Why is it all white and cold suddenly?

Via Instapundit, two interesting links. The first is to a Telegraph article citing BBC internal memos to the effect that the BBC’s credibility is on the line online if fact-checking doesn’t improve. The second link also offers some good advice. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Conspiracy theory goes mainstream.

Have you noticed how paranoid fantasies of the most laughable sort have been edging towards the mainstream lately? So long, of course, as it is the right sort of conspiracy theory i.e. has Dubya and Mossad in it. Rob Hinkley of Semiskinned reports how a Wayne Madsen was quoted by the BBC as a credible source. Note and follow the copious links Rob provides to demonstrate the general tenor of … Continue reading

IF you read the BBC’s

Damian Fowler’s report on the continuing controversy over Fahrenheit 9/11, you are led to believe some shifting of tectonic plates has occurred in US politics. No, this is not just Michael Moore going for a walk, it’s a real ‘liberal’ (liberal as in MoveOn.org) awakening in the US. The introduction is a classic bit of emotionalism, depicting the awakening in tears of a former US marine whose twin brother was … Continue reading

An unconsciously revealing snippet.

Polly Toynbee, a strong supporter of the BBC, in a Guardian article advocating that smacking children be banned, says: Debating the generally excellent Children Act, the Lords votes on a ban of all hitting of children, an amendment which is supported by every children’s organisation and charity, social services directors, chief police officers, bishops, the NSPCC and most relevant organisations. To find opponents outside Westminster, the BBC has to resort … Continue reading

‘BBC Finds New Nadir’

, says Charles at LGF (check out some of the informed comments too). I think he means that with respect to the BBC’s journalistic reputation, to be caught reporting that the Jordanian people ‘are largely of Palestinian origin’ is demonstrably to be caught trying to turn the truth on its head: ‘However, the Jordanian people, who are largely of Palestinian origin, are strongly opposed to Washington’s policy in the region, … Continue reading

More on Michael Moore-on, beloved darling of our beloved BBC.

Last Sunday’s Sunday Times’ News Review section had a revealing article by Richard Brooks, entitled Me and Michael, the stupid fat man (possibly requires free registration). If you don’t have time to read the full article, here are a couple of paragraphs to give a flavour of it: “Moore’s world — like America — is divided. For him there are the good guys and the bad guys. But which one … Continue reading

Once more the dread plague strikes!

The little numbers in brackets indicating comments next to some of the posts from a few days ago are behaving oddly again. They now say tiny numbers like (0) and (1) even though, if you check, much larger numbers of juicy comments are still there to be read. So if you visit weekly, you might like to click on the comments even if none are indicated. I don’t know why … Continue reading

More than you wanted to know (about Michael Moore).

The BBC continues to flog F911, which is ok. But it should be fair about it and get its facts right, even if Mr Moore fails miserably on both points. The BBC headline ‘Moore film divides America’ introduces an article which notes both the devisive character of Moore and his propaganda. That would be fair enough if the article did not give impression that it is only Republican Bush supporters … Continue reading

The roots of suspicion.

A reader writes: Unfortunately, I missed the reporter’s name, but this morning on BBC radio Five-Live, Nicky Campbell was discussing the fate of Saddam Hussein, now that he is to be turned over to the new Iraqi government, with a BBC reporter in Iraq. After talking about how whatever is done with him must be very public, the reporter said: “Iraqis won’t believe what they are told. They will only … Continue reading

Spot the odd man out.

Spartac.us takes a look at the way the BBC phrased the potted biographies of the participants in a roundup of views on Iraq. I would have thought this trick was now so well known as to be unusable. Seems I was wrong. Why not search under “bbc” on the Spartac.us blog while you’re there? Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

So many people

, commenters and emailers both, pointed me to this article by Tom Gross about the BBC Living in a Bubble that I got it into my head that it had already been linked to here. It hadn’t but it now has. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Why the sudden interest?

Peter writes (regarding the media study mentioned in the post two down): Following a link provided by a regular leftie Biased-BBC hater (supposedly to point to the error of your ways), leads to this Pilger screed: link to “How the Media Cover for Israel”. Pilger mentions the Glasgow Media Group Middle East media coverage study currently in the news. Check the date. The ‘new’ study is actually from May 2002. … Continue reading

Unfairenheit coverage at the BBC

: Moore can rely on them not to point out that the reaction or ‘backlash‘ against his Fahrenheit 9/11 film goes far beyond Republican loyalists. To name but three Democrat-oriented media figures commonly accessed on the internet- Roger Simon, Jeff Jarvis and Christopher Hitchens. I don’t know about Hitchens and Simon, but Jarvis doesn’t plan on voting for Bush- yet he flays Moore’s film; absolutely flays it. Simon, a novelist, … Continue reading