I note that Conservative MP David Tredinnick shares some of our concerns regarding the State Broadcaster.. “Tory MP David Tredinnick used the statement to raise concerns about the BBC’s report on the issue. “Many years ago during the Gulf War, I accused the BBC of being the Baghdad broadcasting corporation,” he told MPs. “I am very concerned that there is now a similar situation with the Taliban, in that they are getting … Continue reading


The BBC loves the ongoing conflict with the Anglican Church. On the one had, it presents the forces of liberal enlightenment who seek to have Gay Bishops and Woman Priests, and on the other there are those dreadful stick-in-the-mud “traditionalists.” You can always tell which side the BBC is on and it keeps nibbling at this issue, always portraying those who would seek to maintain Anglican scriptural traditions as the … Continue reading


Despite telling us how “beautiful” Islam can be, sometimes even the BBC has to deal with the reality of the pathology of “peace”.  Covering the story of the Iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death but now, allegedly, reprieved by those kindly Mullahs. the BBC makes the following observation… Under Iran’s strict interpretation of Islamic law, sex before marriage is punishable by 100 lashes, but married offenders are sentenced … Continue reading


Isn’t it REMARKABLE to see the BBC keeping the non-story concerning administrative errors in a list published by Education Secretary Michael Gove’s Department running, trying to suggest this could be a resigning matter and might be the first split in the Coalition. Like rabid dogs, the BBC shows no logic on this but instead chooses to use it to try and hurt Gove and the Coalition. The BBC is trying … Continue reading

Question Time LiveBlog 8th July 2010

Question Time tonight comes from Edinburgh, often known as the “Athens of the North” – because it is full of striking socialists and unemployed alcoholics Irn Bru drinkers. On the panel we have an interesting mix: a double-Coalition effort of Lord Forsyth and Scottish Secretary Michael Moore MP, Wee Dougie Alexander MP, Nicola Sturgeon MSP and voice of the Carphone Warehouse adverts, failed comedian Ed Byrne. For those playing the … Continue reading


I thought that General Nick Parket did rather well in this interview with the BBC this morning. In true patriot style, the BBC narrative was to get the General to “admit” that all those lost military lives in Sangin were in vain and now we are retreating, leaving it to the Americans. The BBC appears to loath our Armed Forces and never misses an opportunity to try and diminish them. … Continue reading


I enjoyed this item picked up by another B-BBC reader…. Here’s a great onefrom the BBC financial whizkids, Labour’s years in power were in fact a goldenage….http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/10516338.stm By Andy Verity BBC2 Money Watch  ‘Good times for the country can be bad times for some individuals Here’s athing – the recession made the average household better off. And the recovery has done the opposite – even before new tax rises and spendingcuts … Continue reading


A Biased BBC reader writes… Last week the newsfeatured Ken Clarke’s sentencing proposals based on the premise that prisondoes not work. The UK public have been softened up for the last 30 years tobelieve this, to save money, and because the liberal left/anti prison lobbyhold sway. The proposals are that basically no one, apart from on extremelyrare occasions – burglars, thieves, robbers, or any other acquisitive criminalcan expect prison. Community … Continue reading