I can’t help thinking

that the moral relativism and non-judgementalism of BBC foreign affairs reporting is spreading to Home News. Here’s a news report which seems to miss half the story. “Police said two men had entered the pub on the Langworthy estate, which was packed with fans watching a Manchester United game, and opened fire. The bodies of the two victims, who are both believed to be 27 and from Salford, were found … Continue reading

The things I do for you people.

I copied down by hand one of today’s Ceefax stories, currently running in the world news digest page 142 (page 2 out of 6). I had to wait for it to cycle round to the right page twice because I couldn’t write fast enough. After all that I found that the entire Ceefax story was merely the first four paragraphs of this web page. Dispute hits UN rights watchdog A … Continue reading

“Charter will force BBC to back Britain”

says the Sunday Times. THE BBC is to be forced to promote British citizenship and a sense of community under a new royal charter to be unveiled this week.It will redefine the purpose of the BBC, entrusting it with a far wider brief than its established mission to “inform, educate and entertain”. You might think that I’d be cheering. I don’t know what the opinion of my co-bloggers will be … Continue reading

To most people, they’re terrorists. To the BBC, they were ‘militants’.

Until today, that is. To BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen, Hamas are now “Islamist nationalists”. Jews living in the West Bank ? Well, frankly, some of them are ‘fanatical’. Nothing like a sense of proportion, is there ? Hat-tip – MN Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Spot On

A Michael Taylor, in the comments to the previous post, on the BBC. It’s not Paul Reynolds in disguise, is it ? The agenda-setting is tedious for those who don’t share their world-view, but where it’s accompanied by the hard slog of good journalism – Channel 4 News for example – you agree to disagree and wish them well on their way. The problem with the BBC is not just … Continue reading

The time has come to strip the BBC of its status as a public service broadcaster

So say the Civitas think-tank, in a report on a BBC ‘documentary‘ which turns out to be a bit of a travesty of the truth. “A programme broadcast on 5 October 2005 called ‘Little Kinsey’ manifested such a distortion of its source material that we can no longer depend upon the integrity of the BBC’s factual programmes.” ‘Little Kinsey’ was part of the ‘Lost Decade’ season, focusing on issues relevant … Continue reading

Just because the AP reports it…

doesn’t mean the Beeb will be at all interested, especially if it departs from the “torture” script. Some Gitmo Prisoners Don’t Want to Go Home Fearing militants or even their own governments, some prisoners at Guantanamo Bay from China, Saudi Arabia and other nations do not want to go home, according to transcripts of hearings at the U.S. prison in Cuba. Uzbekistan, Yemen, Algeria and Syria are also among the … Continue reading

Spot The Missing Nationality

In this BBC story. (In justice to the BBC, I’ve looked at the ONS site and I can’t actually find if there will be a category for the English. But if there isn’t, of course, that would be a story in itself – one you’d think a national broadcaster might want to cover.) Hat-tip to Archduke in the comments. UPDATE – England has arrived on the page after an intervention … Continue reading

Just A Question Of Presentation

This morning’s Radio Four news headlines tell us that David Mills, husband of Labour Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, will learn soon whether he will face trial on corruption charges. “Miss Jowell, who is separated from Mr Mills ….” Well, yes. Since Saturday. Obviously no time for that little detail. The Today programme page adequately describes the first item after the news at seven. “Hear the latest news from Washington where … Continue reading

Just because the AP says it’s news

…doesn’t mean the Beeb has to agree. This “story” is bogus. President Bush, after all, was not slow to declare a state of emergency along the Gulf Coast. Mayor Nagin’s reaction to this “news” is laughable and hypocritical but the Beeb is happy to serve us New Orleans sludge. Update: DFH, one of our B-BBC commenterati has two very helpful posts here and here. Auntie can’t get away with what … Continue reading

Great minds think alike.

Both Expat Yank (hat tip: David H in comments) and Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day spotted something odd about the reporting of a recent BBC poll on Iraq. Hello? Three-quarters of the tyrant’s former subjects are thrilled that the old monster is behind bars, but the BBC buries the fact at the very end of the report on its own poll. Talk of selectivity! Talk of bias! Click through to read … Continue reading

Apropos of nothing

, I have decided to put USS Neverdock’s BBC bias reference page from January last year on the sidebar among “other links”. Lots of good stuff there, although Marc ought to note that the infamous CBBC page on the Holocaust that didn’t mention Jews has since been amended. I know, I know, ought to clean out all the other links that don’t work. Don’t like doing it, for some reason. … Continue reading

Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.

It is said of many a failing company that it was not just the occasional faults in their products that trashed their reputation but the arrogant and evasive way they dealt with complaints. This BBC article says, twice, that terminations were made legal in the US by the 1973 court decision Roe v Wade. In other words it is factually wrong in a typical BBC way. The American Expatriate spotted … Continue reading

Some men and women are legends in journalism.

They are the ones with a “nose” for a story. Hard-bitten, often hard-drinking, they are the oneswho “just happened” to be there when the war started or the government fell – or the story first broke that the world would eventually know as “The Oldham Horror”… Extremists have been blamed after a cartoon featuring the prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban was put up in a housing office … Continue reading