Whilst perusing the CBBC Newsround site

, I chanced up their story about Private Johnson Beharry, VC, UK soldier wins highest honour. In it they include the line: Private Johnson Beharry, 25, becomes the first person to receive the award for more than 20 years. Would it really have been too much to mention, even in passing, that the last two VCs were awarded during the Falklands War in 1982, perhaps even going so far as … Continue reading

Still on the Ho Chi Minh trail.

A reader of Tim Blair’s pointed out a discontinuity between a BBC link and the story it linked to. The BBC’s link to a John Simpson column: Not quite Vietnam – the war in Iraq defies all predictions And what Simpson actually wrote: “The situation in Iraq is nothing like the Vietnam War, and it will not be.” Simpson has other views besides, not all of them happy reading, but … Continue reading

If a gaffe is committed and nobody knows about it, is it a gaffe?

As you can see from Andrew Bowman’s post further down, Kevin McNamara, a left-wing Labour MP, has distinguished himself by saying that Michael Howard’s views about gypsy encampments and the planning laws have “a whiff of the gas chamber about them.” For various reasons I am not Michael Howard’s biggest fan, but I do think that saying that to a man whose grandmother was murdered in the gas chambers of … Continue reading

Parents! See what the BBC showed your toddlers three weeks ago!

The BBC’s Britain’s Streets of Vice series is being repeated on BBC1, starting tonight with Sex in the City, described by Radio Times as follows: Sally Magnusson tells the story of a young prostitute struggling with her addiction to crack cocaine and heroin, one of more than 5,000 women thought to be working on the streets and risking violence, disease and a criminal record It’s on at 11.05pm – it’s … Continue reading

Today’s typically poor BBC One O’Clock News

(Realplayer, 224Kbps) spent its first seven minutes covering the Conservatives proposals for dealing with the problem of illegal traveller camps built in contravention of planning laws, both on their own land, and, more often, on other people’s land, often in the green belt. All the usual leftie hot-button words were used – racism, bigotry etc., with lengthy Going Live! reports from Vikki Young in Essex (with Michael Howard) and John … Continue reading

Compare and contrast, yet again.

Recently, a rather odious Conservative MP, Jonathan Sayeed, now expelled from the party, has been mentioned several times on BBC News Online, with headlines such as Sayeed to stand down as Tory MP and Tour row MP loses Tory party whip. BBC News Online’s coverage of old Seedy has been fulsome and detailed, leaving no doubt that Sayeed was, to use their term, a Tory. Compare and contrast this with … Continue reading

“The Tories have denied trying to start a race row…”

was the headline in a news summary by Philip Hayter on BBC News 24 just now, followed by a brief mention of the Conservatives plans to reform the law to protect homeowners and the environment from the blight of illegal traveller encampments. This surprised me – the last thing the Conservatives would want to do is go anywhere near starting a race row, particularly knowing how the shrill harpies of … Continue reading

If I may add a little contrast

to Andrew Bowman’s earlier post about CBS reporting of the meeting between President Bush and the McCartney sisters, I received an email from Fausta Wertz of the Bad Hair Blog, pointing out this post. Shamefully, this morning’s BBCA newscast, after reporting on the above, invited a former SF/IRA public relations man. His position was that the women were puppets of political opponents, nearly the same exact words Martin McGuinness, Sinn … Continue reading

Refreshing honesty:

This evening’s CBS Evening News with Dan Blather, sorry, Bob Schieffer, as repeated on Sky News in the UK, covered the meeting of Robert McCartney’s magnificent sisters and partner with George Bush at the White House today, as well as the exclusion of Gerry Adams (the well known member of the IRA’s seven-man ruling Army Council, along with Martin McGuinness). The refreshing thing was that, unlike the BBC, CBS told … Continue reading

Last night’s BBC Ten O’Clock News featured Barbara I wept for Arafat Plett

reporting from Beirut on yesterday’s record demonstration opposing the presence of Syrian forces in Lebanon. Her report was also shown on BBC News 24. BBC News Online also covered the protest. In ‘Record’ protest held in Beirut, they reported: Nearly one million people gathered for an opposition rally in Beirut, officials say – a month after the death of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The demonstration surpassed recent pro-Syrian rallies … Continue reading

Another great post

by Nicholas Vance over at Last Night’s BBC News about a Steven Sackur report on the first anniversary of the Madrid bombings. A taster: Mr Sackur would do well to avoid making sweeping generalisations about Muslim opposition to terror, just as he would never dream of making sweeping generalisations about Muslim support for terror. Further, absolute statements opposing terrorism are often far less impressive once one understands how terms like … Continue reading

Still not managing to report the news, the whole news, and nothing but the news

– BBC News Online reports on the final appearance of Dan Rather as anchor of CBS Evening News, US news anchor Rather signs off, noting that: …his retirement has been marred by criticism he received over a recent report questioning President George W Bush’s military service record. And that’s all they say about the circumstances of Blather’s retirement – conveniently omitting to mention a) Rather’s use of plainly forged documents; … Continue reading

Via one of Tim Worstall’s stimulating weekly UK blog round-ups

I came across an interesting blog by an anonymous magistrate, The Law West of Ealing Broadway. His comments on the BBC’s criminal tellytax prosecutions, A Job We Should Not Be Doing At All, are especially interesting. One of his commenters also links to this rather amusing Charter Renewal error page. While we’re slightly off-topic, those interested in the practical aspects of conscientious objection to the BBC, by means of civil … Continue reading