It’s compare and contrast time again!

Last November, “The Tories” (as the BBC almost always calls Conservatives – one ‘T’ word that’s not a problem for the Beeboids) complained officially, along with many viewers, about a particularly dodgy item on Newsnight. Peter Barron, Editor of Newsnight, wrote a rebuttal article on NewsWatch, headlined: Howard special ‘not staged’ Moving forward to August 2005, having investigated itself (no conflict of interest there then), the BBC decided that it … Continue reading

Leaving BBC bias aside for a moment,

how about a spot of BBC ignorance, of the ‘why are we forced to pay for this tosh?‘ variety? In Genette police file for charges our sharp-minded, ever astute BBC journos report: Prosecutors are to consider whether to charge a man with the abduction and murder of a Devon schoolgirl in 1978. Genette Tate, 13, vanished while cycling on her newspaper round in Aylesbeare, where she lived. Devon and Cornwall … Continue reading

Was Grandad in Iraq on his own?

Well, the thought crossed my mind when I read John Simpson’s apologia for Saddam, in which he maintained that the British in Iraq during the 1920’s and the reign of Saddam were comparable. To quote Simpson: ‘Saddam Hussein’s notion of governing a restless, difficult country like Iraq was that it could only be done with ferocity. In that he was no different from the presidents and kings before him; no … Continue reading

The way to quell dangerous rumours is by consistently reporting the facts as fully as possible.

This Times story covers the Birmingham riots which killed one man on Saturday. A second man was shot dead in the same area on Sunday, but it is not clear whether that was related to the riot. The starting point for the riots was an alleged rape of a 14 year old Jamaican girl by a man or men of Pakistani origin. I say “alleged” not merely to cover myself … Continue reading

The BBC is quick to report

news stories about the outraging of Muslim sensibilities, such as “US Guantanamo guard kicked Koran“, or the latest insult in Afghanistan. Stories of outrages against Christians fare somewhat worse. The continiung demonstrations by thousands of Muslims outside a Coptic church in Alexandria, the stabbing of a nun and the reported (by this Coptic weblogger) deployment of army units against the demonstrators are nowhere reported on the BBC News website. Although … Continue reading

“Countries turn back on Hollywood”

says this BBC headline. Other possible headlines not used by the BBC: “People worldwide love Hollywood, governments don’t.” – since the article itself admits that 85% of world spending on cinema tickets goes on Hollywood productions. This story is about some new UNESCO convention that gives governments, notably the French government, more power to attempt to circumvent the spontaneous preferences of their people and to make yet another doomed attempt … Continue reading

BBC’s Guerin To Leave Middle East

, according to An internal corporation email sent on Monday revealed that the 39-year-old, who has come under considerable fire for a perceived anti-Israel bias in her coverage, will leave Jerusalem in December to start a new posting in Johannesburg. While Israel government press office director Danny Seaman said the corporation, rather than any one person of having been guilty of “shoddy” journalism with regards to Israel, he told … Continue reading

On last night’s BBC Ten O’Clock News, and through the night on News 24

, the ever miserable Caroline Haw-Hawley managed to get out of the BBC’s private enclave in central Baghdad to report from Halabja, largely bemoaning: “but it’s not for this that Saddam’s going on trial, at least not yet, relatives of the five thousand Kurds massacred in Halabja in March 1988 will have to wait for their day in court, the first legal proceedings against Saddam are for separate killings in … Continue reading

Last week, at the end of BBC1’s Watchdog consumer affairs programme

, the presenters announced “and we’ve got a new phone number, 020 8535 1000…” – what they didn’t mention was that their old phone number was one of the many 0870 disguised premium rate rip-off numbers (where the caller pays the recipient at high rates, often paying to be held in a queue!) that have proliferated across the BBC, government departments and second-rate call centre operations across rip-off Britain over … Continue reading

In Top of the class

, Alan Connor of News Online (a sometime follower of Biased BBC), has written an interesting article about the relevance or otherwise of David Cameron’s privileged education and the ever-shifting public perceptions of class, private education and Old Etonians. The following comment from the (Don’t) Have Your Say selection below Alan’s article caught my eye: Old Etonians ruin the fabric of society. Oxford is infested with them like an old … Continue reading

The US has got an image problem when it comes to the internet.

So says this BBC story by Alfred Hermida. It continues: It is seen as arrogant and determined to remain the sheriff of the world wide web, regardless of whatever the rest of the world may think. It has even lost the support of the European Union. Like David Davis has even lost the support of Gordon Brown. It stands alone as the divisive battle over who runs the internet heads … Continue reading

Ooh lookie

– a BBC report about Nalchik (the centre of terrorist violence recently) which accomplishes their wish not to include even a mention of Islam. I commented on the general trend here at my own site earlier on. In this report they are militants they are rebels they are rebels affiliated with Chechens; but for all we know from this report, they are not Islamists- nor are they terrorists. Now, I’m … Continue reading

Blame it on the Tories….again!

A reader writes: The report out today from the Crime and Society Foundation – which points out that most murders in Britain are of relatively poor young men – is reported on the BBC website (link here) as follows: Increasing murder rates over the past 25 years were triggered by a recession in the early 1980s, a report says. Pointing the finger of blame unambiguously at the Tories. The tenor … Continue reading