BBBC Reader Andrew has been scrutinising

BBBC Reader Andrew has been scrutinising some BBC coverage, and via E-mail it’s here for your interest: BBC News Online published an article on Friday 23rd headlined US concern over war dead photos about the controversy in the US over the publication of photos of flag-draped coffins on the web – the photos were obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, contrary to the wishes of the US Government. There … Continue reading

You’d never know it

from this headline Kerry queries Bush on Vietnam that the story is really about John Kerry’s truth-twisting, charmless weakness as a candidate that’s putting his campaign in the ditch. It was the ABC network which dug up the 30 year tape giving Mr Kerry problems, not Karl Rove. But, I’m sure the BBC is above being partisan. There must be a reasonable explanation. UPDATE: There are left-leaning news outlets reporting … Continue reading

InstaPundit discusses

whether the press is doing its job. It was occasioned by Bush’s handling of the White House press corps at his recent Q & A. The discussion centers on American media but fits the Beeb perfectly. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Scott Burgess

is giving credit to Radio 4 for getting it right on the UN Oil-For-Food scandal. Hmmm…maybe those Daily Ablutions do help. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

You and Yours, and racism in the countryside of England

Of all the BBC programmes on a poor (cheap) Radio 4 daytime schedule, You and Yours is the most openly and regularly biased. It expresses its BBC soft left bias in a number of ways – in the way it approaches subjects, and the subjects that it chooses to cover. Here is You and Yours in a nutshell: – People are never responsible for their own actions, people are various … Continue reading

Hi there

This is actually quite a funny BBCOnline article; intentionally so. I could vividly put myself into James Reynolds’ shoes as he described being asked by a University tutor to write his own reference for a summer job. First of all he was hesitant, and then he settled down and got on with it enthusiastically, making his case apparently invincible. So far, so nostalgic for oddball academics; but that’s what Reynolds … Continue reading


– due to family events over Easter I’m behind on the mail at the moment. At the moment the comments boxes will get you on this page quicker. Yet another reason to take a look at the comments lies in the fact that, over the last few weeks, some indefatigable defenders of the BBC have engaged in debate with the equally indefatigable anti-beebniks that make up our regular audience. UPDATE: … Continue reading

Major post from Scott Burgess

comparing the grilling of the acting Israeli ambassador to the UK to the slight warming of the Palestinian chief negotiator when both appeared on Today this morning. Also, check out the two posts below about the methodology of the BBC poll that put “the power of the US and large corporations” as the biggest threat to the world. In particular, I questioned the methodology – which wasn’t revealed in the … Continue reading

This Just In–American Liberal Newspapers ‘Unimpressed’ with Bush Speech

sez Beeb. It is good of the BBC to call attention to the obvious, but they did manage to miss Bush’s apology. UPDATE: Fred Barnes and T. Bevan explain why Bush has self-important media elites climbing the walls. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


writes: One story prominently featured over the Easter holiday weekend was the leftie march to Aldermaston, including various puff-pieces in advance (i.e. advertising for fellow-travellers). Monday’s ‘News front page’ featured two links to stories about this relative non-event. The same story is highlighted a day later on the UK news page: Joy as nuclear marchers hit base Deep joy indeed. The story, by Hannah Bayman, features interviews with various protestors, … Continue reading

The BBC Missionary Position

– it’s like the normal missionary position, except you approach it from the left. When the corporation that spent a reported £2M on Popetown (an everyday story about corrupt Catholic cardinals and a mad Pope ) and the presenter Gavin Esler (author and presenter of The New Jerusalem, a hymn to the welfare state in Britain) decide to discuss the subject of Christian missionaries, the outcome is decidedly predictable. So … Continue reading

First we got the bomb

First we got the bomb, and that was good ‘Cause we love peace and motherhood Then Russia got the bomb, but that’s okay ‘Cause the balance of power’s maintained that way – so sung the American satirist Tom Lehrer.But the Beeb tells it differently. Michael Gill writes: I visited the following URL: “Still fighting the bomb, 50 years on.” (Typical output from the Beeb) From that page, I followed the … Continue reading