An exercise for the reader.

The BBC provides 170 news-based lesson plans for teachers. Some strange force drew me towards the section on the EU. In this “myths or facts” quiz the pupil is asked to say whether each of five reports in which it is said that the EU does or does not wish to ban, change or rename some aspect of British life, are facts or myths. It turns out that number four … Continue reading

We have had to delete

some comments recently. May I draw your attention to our comments policy: This comments facility is the property of ‘Biased BBC’ blog. The owners of this blog reserve the right to edit, amend or remove all and any comments for reasons of libel, gratuitous insult or any other legal or policy reasons or any other reasons we judge fit. By posting comments here you accept and acknowledge the absolute and … Continue reading

Hammorabbi hammers the Beeb over war

…against W. Apparently, some reporting stinks in Baghdad too. Here is the entire post. The War against GWB The new report by the US Senate regarding intelligence failure about WMD may be part of the war against GWB! The question that they should ask themselves about is; what will happen if Saddam remained in power in regard to the issue of the international terrorism. Sooner or later; SH will side … Continue reading

Sanitising the record.

The BBC, never known to flinch from airing dirty linen, becomes strangely hesitant when reporting on the Kerry-Edwards ‘love-in’. It is hard to imagine that they are reporting the same event as the LA Times [requires free registration] and the Washington Post [requires free registration]. In the Times story we read– But praise for the two running mates was overshadowed by angry and mocking comments directed at President Bush. The … Continue reading

The devil is in the detail.

Jim Miller compares and contrasts the Sun‘s treatment of the visit to Britain of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who advocates wife beating, execution for homosexuals and suicide bombing by children, to the BBC’s much more insipid account. Reader Patrick Bramwell sends another link and writes: An utterly appalling whitewash of Al-Qaradawi on today’s UK BBC Online. The man is the soul of moderation, in tune with the mainstream Arab thinking, and … Continue reading

He he he

, heh- Instapundit and friends clean up the BBC over a falsehood followed by a stealth edit: it’s what happens when you have 100,000 potential fact-checking assistants passing by daily. As for the BBC story about French intransigence over UN sanctions against Sudan, the change is dramatic: ‘It’s now: “France led opposition to US moves at the UN over Iraq. As was the case in Iraq, it also has significant … Continue reading

Fact-checking with feeling.

In this story of a dispute over the Olympic flame in Cyprus the BBC gives us this geographically-challenged nugget: The flame, which is transported in a structure similar to a miner’s safety lamp while in flight, arrived earlier on Thursday at the coastal resort of Pathos, in the south-west. [emphasis added] Someone needs a holiday. Paphos will do. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Another attempt to pass lamentable anti-free speech laws in the UK, but note this sloppy slide: ‘Current race hate laws do cover some religions, such as Jews and Sikhs, but not others. Some Muslim groups have been pushing for that anomaly to be redressed.’ This is, of course, not true. Current race laws deal with Jews and Sikhs as races, not with Judaism and Sikhism as religions. Similarly, they cover … Continue reading

Racism in Sydney

In this piece, a roving correspondent for the BBC went to Sydney to see what is happening with one Aboriginal community in Australia’s most notorious and crime-ridden Aboriginal ubran area, Redfern. Unfortunately, we get shallow, noble savage rot: ‘I imagined them to be a dark-skinned people, the men with bushy beards, eking out a living in the country’s outback. Instead I found a lost people, bereft of their culture and … Continue reading

Why is it all white and cold suddenly?

Via Instapundit, two interesting links. The first is to a Telegraph article citing BBC internal memos to the effect that the BBC’s credibility is on the line online if fact-checking doesn’t improve. The second link also offers some good advice. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Conspiracy theory goes mainstream.

Have you noticed how paranoid fantasies of the most laughable sort have been edging towards the mainstream lately? So long, of course, as it is the right sort of conspiracy theory i.e. has Dubya and Mossad in it. Rob Hinkley of Semiskinned reports how a Wayne Madsen was quoted by the BBC as a credible source. Note and follow the copious links Rob provides to demonstrate the general tenor of … Continue reading

IF you read the BBC’s

Damian Fowler’s report on the continuing controversy over Fahrenheit 9/11, you are led to believe some shifting of tectonic plates has occurred in US politics. No, this is not just Michael Moore going for a walk, it’s a real ‘liberal’ (liberal as in awakening in the US. The introduction is a classic bit of emotionalism, depicting the awakening in tears of a former US marine whose twin brother was … Continue reading

An unconsciously revealing snippet.

Polly Toynbee, a strong supporter of the BBC, in a Guardian article advocating that smacking children be banned, says: Debating the generally excellent Children Act, the Lords votes on a ban of all hitting of children, an amendment which is supported by every children’s organisation and charity, social services directors, chief police officers, bishops, the NSPCC and most relevant organisations. To find opponents outside Westminster, the BBC has to resort … Continue reading

‘BBC Finds New Nadir’

, says Charles at LGF (check out some of the informed comments too). I think he means that with respect to the BBC’s journalistic reputation, to be caught reporting that the Jordanian people ‘are largely of Palestinian origin’ is demonstrably to be caught trying to turn the truth on its head: ‘However, the Jordanian people, who are largely of Palestinian origin, are strongly opposed to Washington’s policy in the region, … Continue reading

More on Michael Moore-on, beloved darling of our beloved BBC.

Last Sunday’s Sunday Times’ News Review section had a revealing article by Richard Brooks, entitled Me and Michael, the stupid fat man (possibly requires free registration). If you don’t have time to read the full article, here are a couple of paragraphs to give a flavour of it: “Moore’s world — like America — is divided. For him there are the good guys and the bad guys. But which one … Continue reading