Egyptian Foreign Minister attacked by angry Palestinians at Jerusalem’s Al-Asqua Mosque

and it’s an embarrassment for Israel, says the BBC: …the BBC’s Jill McGivering, in Jerusalem, says the incident is sure to cause some embarrassment for the Israelis. Huh? Why Israel? Are the Egyptians likely to berate the Israelis for not having a bunch of non-Muslim security goons crawling over one of Islam’s most holy shrines? Are the Egyptians likely to demand that Israel make its control over Jerusalem more strongly … Continue reading

BBC Analyst: Muammar must’ve outsmarted W.

Hello? Even the NY Times credits Bush with success. To admit that Bush has had success on any level (whether hunting down Saddam, a strengthening economy or scaring Col Gaddafi into cooperation) must be harder for the Beeb to swallow than cod liver oil. Hardliners in Beebland must shudder to read Bush-loathing Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank own up to Bush success. It has been a week of sweet vindication … Continue reading

The BBC Betrays Britain, and Iraq: 2

. Hazhir Teimourian has serious worries about BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson’s recent book, ‘The Wars Against Saddam: Taking The Hard Road To Baghdad’, which the Kurdish commentator on Middle Eastern affairs reviewed for the Literary Review (offline at the moment) this month. Having blamed Simpson’s account for giving Saddam an easy ride, and accused him of blaming the UK and US far too much over deaths caused by … Continue reading

The trouble with the truth

BBC News Online journalists have been banned from referring to Saddam Hussein as a former dictator. Instead, they must call him “the deposed former President of Iraq”. With 501 instances of Chile’s former dictator, Augusto Pinochet, being referred to as exactly that on the BBC’s website, one cannot help but wonder why such a double standard has come to pass at the BBC. What makes one former dictator more deserving … Continue reading

How like a true socialist organisation

does the BBC respond to criticism? With censorship, of course. True, in this case it’s self censorship, but they can scarcely ask for more from the public than acceptance of a compulsory license fee (kind of an act of censorship by itself)- so they just have to put up with criticism and find ways of deflecting it. Their new policy, apparently, is not to let anyone “whose main profile or … Continue reading

Winston Smith, stealth editor.

The BBC states it will not publish comments of an offensive or inflammatory nature on its websites. I am fairly sure that an email calling, let us say, for the execution for treason of George Galloway would never appear, even though plenty of people have opined that he should be strung up. However this post from Black Triangle gives an insight into what does and does not immediately strike the … Continue reading

The Orwellian BBC

Anthony Cox — who will forever be remembered as the author of that WMD 404 page — notes an interesting exchange with the BBC on his blog. After BBC News published a call for President Bush’s assassination, Cox wrote to them to ask for it to be removed. In a very curt, two sentence reply, BBC News claimed they never published the call for Bush’s death — because, as it … Continue reading

BBC betray Britain, and Iraq- part 1

. Hazhir Teimourian is a writer and journalist, and he reviewed BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson’s latest book ‘The Wars Against Saddam: Taking The Hard Road To Baghdad’ for the Literary Review this month (unfortunately offline at the moment). Teimourian’s review is headed ‘The BBC Tribe At War’. The headline caught my attention, and what he had to say held it completely. Teimourian is of Kurdish origin, but has … Continue reading

The Beeb selectively quotes Iraqi official’s criticism of the UN

It’s puzzling why the BBC’s coverage of the Iraqi foreign minister slamming the UN has omitted the harshest words he had for the supranational organisation. In case you missed it, the New York Times — unlike the BBC — did find it fit to print: “Settling scores with the United States-led coalition should not be at the cost of helping to bring stability to the Iraqi people,” Mr. Zebari said … Continue reading

“An astonishing series of non-seqiturs.”

Read Melanie Phillips on an exchange between John Humphrys and Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Britain’s top diplomat in Iraq. Humphrys: ‘Doesn’t that rather weaken the argument for having gone to war in the first place? If he didn’t have support in the Arab world; if he didn’t have (as we must assume in the absence of any evidence that he didn’t have WMD)…’ Eh? What an astonishing series of non sequiturs! … Continue reading

They’re back!

Looking on the BBC website tonight is, ironically, like looking into a battery of indignant peacenik artillery. What have we got? Let me offer the headlines: ‘UN chief demands clear Iraq role’ ‘US remains Iraq resistance target’ ‘Vatican slams Saddam treatment’ ‘Blix sceptical on Iraqi WMD claims’ I mean, talk about rallying the troops. Now let me offer you the antidote to this poisonous weaponery, courtesy of Mark Steyn in … Continue reading

Joy to the World (not).

When a mass-murdering thug is pulled from his hole, could the Beeb indulge in a little joy over the news? Not a chance. Here’s an item noticed by a reader of The Corner. I’m am American expat living in London, and I was listening to BBC London (Radio 5) shortly after the announcement of Saddam’s capture. The host of a call-in show was going on about how the Americans unnecessarily … Continue reading

Oh, damn, Bush got Saddam

: that a dictator will be tried for vicious crimes seems to be causing little rejoicing on the BBC’s 10’o’clock news tonight, and much desire to make viewers aware that rejoicing was naïve and inappropriate. “President Bush has been under enormous pressure over the high U.S. casualties”, said the studio presenter, opening a typical leading question. “If these continue, is the bonus from Saddam’s capture likely to be short-lived?” Matt … Continue reading

The news

of Saddam’s capture put everyone in a spin- some media people even trying to ‘head off’ Christmas by sneering about ‘Christmas come early’ for GWB and TB. The difference is that for people who supported the war they can admit to being in a spin- a delightful spin- over the news. Andrew Sullivan is able to admit being in a spin more elegantly than most. Click through to read and … Continue reading