, in the light of BBBC’s continuous stream of comments on BBC bias, and some report a judge has filed, BBC Chairman Gavyn Davies has an announcement to make. HE’S RESIGNING! (Thanks, Susan) Update: There’s wisdom in the comments from Patrick B : ‘Gavyn Davies to offer to resign—but what about DYKE and the rest of the sorry gang of propaganda artists? And will the Board of Governors ACCEPT the … Continue reading

Some (random?) Key Points To Share From The Hutton Report:

-The 45 minute claim was not absent from the first draft of the Iraq dossier because it was considered unreliable, but because it was intelligence gathered too late to be included. -It was from what was believed to be a trustworthy source and it was not true that there always had to be a second source for intelligence to be deemed trustworthy. Many of the assumptions that Gilligan made were … Continue reading


That article in the Sun is here. The Telegraph reports here. The Guardian is here. The Times is here. Meanwhile, the BBC reports the story in a slightly different way (‘Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 January, 2004, 08:44 GMT’, whole story pasted here to watch for stealth edits – emphasis added): ‘The Sun says the report came from someone ‘with no vested interest’ Lord Hutton is to deliver his long-awaited verdict … Continue reading

Friends Reunited

. I was interested when I noticed (thanks to a commenter) that the BBC and Human Rights Watch are reunited once again, because the BBC, HRW and we at BBBC go back a bit. Anyway, in their latest well-timed offering (HUTTON’s nearly upon us) they ask ‘why George Bush and Tony Blair did not try remove Saddam Hussein much earlier’, part of a finger wagging theme that the war must … Continue reading

Remember, you heard it here first – we made sure of that.

The BBC, with a chutzpah I can only admire has bought up all the Hutton Google links. None of that old-fashioned nonsense about an interested party to the enquiry maintaining a decent restraint from the BBC. UPDATE: Scott Burgess is in correspondence with the BBC about this. Also note Angie Schultz’s comment. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

My amazement is unabating

that the BBC saw fit to go direct to the public with their account of the David Kelly affair and the Hutton enquiry in a 90 minute docu-drama on BBC1 last week. Hutton watchers and commentators, perhaps initially taken aback by the audacity, are coming up to speed on the issue. Anthony Cox at Black Triangle has been focusing on some interesting points, and put me onto an excellent article … Continue reading

Another cheap shot.

Those who don’t happen to think it’s a good idea for 16-year-old unmarried girls to have babies and contract STDs may have to put up with a bit of mockery and sexual innuendo from BBC reporter Richard Alwyn. He tries to claim that the abstinence movement is treading dangerously close to unconstitutionality with funding from the Federal Government under the Bush Administration. The tightrope that these groups must walk, however, … Continue reading

Humble pie hard to swallow

A Daily Telegraph reader writes: Re: Humble pie hard to swallow Date: 24 January 2004 Sir – The BBC deserved to see its audience share fall away during the Panorama special, which amounted to a no-holds-barred internal examination of the role of the corporation (and others) in the matter that is the subject of the Hutton inquiry. It was both disingenuous and discourteous to broadcast this piece, no matter how … Continue reading

What a corker!

The Panorama show last night on the Hutton Enquiry was riveting viewing. The most interesting part was where the unbroadcast interview with Dr Kelly was shown: ‘INTERVIEWER (SYNC) Are they an immediate threat? DAVID KELLY (SYNC) Yes, they are. Even if they’re not actually filled and deployed today, the capability exists to get them filled and deployed within a matter of days and weeks, and so yes, they’re a real … Continue reading

‘Go it alone’ Bush

Democrats Slam ‘go it alone’ Bush. Umm, for a start, why did the BBC website give this top headline billing, many hours after Bush’s speech? At the same time yesterday evening on CNN, the headline was ‘Bush: ‘Stay The Course’ ‘- which may be hinting that Bush is a beleaguered President, but is not influencing the political momentum much either way. Meanwhile, the Democratic response was given a subheading at … Continue reading

See! See! Told you so. (Phew!)

The late Dr Kelly, reports the BBC with an audible sigh of relief, … said it would take Iraq “days or weeks” to deploy weapons of mass destruction. Whole days, eh? Sheesh, what’s all the fuss about then? No one cares about what happens days or weeks from now. His view, at odds with the claim Iraq could launch weapons in 45 minutes, is in a previously unbroadcast interview to … Continue reading