Something about the picture

Something about the picture in this article reminds me of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s the utopianism I think. So, as multiculturalism (and lifestyle choice) becomes religion, religion becomes problematic, though, as Ritter points out, Sir Iqbal and Mr Jones get different treatment. And no, it’s not just the media treating the two cases differently. There’s no mention of Mr Plod actually knocking on Sir Iqqy’s door. Click through to read … Continue reading

The BBC celebrate

the humour of the late left-wing Labour MP Tony Banks, “known for acid tongue and sharp wit“, who “will be remembered for his hilarious insults“ “Tory MP, Terry Dicks, was dismissed as “living proof that a pig’s bladder on the end of a stick can be elected to Parliament”. The former sports minister, who became Lord Stratford last year, showed reputations did not intimidate him when he accused Lady Thatcher … Continue reading

Insidious PC from the BBC

(I’ve changed the date on this post to reflect the transition from first saving to final form) I think I was a scout for two weeks, though I can’t remember exactly. I had been promised it would be way different from the hateful cubs pack I was a member of, but it was sufficiently like it to bring out a nervous reaction that saw me resolutely glued to the sofa … Continue reading

Active Israelis, Passive Palestinians.

I followed this link to an “On This Day” article about the 1985 airlift by Israel of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. I have no bias complaints about that article itself. It actually said that the Jews had suffered particular president under “Marxist President Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam.” But I noticed several funny things about the “Timeline Israel/Palestinians” covering the 1950s to the present. I’m afraid this is going to take … Continue reading

Justin Webb Reports

Justin Webb reports the White House reaction to Pat Robertson’s latest foot-in-mouth episode and promply manages to fall into the common Beebish tendency to see any nutty statement by a Falwell or Robertsonas a fair representation of Bush’s “right-wing religious base.” Well, I have it on good authority that Mr Robertson has already experienced a taste of said “wrath” just lately. Mysterious as the Beebocracy may find this, Pat Robertson … Continue reading

Loyal opposition.

BBC Eye is a Beebwatching blog by “Cerdic”, who started the Beebwatch blog before blogs existed. His post for today says: Five Live Drivel continues to not surprise. In awaiting Charles Kennedy’s statement (no, not ‘mine’s a pint), they said that the Shadow Cabinet was split over his possible departure. Since the Shadow Cabinet is currently Conservative (I know the BBC hopes the LibDums will become the official opposition, but … Continue reading

A nice cup of tea.

Andrew Zalotocky writes: What did you think of “The Christmas Invasion”? It didn’t seem overtly political, which makes me wonder why the BBC web site had that story promoting it as such beforehand. I can think of three plausible explanations: 1) The “peace message” story was a heavy-handed attempt to ensure that the audience got the right message 2) It was the loose cannons at BBC Online giving it their … Continue reading

Happy New Year.

Not many posts while I was away, I see. I suspect that, with the honourable exception of Laban, the Biased BBC shock-jocks were unable to post due to a prior commitment to getting some serious hung-over layabouting done. Never mind, other bloggers took up the slack: Read Adloyada on one award the BBC won’t be boasting about – namely an ironic award from Honest Readers provided a full laundry … Continue reading

John Simpson

reports on the trial of Saddam Hussein, declaring ‘Saddams’s trial is not a farce’. Pootergeek is concerned for him. I think I have just read John Simpson’s final serious news report. It is in many ways a frightening document; I am afraid on his behalf. Apart from the factual content that we have come to expect from the BBC even at its most feeble, it breaks metropolitan media convention in … Continue reading

Comment roundup 3

“John”notes It’s My Story, 9 minutes in*: “It’s My Story : The Vietnamese Buddha Documentary about a Buddhist master returning to Vietnam for the first time since the war. Discussing the Buddhist monks who immolated themselves in protest at the Vietnam war the presenter drops in this staggering bit of amoral relativism: ‘I kind of think about what happened at 9/11 and I suppose I’m trying to figure out how … Continue reading

Echo chambers

Ho hum, Kofi Annan wins an environmental prize: ‘UN secretary-general Kofi Annan has been given one of the most prestigious environmental awards, the Zayed Prize. The citation noted his “personal leadership” on sustainable development… The winners of the prize, which honours former UAE President Sheikh Zayed, share $1m (£564,000); previous awards have gone to Jimmy Carter and the BBC.’ The last paragraph was slightly rodent-fragrant – and the name rang … Continue reading

Saddamitical crimes

Via Bloggers4Labour, more HYS goodness: “If the court follows international law, then he will have to be returned to power. If it doesn’t follow the law, the UN should refuse to accept the new government. It will be tough on Iraqis, but the principle of non-aggression must be upheld at all costs, and Bush must be humiliated and driven from power.Colin Danforth, Montreal” One presumes that this is irony (“It … Continue reading

Comments roundup 2

Bloggers4Labour discuss that slave picture. “Roy” links to criticism in The Guardian – is this a Menshevik vs Bolshevik spat or does The Guardian realise that it is in fact a free market operator harmed by the Beeb’s gross taxpayer subsidisation? “Try almost anything innovative, indeed – and Auntie, lifting her skirts, is off and running in a flash.” On the subject of editorialising agency copy, “Roy” asks us to … Continue reading