Maybe it only feels like bias

. Sometimes, given a fair degree of exposure to the endless cycle of enquiries which Tony Blair’s governmental culture has tended to foster, which has spread to many areas of society, I wonder whether in addition to all the cultures of this and that which the enquiries, studies and panels identify, there is a culture of enquiries themselves. Richard North, giving his view of the recently published BBC-sponsored report on … Continue reading

‘A conspiracy to keep an important subject under wraps or a completely shambolic inefficiency, unprofessionalism and ignorance?’

‘A conspiracy to keep an important subject under wraps or a completely shambolic inefficiency, unprofessionalism and ignorance?‘ What a choice to be presented with by our national broadcaster! Or any broadcaster, indeed, whether you fund them through gritted teeth or not. Helen Szamuely raises the question through her vivid first hand account of trying to get a eurosceptical word in edgewise. (ps. at the moment I seem to be channelling … Continue reading

According to our dear B-BBC commenters

According to our dear B-BBC commenters, this morning Radio 5 Live did a ‘text’ poll asking for people’s opinions on whether or not the UK should sign-up to the new EU constitution. The result of the poll was cheerily reported by the presenter as being 67% in favour of Britain signing up, with 33% against – which is, as anyone who reads the newspapers knows, almost the exact opposite of … Continue reading

Hoping for the worst, preparing for the best…

Caroline ‘Haw-Haw’ Hawley was in supremely miserable form on the BBC’s Six O’Clock News this evening, describing this morning’s loss of a US helicopter with thirty-one souls aboard as “A huge blow for the American military”, followed up by the programme presenter commenting that today was “A very bad day for the Americans”. Whilst the loss of the thirty-one people on the helicopter is a tragedy for the US military, … Continue reading

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) Leftists think asylum’s a huge issue, right? The leftist press went crazy over Michael Howard’s immigration proposals, insisting a storm had been provoked, although most people barely raised an eyebrow. So it stands to reason that when the EU steps in and says that Britain has already handed control of asylum to the EU, this has got to be an even huger story. But guess what? The … Continue reading

Scott Campbell (from Blithering Bunny)

Scott Campbell (from Blithering Bunny) A typical day at the BBC News website: No entry to Britain: Is the Conservative immigration plan as simple as they say? Lib Dem plan to help new mothers Tory expert denies defeatism Tories accused of ‘desperation’ The Tory stories all have negative headlines. But the headline that concerns the LibDems is presented as an offer to help. Those lovely LibDems. All they want is … Continue reading

Richard North considers

the prospects for the BBC’s self-regulation: ‘The idea that anything produced or sponsored by the BBC was ever going to find any serious defects in the BBC’s coverage is entirely facile.’ Yep. Any other notion defies commonsense. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

The BBC discovers ‘positive Iraq news’

only to come up empty-handed once more. Yes, friends, the BBC has a story about Iraq the Model, a pro-western blog by Iraqis (and sometimes linked on B-BBC of all strange things). Now, however, such hopeful news is clouded by this ‘revelation.’ (Hmm, the Beeb must read the New York Times once in a while.) The fight has raised the issue of identity and misrepresentation in weblogs, where often it … Continue reading

In a world of its own.

In the parallel universe inhabited by Beebazoids this panel might seem like a representative, even right of centre, assortment of opinion regarding the next four Bush years. Having selected eight panelists, all the Beeb can muster is two solid Bush supporters and a semi-supportive one. The remaining five might consider Michael Moore a bit too mushy. Alice in Wonderland makes better sense. The BBC must still be trying to come … Continue reading

The Cold Shoulder

. The Diplomad is, well, kind of mad at the BBC. The EURef. is too. Both have recent excellent blog posts on the matter of the BBC, and in EUref’s case some interesting serious observations. The Diplomad is plotting its revenge for the BBC’s ‘balance’ in not covering the tsunami relief effort the way it is, but how they’d like it to be (amongst other items of complaint): ‘OK, so … Continue reading

Miserable Conservative Traitor becomes happy shiny New Labour MP

– at least that’s what you’d think from comparing the two BBC pictures of Robert Jackson on BBC Views Online. Jackson the traitor is happy and smiling, whilst Jackson the Conservative is as glum as can be. And yet if you look at the two pictures they were obviously taken at the same time as part of the same set – the clothing and lighting are identical in both. So … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

: ‘We are up against a large, self-satisfied and introspective culture.’ -Lord Pearson of Rannoch Indeed, despite some of the movements since Hutton. It’s not just about bias, it’s about blind assumption and pure ignorance at times, which amounts to much the same thing. Lord Pearson goes on to say that ‘Their main problem is that they and their researchers know very little about the detail of our relationship with … Continue reading


. Got to have balance, haven’t we? Six to one and half a dozen of the other, tit for tat, a fair crack of the whip, everyone’s human etc. That’s maybe why the Beeb put two reports out with apparent simultaneity showing the US as critic (of Iran) and the US as criticised (by Human Rights Watch). Now for the differences. The headlines are written in such a way that … Continue reading

It’s deja vu all over again.

The Rathergate report [pdf] must have been a shade touchy for some loyal BBC scribe to report. Replacing a name here, a circumstance there could easily conjure images the Beeb would prefer to forget. It’s a bit ironic to read the following: The internal investigation received widespread coverage in the US media, which has been battered by a series of media scandals in the last two years at such major … Continue reading

In China’s disastrous Great Leap Forward

the communist authorities ordered the construction of millions of backyard iron furnaces to forward the revolution. Nearly all this vast effort was useless. You can’t make industrial-quality iron from mud-brick furnaces. I thought of this when I read in Christopher Booker an item (scroll down) about Another ludicrous example of how the BBC now pushes its own cock-eyed agenda was an item on Radio 4’s You and Yours last week … Continue reading