And still they come

They’re still at it on Sydney: “The fighting then spread to other parts of the city, injuring more than 30 people, including police officers. The violence continued on Monday night, apparently in retaliation, despite calls for calm and ethnic tolerance by Prime Minister John Howard and other senior figures.” Quite wrong – the white on Lebanese attacks had ended by about mid-afternoon on Sunday. By Sunday evening, the violence was … Continue reading

It was all a waste of time

…it appears, as those Kurds who had the temerity to stand up to one of the 20th century’s great mass killers apparently set up a one-party state: “But while Kurdish officials say that democracy has flourished in their semi-autonomous region since splitting off from Saddam Hussein’s central government in 1992, there is only one way considered acceptable to vote here.” Sounds just like more of the same, doesn’t it? However, … Continue reading

Your tax pounds wisely spent

Yes, Dr Who again (Natalie discused it here previously): ‘”It’s Christmas Day, a day of peace,” said chief writer Russell T Davies. “There is absolutely an anti-war message because that’s what I think.” Actress Penelope Wilton plays the Prime Minister in the hour-long show. In one scene she says of the US president: “He is not my boss and he is certainly not turning this into a war.” Decision condemned … Continue reading

A colour that dare not speak its name

Presumably the BBC means “non-descript white” in the sidebar on ancestry here, because the last time I looked the rest of the people listed were also Australians: “Total population: 21 million Australian: 6.7m (38.7%) English: 6.4m (36.5%) Irish: 1.9m (11%) Italian: 800,000 (4.6%) German: 742,000 (4.3%) Chinese: 557,000 (3.2%) Greek: 376,000 (2.2%) Dutch: 269,000 (1.5%) Lebanese: 162,000 (0.9%) Indian: 157,000 Vietnamese: 157,000 (0.9%)” Note that this is an ancestry table, … Continue reading

It’s in the way that you do it

After Natalie’s good analysis of what is wrong with the BBC’s coverage of the Sydney culture wars, I note the “See also” box at the top right of this page links to ‘Australia’s unease with outsiders‘. I note in this inflammatory and pernicious guff the sort of generalisations that would never be employed of “people of Middle-eastern background” (or insert desired trendy PC shibboleth): ‘They want the drawbridge raised – … Continue reading

It’s time for another edition of BBC Blankety-Blank

(see clip): Study this BBC Views Online article, Jail for ‘honour killing’ family, then complete the following sentence: The so-called ‘honour’ killers are ________. Clue: See this Times article, Family jailed for ‘honour killing’, for more details than BBC Views Online’s curiously abridged coverage. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Two beaches.

Case A: thugs attack en masse at a beach in Portugal. The race of the attackers was not mentioned by the BBC, although the prim way that the story says that the municipal authorities believed that “the youngsters came from poorer suburbs of the capital” made me guess that they were not white before Tim Worstall, who lives in Portugal, confirmed it. The fact that they were black was the … Continue reading

This evening’s BBC Ten O’Clock News:

Matt Frei visits the home town of the American held hostage in Iraq. Amidst much tired hackish blather, he informs us that over 200 westerners have been kidnapped in Iraq, and that: “…one in three have been executed by their captors.” What a putz. Have the berks at the BBC no decency? To any reasonable human being these people were murdered – there is no other word for it. Simple … Continue reading

No longer hated by the people of Afghanistan

, Yanks (like me) are thankful (but not really surprised) over stories such as this one. Will the Beeb deem it newsworthy? [Note to Beeb lurkers:It’s based an ABCNews poll (PDF) and methodologically sound (PDF). So, why not go ahead and report some good news for a change? I’m still capable of being surprised, even by the Beeb.] Hat tip: Instapundit Click through to read and contribute comments on this … Continue reading

Watching BBC News this afternoon,

starting with the One O’Clock News with Anna Ford – who informed us about the outcome of a government investigation into the crash of an RAF Hercules “Jet” in Iraq (killing ten service people). How many decades has the Hercules (the C130 to our US cousins) been in service? What kind of plane did the Iranians crash just this week? Was it a jet? No. It has four large twirly … Continue reading


Can you spot the missing word(s) from this BBC News Online article, Thousands march for HK democracy, about a major pro-democracy demonstration in Hong Kong? A. Yes, you got it, the missing word(s) are communism and variants thereof, with bonus points if you also noted the omission of any reference to the Tiananmen Square Massacre (sorry Beeboids, that would be the Tiananmen Square Tragedy to you). Click through to read … Continue reading

One by One

Reading this article at BBConline one has to try to follow the tortuous logic of a journalist trying to justify after the event the BBC’s skewed approach to the news, in this case to ‘Questions of Murder’. As Dumbjon points out, the notion of challenging authority doesn’t apply when the BBC agrees with that authority- when, for example, the race-based news quota method is applied. Anthony Walker died, and that’s … Continue reading