BBC on Orla Guerin’s ‘Godfather’: ‘Home Free’

. Excuse the unusual title, but I remember vividly how, early last year, the phrase ‘Godfather’ was used by Orla to describe Ariel Sharon in an obscure early morning BBC TV news report. I don’t think she meant to flatter him by casting him as a genial, responsible volunteer parent. The point? Well, the latest BBCOnline report on Sharon’s legal position (once a concern, no longer) refers to him in … Continue reading

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) Even New Labourites are attacking the BBC now for its appalling bias: And an increasing amount of bloggers are also getting stuck in: Nicholas Vance at Last Night’s BBC News here and here. Laban Tall at UK Commentators. Blimpish. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Computer woes.

Just a note to let you know that I am offline at the moment. OK, not at this exact moment because I wouldn’t be typing this from an internet cafe if I were, would I? But in general. So don’t write to me. Computers are evil, bad, useless things anyway; a snare and a delusion. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Notable fatuous Beebism

about the Iraqi elections: ‘But there is no getting away from the fact that this is not the outcome President Bush would have wanted in an ideal world.’ No, that’s right. Rather than have a significant few Sunnis vote (btw what happened that the intimidation of all that terrible chaos and violence they- most of the media in point of fact- wallowed in previously became a simple boycott by Sunnis?) … Continue reading

BBC mixes up issue shock!

. The BBC does in fact report the departure of Eason Jordan. Uh, but it seems to ‘misunderstand’ the issue slightly. Its introduction says ‘The CNN’s chief news executive Eason Jordan has resigned amid controversy over the death of journalists in Iraq.’ This isn’t true. However sad it may be that they died, a least some deaths of journalists in Iraq were/are inevitable, such as the kind of death suffered … Continue reading

Americans are thick – Bush to blame

This morning, impartial and objective BBC Radio Scotland decided to discuss the death penalty as practiced in the United States. So who did the BBC choose to join presenter Gary Robertson for this impartial and objective discussion? None other than Sister Helen Prejean, long time campaigner against the death penalty. The discussion then proceeded along the lines of ‘how could something so awful still be part of the US legal … Continue reading

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) I’ve got some analysis of Nik Gowing’s claims at Blithering Bunny. Needless to say, he adduces virtually very little evidence to support them. If the BBC won’t sack him (as I expect they won’t – he’s more likely to be promoted than sacked), then I look forward to many years of fun at Mr Gowing’s expense. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) From The Times: THE BBC’s £2.8 billion licence fee is safe for the next ten years but will not survive into the digital age, ministers have decided. The long-awaited Green Paper on the future of the BBC, which is due this month, will recommend that a sweeping review of the broadcasting industry is started shortly after 2012, paving the way for major changes in funding to reflect … Continue reading

I’m sure we did mention, quietly

I’m sure we did mention, quietly, some time ago, that Nick Gowing is the BBC journalist who pioneered the notion that the US military has been targeting journalists in Iraq. Thankfully we have been reminded by sites like this one (via Captain’s Quarters). Now, of course, at CNN a senior journalist has lost his jobover making similar allegations. Those of us who watch the BBC and note its bias felt … Continue reading

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) BBC News, in its wisdom, has decided that one of the main headlines of the day is a protest march against America’s decision not to sign Kyoto. Yes, really. This is one of the biggest news stories of the day. Literally “hundreds” of protesters are expected. Wow. Even if that figure is accurate – and the leftist media has a habit of exaggerating the numbers for these … Continue reading

Thought and Deed: a few thoughts on bias in fiction.

Neil Craig of A Place To Stand On writes: I have just been watching the Judge John Deed programme. While this is not a news item I do believe that the basis of this show is corrupt – each week our hero judge, who is a radical thorn in the side of the grey suited men, goes into court to quite deliberately finesse his duty by finding for some politically … Continue reading

McCarthyism revisited.

The BBC has an article out to commemorate the anniversary of Senator Joe McCarthy’s claim that 205 members of the State Department were Communists: 1950: McCarthy Launches Anti-Red Crusade. There is a link also to Secret McCarthy papers released. My feelings when writing about McCarthyism are similar to those of Jonah Goldberg expressed in this article. There are two messages to get across. Message One: McCarthy was a state-backed bully … Continue reading

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) Nicholas Vance has another good post up today at Last Night’s BBC News, about the PC blather that is in the BBC’s new manifesto as they attempt to get their Royal Charter renewed (and follow the link to The Telegraph story). On that note, I liked this letter to The Times recently: I have recently paid my BBC licence fee and the debate about the future of … Continue reading

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) An extraordinary letter from Peter Mandelson to Michael Grade (Chairman of the BBC), obtained by The Times: PETER MANDELSON, the European Trade Commissioner, has mounted an attack on John Humphrys, the Today programme journalist, complaining to the BBC of his “virulently anti-European” views and claiming that the “anti-European bias” of some BBC presenters is a “problem”. In a stinging letter, obtained by The Times, to Michael Grade, … Continue reading

Scott Campbell

(from Blithering Bunny) Criticism of the BBC’s activities in Nepal from Indian paper The Statesman: BBC’s coverage of Nepal raises questions Sudeshna Sarkar in Kathmandu Feb. 6. — British Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage of the recent developments in Nepal raises questions about ethics. On 1 February, Nepal’s King Gyanendra dismissed Prime Minister Mr Sher Bahadur Deuba and his Cabinet, announced a new council of ministers under his chairmanship and imposed a … Continue reading