A truly chilling insight into the BBC mindset is provided by former BBC and Reuters correspondent Mark Brayne, who has now become – rather terrifyingly, given his views – a psychotherapist. In his case, the emphasis is definitely on the first part of the word. This nutjob, who takes the Dr David Gregory/BBC mindset I explored yesterday to its witchfinder-general logical conclusions, fervently believes that those who are sceptical about … Continue reading

Superfluous to Requirements?

The Telegraph is almost as interested in the foibles of the BBC as we are here.Today for example there’s Michael Deacon’s notebook.He went to the launch event for a set of BBC history documentaries, one of which is about Pompeii, to be presented by Cambridge classics don Mary Beard, one of the Beeb’s faves. She’s known for causing outrage by saying, less than a month after 9/11, that “the US … Continue reading


I note that we have had a contribution from Dr David Gregory, who works for the BBC in Birmingham, and who is both a science graduate and reports on the environment. B-BBC readers might also be interested to know that he comes from that same self-smug lefty mindset that treats anyone who dissents from BBC orthodoxy with complete disdain – and responds to anyone who disagrees with that orthdoxy with … Continue reading


Following Sue’s post yesterday about Christine Bleakley leaving the BBC for ITV, BBC creative director Alan Yentob – a man who has shown notable creativity in personal expense claims – has claimed in the Times (no link, I’m afraid- the Times won’t allow it) that the days of the BBC having “deep pockets” to hire talent are over. Some would say that in itself was a tad disingenuous as the … Continue reading

Channel Hopper

Now to an important subject. Christine Bleakley. Off to ITV. Good old BBC, making out that she was dithering, and they had to ‘let her go’ in a new-found frugality policy over wages for celebs and that. Looks much better than if she’d simply ditched them for all that lolly, and they’ve got the added bonus that they can use her departure as ‘exhibit one’ in the ‘Market Forces Argument’. … Continue reading

The New Belle Époque.

I’ve been very busy not watching telly, but I did accidentally stumble upon MEPs in Strasbourg discussing the Flotilla on the BBC Parliament channel last night, between the repeats of QT and Andrew Marr. Needless to say it was an Israel-bashing jamboree, with left wing and green MEPs making their rabidly anti Israel / pro Turkey speeches. They kept demanding Baroness Ashton ‘does something’ to lift the blockade of Gaza. … Continue reading


BBC correspondent Dan Collyns has got form. As I reported back in February, he was caught red-handed making nonsense predictions that the seas round the Galapagos Islands were heating up so fast that they were heading for boiling point. This eco-propagandist, who belongs to greenie alarmist group GRNlive, is at it again, this time reporting that a group of Peruvians have become so brainwashed and deluded as a result of … Continue reading

None So Blind

No matter what evidence is released about the “peace mission” on the Mavi Marmara, the BBC still calls the incident “Israel’s attack”, “Israel’s raid,” or whatever aggressive title they see fit to tag it. They see the incident as Israel’s, as if it belongs exclusively to Israel, though it was clearly instigated by Turkey or Islam. No matter how many Jihadi videos remain uncensored on YouTube while a humourous Israeli … Continue reading