This you have to see…

Rich Hall, the ranting left-wing American comedian the BBC is always having on, has stumbled across Tim Blair’s site, and noticed that Tim has made fun of Hall (and Philip Adams, the ABC radio host who’s had Hall on his show) on a more than a few occasions, so he’s sent Blair a bizarre, hostile e-mail. Stumbled across your site while I was reading about the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. … Continue reading

BBC 4 is at this moment running a cosy little mutual back-scratching show about the London Review of Books

BBC 4 is at this moment running a cosy little mutual back-scratching show about the London Review of Books, starting off with some quotes from left-wing BBC-oids such as Tom Paulin and Tariq Ali. Ali said it was zany (yes, zany). Paulin said it was great at stirring up trouble (the right sort of trouble though, right Tom?). A list of mostly left-wing or radical writers such as Edward Said … Continue reading

“There is an obvious solution to MG Rover’s problems,”

writes a reader, “and I am really quite surprised nobody has yet proffered it. It is as follows. In order to ensure that MG Rover remains fully funded in perpetuity, all the government need do is introduce a Motor Vehicle Licence of say £116 a year, which would be payable by everybody who owns any car. If you own more than one car, the MVL would be the same, and … Continue reading

As noted by various B-BBC commenters to the post below

, our old friend Brian Wheeler (see here and here) is back in print at BBC News Online with another gushing piece concerning Gorgeous George “Sir I salute you, your courage, your indefatiguability” Galloway. Brian concludes his piece by noting that in the contest between Gorgeous George and Oona King, the sitting Labour MP in Bethnal Green and Bow, that “things could get very ugly indeed before the final bell”. … Continue reading

See how they spin…

This morning saw the launch of the Conservatives (sorry Beeboids – that’d be Toriees to you – never call a guy a Conservative when a 200 year old political insult will do) election manifesto. All the usual BBC subtleties have been indulged in, but perhaps the plainest example of this has been the selection of photographs to accompany the story on News Online’s home page.   First attempt: yellow smirk … Continue reading

Times article by Tim Luckhurst, who used to work for the Today programme

Those readers of Biased BBC who are determined to maintain the line that the BBC is objective and impartial and not at all left-wing should have a look at this Times article by Tim Luckhurst, who used to work for the Today programme. An extract: To someone like Mr Davies, with his experience of the private sector, it is painfully obvious that the corporation is saturated with left-wing values. It … Continue reading

That famous balance.

The fantasy of objectivity that the BBC cherishes is exposed again and again as a farce. The Rottweiler Puppy gives notes and comments on an example of where the BBC reports an issue so obviously part of a liberal agenda that it barely needs saying (about on a par, on the opposite coast so to speak, with the wilder shores of Nick Griffin’s mind), yet gives an illusion of objectivity … Continue reading

Our ever-fertile commentariat

also provided this post. Pete_London writes: We all know how the BBC likes to highlight those Tory misdemeanours yes? And the BBC is impartial and even handed, yes? “JUDGE UPHOLDS VOTE-RIGGING CLAIMS” (no clue there to the culprits then) It has been a repeated theme of this blog that headlines unfavourable to the political parties, British or foreign, that the BBC dislikes nearly always specify the party whereas headlines unfavourable … Continue reading

I’m feeling a little bit sorry for Justin Webb.

Everyone’s piling in on him. A reader writes: BBC correspondents in America have a huge canvas to draw on. So Justin Webb obviously decided he had found a story that had a moral for British voters when he filed for the Radio 4 6pm News on April 1 that those in Arizona who were worried about a flood of illegal immigration for Mexico – and concerned that the federal government … Continue reading

USS Neverdock says the BBC are doing a hatchet job on bloggers

Actually I thought that Marc Landers was a little harsh on the BBC’s David Reid in dealing with his treatment of Iranian bloggers. Blogging has improved freedom of speech there, despite the recent appalling state persecution of bloggers. The tone of the BBC article when writing about Chinese and Iranian bloggers was not objectionable to me. However Marc Landers hit the Beeb fair and square when it got to Rather … Continue reading

BBC: Inadvertently Believing Berger’s Coverup?

It’s been awhile since former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger’s embarrassing shenanigans splashed across the newscape. He has been given a mercifully light sentence after perjuring himself in a Washington court. For some strange reason the Beeb repeats Berger’s ‘inadvertent’ defense in this story as if it is still Berger’s claim. Did Berger just accidentally walk off with those documents? Here’s how the Beeb puts it. Former national security … Continue reading

Deciding the terms of debate.

Another reader writes: There was an extraordinary example of presenter bias on WATO yesterday about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s warning on the politics of fear ( i.e. don’t mention right-wing issues!). Nick Clarke: Now, have you seen evidence in the campaign so far of the exploitation of fear? Rowan Williams: Well, of course the campaign hasn’t formally started yet, has it? NC: I accept that – in the pre-campaign then, … Continue reading