Ever hopeful.

Sweden had a referendum today on whether to join the Euro. Voting was overshadowed by the murder of Anna Lindh, foreign minister and leading voice of the Yes campaign. The BBC had six quickie quotes from Swedes exiting the polls, clearly gathered before the result was known. How come five out of the six people whose views were quoted had voted Yes? The No campaign led the polls throughout, and … Continue reading

Even Radio 1 – what’s on the play list?

I listened to the lyrics of this song a couple of weeks ago, as I was heading out the door in the morning. Caught it again today, and looked them up to check. And yes, Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love is nuts…. “What’s wrong with the world, mama People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas I think the whole world addicted to the drama Only attracted … Continue reading

Actually and Persistently Misleading.

In his latest roundup of the EuroPress, Denis Boyles notes the convienient disappearance of that embarrassing Gilligan story. In London, a parliamentary committee has reported that Andrew Gilligan and the BBC lied when they broadcast the allegation that the Blair government had “sexed up” its claims of Iraqi threats in an effort to convince Britons to go to war. The BBC had staked its reputation on the accuracy of that … Continue reading

Some of the Biased BBC junta

might support an organisation called “Conservative Soul”, others might not. Either faction can profitably read the organization’s account of how BBC culture is skewed to the left. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Laban Tall

has spotted a BBC interviewer (John Pienaar) apparently comparing the Coalition in the recent Iraq war to the Nazis. To be fair, if Pienaar really has read Anne Frank, he might have intended a more subtle and accurate comparison. I haven’t a copy to hand, but in her diary Anne Frank several times expresses her support and admiration for the Allied bomber crews – even though she was at risk … Continue reading

Mike Zom

writes: This is for the “BBC Bias” files. It shows how they rewrite stories that aren’t sufficiently negative. This is how the story originally appeared: Sunday, 7 September, 2003, 03:43 GMT 04:43 UK Second wave heads for Iraq Another 50 British troops have flown to Iraq, taking the total number of reinforcements this weekend to more than 100. Part of the second battalion light infantry based in Cyprus, they landed … Continue reading

Anthony Cox

of Black Triangle writes: “Bush has just given his speech, the BBC report it as: Bush vows to defeat Iraq resistance. “Given that the majority of Iraqi’s do not want the US to leave and the people in the resistance are disguntled hardline Baath party members, or foreigners with their own agenda, then calling them ‘Iraq resistance’ seems a bit biased. “Surely the real Iraqi resistance are those working with … Continue reading

We’ve got some competition

. Seems that the Telegraph is going to start monitoring the BBC for itself. In announcing this move Charles Moore has this (and more) to say about BBC bias: No, BBC bias is not a piece of partisan trickery – it is a state of mind. So strong is the state of mind that a great many of the acts of bias, perhaps the majority of them, are quite unconscious. … Continue reading

Saddam Good, Bush Bad.

This is the spin of Caroline Hawley’s ‘report’. Frankly, I’m just shocked that the Coalition forces have not got Baghdad up and running yet. Who would’ve thought that after some four months since the overthrow of the Saddam regime, Humpty Dumpty is not yet re-assembled. (Via Andrew Sullivan.) Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Big Brother may not be watching you – but the BBC is.

Stephen Lewis of the Sterling Times message board sent this link. Follow it, please. Now would be a good time. Mr Lewis has found a report on the Radio Nederlands website stating that the BBC, the BBC, is to monitor message boards for hate speech on behalf of the authorities. Once upon a time the only official way your home could be searched was by a policeman backed by a … Continue reading

BBC Forums: Part II

It gets better – this forum on whether there should be a new UN resolution on Iraq and more troops sent there, features …(drumroll)…’BBC reporters’. I am sorry, but a BBC reporter setting out matters relating to an issue is a news article, not a ‘Forum’. Perhaps they could ask Mahathir to comment on this as well (see post below on ‘Ask the expert’) – no odds on who he … Continue reading


has plenty to say about “Moonbat” Mahathir, premier of Malaysia and believer in every anti-semitic conspiracy theory going, who the BBC bizarrely picked as one of their experts on Islam. (See Toby Blyth’s post of Sep 02 for earlier commentary on Charles Krauthammer’s appearance then disappearance on the same billing.) The BBC’s page called “Mahathir in his own words” is somewhat more honest than I expected, and does include two … Continue reading

The BBC’s view on UK citizenship

So, this is the BBC’s idea of what it means to be a citizen of one of the world’s oldest democracies, the country that invented the Westminster system and faced down Napoleon and Hitler? One tourist attraction, the minimum wage, rubbish teeny-pop bands (or music attractive only to teenagers), the Queen’s birthday, the Welsh Assembly, the working time directive, Islam and minority languages… Do you detect a left-wing bias here? … Continue reading

Blog comments have a way of mysteriously disappearing

, so I really must take steps to preserve the limericks about the Master of Balliol that were sent in by readers. Here they are: There once was a Master of Balliol Whose writers delighted in onlyoil. Needing nary a push, To blame all on Bush, Will Master throw Gilligan down’t’ hole? Don Eyres There was a Master of Balliol, called Graham Who thought things and knew how to say … Continue reading