The roots of suspicion.

A reader writes: Unfortunately, I missed the reporter’s name, but this morning on BBC radio Five-Live, Nicky Campbell was discussing the fate of Saddam Hussein, now that he is to be turned over to the new Iraqi government, with a BBC reporter in Iraq. After talking about how whatever is done with him must be very public, the reporter said: “Iraqis won’t believe what they are told. They will only … Continue reading

Spot the odd man out. takes a look at the way the BBC phrased the potted biographies of the participants in a roundup of views on Iraq. I would have thought this trick was now so well known as to be unusable. Seems I was wrong. Why not search under “bbc” on the blog while you’re there? Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

So many people

, commenters and emailers both, pointed me to this article by Tom Gross about the BBC Living in a Bubble that I got it into my head that it had already been linked to here. It hadn’t but it now has. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Why the sudden interest?

Peter writes (regarding the media study mentioned in the post two down): Following a link provided by a regular leftie Biased-BBC hater (supposedly to point to the error of your ways), leads to this Pilger screed: link to “How the Media Cover for Israel”. Pilger mentions the Glasgow Media Group Middle East media coverage study currently in the news. Check the date. The ‘new’ study is actually from May 2002. … Continue reading

Unfairenheit coverage at the BBC

: Moore can rely on them not to point out that the reaction or ‘backlash‘ against his Fahrenheit 9/11 film goes far beyond Republican loyalists. To name but three Democrat-oriented media figures commonly accessed on the internet- Roger Simon, Jeff Jarvis and Christopher Hitchens. I don’t know about Hitchens and Simon, but Jarvis doesn’t plan on voting for Bush- yet he flays Moore’s film; absolutely flays it. Simon, a novelist, … Continue reading

Britons confused

: under the headline ‘Britons confused about mid-east’, BBC Ceefax informs us that “A new survey has shown that many people in Britain think the Palestinians are occupying Israeli territory and not the other way around.” Lest the ridiculousness of any such thought not strike you sufficiently, it immediately adds, “Despite extensive media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, some Britons think Palestinians are refugees from Afghanistan.” Clearly, the two ideas … Continue reading

Shoulder to shoulder – with Hamas.

There is much discussion on Instapundit of a three-year old but still interesting story originally from the Jerusalem Post. A BBC correspondent, Faid Abu Shimalla, was described on the Hamas website as having said at a function attended by no less a dignitary than the late Sheikh Ahmed Yassin that journalists and media organisations were “waging the campaign shoulder-to-shoulder together with the Palestinian people.” (Via Free Will Blog.) A quick … Continue reading

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

unless you are, like the Beeb, willfully ignorant. Why else would Jonathan Marcus or Jon Leyne consider that the 9/ll Commission has weakened Bush’s case for going to war? Reporting on this story has been very selective. The 9/11 Commission has found circumstantial links to Saddam and al Qaida. What they have not been able to discover is a hand-in-glove linkage. To say “Probe Rules Out 9/11 Links“ is to … Continue reading

Big Bad Fox.

Jeff Jarvis catches the Nanny State defending the BBC against Fox News even though what Fox reported about the Beeb was true! Well, someone’s got to defend the little guy. (Via Andrew Sullivan) UPDATE: John Gibson of Fox News replies to the ‘censure’. He notes that a BBC intern was one of the 24 complainants to OffCom. (Hat Tip: B-BBC commenter, StinKerr) Click through to read and contribute comments on … Continue reading

Bashing Bush with Reagan

The Beeb’s tribute sours (further). Tom Carver, familiar to viewers of NewsNight, has a supercillious air about him. There’s a sneer never far from his upper lip. Check out this combination of suggestion and anti-Bush sarcasm in an article which manages to insult former president Reagan as ‘illusory or insubstantial’, while dismissing Bush as nowhere near his equal (what, less even than ‘illusory’?): ‘The president’s biggest problem is that he … Continue reading

I must admit I didn’t put the dots together either.

But I am not the largest broacast news organisation in the world, famed for depth of knowledge and providing a global picture. The BBC reports that Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais has been invited as a guest preacher to the opening of the East London mosque. Some unexceptional remarks of his are quoted in the story. However David T of Harry’s Place made the connection with the the preacher called Sheikh Abdur-Rahman … Continue reading

BBC Inspires Iraqi Blogs.

Fair play to Sarah Brown and the Beeb for this story on Iraqi blogs, especially since their coverage is a prime example of why ordinary Iraqis had to find alternative means of publishing news. While reconstruction in Iraq remains fraught with violence and political infighting, the country is experiencing a surge in popularity of online diaries, or weblogs.Written by ordinary Iraqis keen to tell the world about life in the … Continue reading

Libertarianism goes mainstream at last!

It’s been a long hard road, brothers and sisters. Years of patiently explaining that we’re aren’t necessarily particular fans of Liberace. Now at long last we have reached a level of public recognition where we get smeared by the BBC. In an article about the Bilderberg conference I read: And while hardline right-wingers and libertarians accuse Bilderberg of being a liberal Zionist plot, leftists such as activist Tony Gosling are … Continue reading