I enjoyed this item picked up by another B-BBC reader…. Here’s a great onefrom the BBC financial whizkids, Labour’s years in power were in fact a goldenage….http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/10516338.stm By Andy Verity BBC2 Money Watch  ‘Good times for the country can be bad times for some individuals Here’s athing – the recession made the average household better off. And the recovery has done the opposite – even before new tax rises and spendingcuts … Continue reading


A Biased BBC reader writes… Last week the newsfeatured Ken Clarke’s sentencing proposals based on the premise that prisondoes not work. The UK public have been softened up for the last 30 years tobelieve this, to save money, and because the liberal left/anti prison lobbyhold sway. The proposals are that basically no one, apart from on extremelyrare occasions – burglars, thieves, robbers, or any other acquisitive criminalcan expect prison. Community … Continue reading


As expected, the Muir Russell report into Climategate is a complete, farcical whitewash. People who know far more about the issues involved are still digesting the horror of it all, but it’s already clear, here, here and here, that Sir Muir and his cronies from the scientific establishment grotesquely misrepresented or ignored the key points made by sceptics. The BBC of course, is in a completely different groove. To Richard … Continue reading


I try not to listen to BBC Radio 5 as it is usually too awful for words. HOWEVER, I did catch Victoria Derbyshire’s programme earlier and in particular a discussion on progress or otherwise of the Coalition. Anyone else hear it? I wasn’t surprised that the largest number of callers were unhappy with the Coalition – I am sure those manning the switchboard made sure of that – (Plus – … Continue reading

Hard Talk

Insomnia prompted me to watch HardTalk at about 4:30am. Stephen Sackur was TalkingHARD to Nasser Judeh, Jordan’s foreign Minister. The whole point of Hard Talk, Mr. Judeh pointed out helpfully, is that the talk is hard. Fair enough.If Sackur was interviewing a lettuce he’d have to press home forcefully the argument from the slug’s perspective. If God Almighty was in the opposite chair, Sackur would be obliged to be devil’s … Continue reading

The Going Rate

Panorama, what is it for?The one about teachers being unsackable. Melanie Phillips has written about this state of affairs here.“Just imagine the outcry ” she says “if incompetent doctors weren’t struck off but were moved to another hospital, thus exposing yet more patients to dangerous treatment.”Or if paedopriests were shunted away to other child-rich parishes.Oh wait. Shocking innit.Seriously, schools might be a shambles, state education may be all over the … Continue reading


BBC delighted to report that anyone who comes to the UK claiming asylum on the grounds that they are gay can stay. No dissent allowed. From Cameroon to the North of England – we’re all gay now. Not the first time Mike Lanchin has shown an interest in this subject… good to see Stonewall getting their say in as well. Nicely unbalanced from start to finish. Click through to read … Continue reading