. Got to have balance, haven’t we? Six to one and half a dozen of the other, tit for tat, a fair crack of the whip, everyone’s human etc. That’s maybe why the Beeb put two reports out with apparent simultaneity showing the US as critic (of Iran) and the US as criticised (by Human Rights Watch). Now for the differences. The headlines are written in such a way that … Continue reading

It’s deja vu all over again.

The Rathergate report [pdf] must have been a shade touchy for some loyal BBC scribe to report. Replacing a name here, a circumstance there could easily conjure images the Beeb would prefer to forget. It’s a bit ironic to read the following: The internal investigation received widespread coverage in the US media, which has been battered by a series of media scandals in the last two years at such major … Continue reading

In China’s disastrous Great Leap Forward

the communist authorities ordered the construction of millions of backyard iron furnaces to forward the revolution. Nearly all this vast effort was useless. You can’t make industrial-quality iron from mud-brick furnaces. I thought of this when I read in Christopher Booker an item (scroll down) about Another ludicrous example of how the BBC now pushes its own cock-eyed agenda was an item on Radio 4’s You and Yours last week … Continue reading

Three links worth following from the Blithering Bunny

Do more people read the blogs than watch BBC Digital? Speaks for itself. Second comes a wee snippet about the Kirsty Wark affair which in turn links to this post from Freedom & Whisky. (Some of our US readers, or indeed some of our English readers, may not have been following Warkgate. You should. It’s something like Celebrity Big Brother for the Scottish ruling elite. Check out Ed Thomas’s recent … Continue reading

Avi Linden

writes: Just have a look at this. The Hizbollah attacks an Israeli army vehicle in Israel, Israel shoots back and the headline is “Israel mounts south Lebanon raid.” Not “Hizbollah attack Israeli army vehicle” or anything similar. Bloody Trots. UPDATE: That was the headline when I wrote the post. Now it’s different. David B comments: “Looks like they changed it to “clashes erupt on Lebanon border”. Let’s blame both sides … Continue reading

Mikey’s “Anti-Bush” ‘documentary’ “surprise winner”!

The BBC must be the only people on the planet who are. Big Mike made sure his loyal wacko fans stuffed the ballot box. That’s fair enough, but the Beeb could at least mention this less than obscure fact. Leave it to one of those money-grubbing American broadcasters to let us know the fuller picture. Last month Moore posted a letter on his Web site,, asking fans to vote … Continue reading

Browsing in the real world on Saturday,

I noticed Greg Dyke’s recent book, Inside Story, being sold off in Waterstone’s for half price, only three months since it was first published. have it for even less – a mere £8 – 60% off the list price! A quick search of the web turns up an article by Andrew Donaldson in the South African Sunday Times that throws some light on the matter: This was a year … Continue reading

Don’t wish to say I told you so

(never like doing that), but last time I mentioned Kirsty Wark at any length, I happened to remark, amongst other things, that ‘the public knows little (by the Beeb’s own definition) about the BBC’s ‘contacts’, and would probably be disillusioned if it did’ Now, of course, we know more about those close contacts- and what we find out is particularly disquietening, as forecast. The matter at issue is the official … Continue reading

Europhillic Beebies at it again

. Richard North at his EU Referendum blog caught a live one: ‘Nick Clarke, interviewer for BBC Radio 4’s World at One, ran an outrageous puff for the EU constitution on today’s programme. But what really gave the game away was Clarke’s own comment. Interviewing John Bruton, now the EU ambassador to Washington on the “positive” aspects on the constitution (which, incidentally, included to the “right” to withdraw), the egregious … Continue reading

You can’t pass on dirt and keep your hands clean.

Sleep on it, they say. Sleep on it and you’ll feel calmer in the morning. I did and I don’t. Yes, I’m talking about the BBC peddling conspiracy theories about Diego Garcia and the tsunami again. Again because I find it more disturbing the more I think about it, and because I have a few more links to add. Actually, this is going to tie into one of the most … Continue reading

When has it become the BBC’s mission to spread innuendo and conspiracy theories?

That was the first line of an email from a reader. He or she then directed me to this: “Why did US base escape tsunami?” After outlining a current conspiracy theory about the tsunami mysteriously sparing the US base in Diego Garcia, the BBC article says: Is America a power for good or ill in the world? Was there a malign hand at work, or has America’s role in the … Continue reading

“The BBC is a perfectly closed system of thought.”

In a lengthy speech on media bias, Melanie Phillips examines the awful consequences of biased reporting regarding Israel and Iraq. The speech runs to 17 pages in a pdf document on her website. Here are her observations on the BBC. But probably the greatest single reason for the obsessive and unbalanced focus on Israel,along with the irrationality over Iraq, is the hostility and prejudice of the BBC’s reporting. Unlike newspapers, … Continue reading


To: Orla Guerin and Barbara Plett

From: Truthlovers Everywhere

RE: Unreported tsunami news

It has come to our attention that the tiny state of Israel is doing yeoman’s work in the tsunami disaster effort. Unfortunately, very few people would have heard this, for you have not reported it! You and your colleagues received a press release (Dec 27) to this effect. Where are your reports? This is not looking good. Ms Guerin, since you are a lover of truth, please note the following … Continue reading

Key Indonesia aid airport cleared

– according to BBC News Online and the BBC One O’Clock News today. What neither of these unbiased, impartial BBC productions manage to mention in covering this good news is the role of US Navy personnel and equipment from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the removal operation – as anyone who’s been watching Sky News this morning would know all about, with film of the removal operation and … Continue reading

In other news…

A couple of BBC news stories, both on and offline, caught my eye this morning – both have been admirably fisked already by The Candidate and by Marc at USS Neverdock. The BBC stories and their fiskings are as follows: BBC: Army restricted ethnic recruits The Candidate: Army restricted ethnic recruits… probably As The Candidate says, the story, as presented by BBC News Online, makes an unsupported logical leap – … Continue reading