Have a read of this tribute by the BBC to Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah – a founding figure for the Hezbollah terror group. Note how he is described as being “a moderate” and indeed “a progressive”. OK, he loathed the USA, wanted to see the destruction of Israel BUT, on the other hand, he believed female masturbation was allowable. You can see why the BBC are in mourning. Click … Continue reading


Interesting choice of BBC language here. Munich 1972..Israelideaths ‘masterminded’ in an “audacious” Palestinian attack…which “killed” 2Israelis….9 others “died” in a botched german police rescueattempt. Not machine gunned and grenaded to death then?BBC weekend staff even more appalling than the usual crew. It’s almost as if they admired the Palestinian savagery on display in 1972, and every year since. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Anything Goes

Sabotaging £180,000 worth of equipment and similar crimes are now quite legal. All you have to do when caught is plead that it was all in a good cause. Oddly enough the two legal precedents that have set this new standard concern two of the BBC’s favourite causes. Warmism and vilifying Israel. Melanie Phillips, Robin Shepherd and Jonathan Hoffman have written about this staggering development which was brought about by … Continue reading


Wonder did anyone else catch “Any Questions” this week? I caught the repeat this lunch-time on Radio 4. It is AWFUL. Jonathan, like his brother David, is effortlessly leftist. And as for the panel – well, good old BBC favourite anti-Conservative Chris Patten was there, to provide balance! Meanwhile. John Denham (= good guy because he opposed the liberation of Iraq) and Olly Grender (Nice Paddy Ashdown associated Liberal) ensured … Continue reading


Another teenager has been stabbed to death in London and the BBC want to discuss the issue. Partially. The issue is framed very carefully and the elephant in the room which the BBC will not discuss is the blunt fact that much of this gang culture is black youth driven. The BBC talks about the knives, not about who is wielding them. Why not? Is it because it pierces a … Continue reading


I was reading this item by the charming BBC ace correspondent Orla Guerin. It seeks to inform us about the real threat facing Pakistan – poverty. In particular, it concentrates on the decision by a Pakistani father to poison his family to death. Ine survives – this is her story. Why do I think Orla is missing the ultimate tragedy? Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

They Say We’ll Have Some Fun if …….

A B-BBC reader wonders why we’ve missed an important part of the story about Summer Camps in Gaza. I quipped about Mr. Naughtie’s unproductive chat with Jon Donnison and his cosy tête-à-tête with John Ging on the subject of Hamas torching the UN kids summer camp in Gaza. But I did note later that others had tackled the issue more broadly. I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m not a journalist … Continue reading


For the BBC, it’s simple. It’s about a constant stream of newthink and newspeak, telling us that we should accept immigration, that any form of patriotism is evil, and that fear of danger from minorities – especially from Muslims – is idiocy. Thus, this story about the Great Fire of London becomes an exercise in Goebbels-style propaganda. The facts are that back in 1666, Britain was in the middle of … Continue reading