilla that they were attacked in the first instance, whereas Regev pointed out that it was the “activists” who had done the attacking. This has been a carefully engineered publicity stunt by the … Continue reading


It was inevitable that I’d have to return to this story for the third time, now that things have come to the boil in such an unfortunate manner. It is always difficult for defenders of Israel to make their case in an atmosphere of such overpowering hostility. When Israel’s actions appear disproportionate, unreasonable or excessive, both to the casual listener or viewer and the downright antisemite, everything reaches a horrible … Continue reading


Did you read this report concerning the decision by the Malawi President to pardon the gay couple who had been sentenced to 14 year in prison for their flouting of Malawi law? Helpfully, the BBC makes the point that intolerance of homosexual behaviour is a legacy of the evil Colonial times when..gasp..British values prevailed in law. So, even though Malawi has been independent for almost 50 years, it is still … Continue reading


Did you see Diane Abbott on with Marr? What an easy ride this ego on stilts was given, no tough questions, just a series of softballs that allowed her to waflle. She compared herself to Obama at one point Is it cos she is black? Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.