The New Belle Époque.

I’ve been very busy not watching telly, but I did accidentally stumble upon MEPs in Strasbourg discussing the Flotilla on the BBC Parliament channel last night, between the repeats of QT and Andrew Marr. Needless to say it was an Israel-bashing jamboree, with left wing and green MEPs making their rabidly anti Israel / pro Turkey speeches. They kept demanding Baroness Ashton ‘does something’ to lift the blockade of Gaza. … Continue reading


BBC correspondent Dan Collyns has got form. As I reported back in February, he was caught red-handed making nonsense predictions that the seas round the Galapagos Islands were heating up so fast that they were heading for boiling point. This eco-propagandist, who belongs to greenie alarmist group GRNlive, is at it again, this time reporting that a group of Peruvians have become so brainwashed and deluded as a result of … Continue reading

None So Blind

No matter what evidence is released about the “peace mission” on the Mavi Marmara, the BBC still calls the incident “Israel’s attack”, “Israel’s raid,” or whatever aggressive title they see fit to tag it. They see the incident as Israel’s, as if it belongs exclusively to Israel, though it was clearly instigated by Turkey or Islam. No matter how many Jihadi videos remain uncensored on YouTube while a humourous Israeli … Continue reading

A Leader Who Cannot Be Ignored

FOOC featured Jeremy Bowen’s cosy chat with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Although we were told that Syria was a bit of a police state, the impression given was that Bowen’s sympathy lay with‘friendly and charming’ al-Assad, whose country had suffered the “trauma of creating Israel.”“The Turks never attacked Israel, never smuggled weapons, never did anything harmful to Israel. They only worked for peace,” he said.” In the web article there’s … Continue reading

Question Time LiveBlog 17th June 2010

Question Time tonight comes from Witney, the Westminster seat of David Cameron, and famous only for having had a woollen blanket making industry…now closed. On the first coalition Tory-free panel (no, Theresa May technically did count as one) we have Chris Huhne, Peter Hain, Jeffrey Donaldson, “Baroness” Helena Kennedy and Amanda Platell.  For those playing the Buzzword Bingo, we’ll be playing the Lord Servile Rules which means players may bring a sub-machine … Continue reading


Well, it is that time when I take a break from  B-BBC. I’m off to Sorrento for a week of sunshine, relaxation and chianti. Hope you all keep well in my absence and behave yourselves! Best of all, no BBC for a week!! Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


BBC insights on Islam… ‘Myself and everyone involved in the making of theseshows have nothing but respect for Islam. It is a beautiful religion (that Iindeed studied at University) and one that we’re fully aware of is based firmlyin love and peace.’  Colin Edwards BBCproducer ‘Islam is a vision of umma, of human community to whichis entrusted the trusteeship or stewardship of the planet.  What an ideology for the good … Continue reading


Interesting catch here… “I was able to get quite close to the Muslims against Crusaders. The one with the loudhailer was going on about how dare the Royal Anglians “Come to this Muslim area”. A man near me yelled at him “This is a Christian area”. I yelled, “There was a Christian Abbey here in the year 600, (before Mohammed)” at which point a police officer asked me to move along. He … Continue reading