Faulty Connection

The first three items in this FOOC have something in common. The first report by Jonathan Head is about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The more we hear the more we fear. Kate Adie’s flippant introduction to Jennifer Pak’s report from Kuala Lumpur belies the tragic consequences of life in a regime where sex outside marriage is taboo and illegitimate babies are abandoned. From Senegal, Angus Crawford briefly reflects … Continue reading


Smug metrosexual leftist elitists hate Sarah Palin. The prospect of her standing for the Presidency and even, gosh, WINNING it, induces a cold sweat amongst BBC types. So, it’s important to ensure she never gets an even break, Cue interview with David Frum, former Bush speechwriter, (a decent guy who I have corresponded with) but who is an on-the-record Palin hater…here’s Frum from last year. We are afraid that it … Continue reading


So, our security services disrupt what appears to be a terror plot to kill Roman Catholics in London. Elsewhere in the media we discover they are of “North African” origin, possibly some Algerians. I’m guessing Mohammed might be a common name. The BBC tells us what they are NOT!  God but they are so dhimmfied. Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


Tim Montgomerie, in his opinion piece, accompanying the Daily Mail editorial about whinge watch, observes: Most BBC staff members probably make every effort to leave their political views at the door of the recording studio, but if you are surrounded by people who have only ever worked for the state and have never been part of the wealthcreation process, you struggle to think any differently. What utter nonsense, the sort … Continue reading


First in whinge watch, a perfect story in the BBC green lexicon: nutter scientists call for new EU laws that will see billions of pounds of our money spent on driving out so called alien species from Europe. Of course, the BBC website reports this buffoonery with bated-breath admiration because it involves their beloved EU doing what it does best, that is, pouring cash down the drain. I’m all for … Continue reading


Pleased to see that the Daily Mail, much derided by the BBC, is going to monitor the BBC’s output and in that regard I am very supportive of this initiative as it means even more eyes watching the output from the State Broadcaster. Which is why the Mail has decided to launch a BBC Whinge Watch. In the ensuing weeks, we will monitor the Corporation’s output to highlight bias and … Continue reading

Question Time LiveBlog 16th Sept 2010

Question Time is back tonight with a Labour leadership special – where the five candidates will be on the panel facing questions from a hand-picked audience. The live-chat, moderated as usual by David Vance, David Mosque and TheEye, will start here just before 10:35 and finish just after 11:35 (UK time). <p><p><p><a href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=3087b0b564″ >Question Time 16th September 2010</a></p></p></p> Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.

Bubbles on the Air

‘As early as the first paragraph of the Introduction he claims that “never a thought is given to Gaza” in the city of Tel Aviv.’ I lifted that from ‘Philosemite’ Chas Newkey Burden’s blog post about Gideon Levy’s book “The Punishment of Gaza”, which elicited a lively response from people who think of Levy as an obnoxious self serving liar. Seeing as how Gideon Levy has been hobnobbing with Jeremy … Continue reading


Back in May the BBC reported the following: A cartoonist whose work inspired an internet campaign inviting people to draw images of the Prophet Muhammad has apologised for her role in the row. Writing on her blog, Molly Norris said her satirical cartoon was “hijacked” and that the campaign was “offensive to Muslims”… Molly Norris drew a cartoon in April to protest against the decision by a US television channel … Continue reading

Justine Greening Deflates BBC Motormouth Kirsty Wark On Cuts

On last night’s Newsnight Kirsty Wark had obviously been instructed to sex up the “savage cuts will cause the death of millions of women, children and old people” narrative by wheeling in a trio of rent-a-whiners waving shrouds on behalf of defence, the police and, naturally the NHS. As Kirsty wielded her remote each of these Duracell bunnies leapt into life to squawk about the horrors to come. Former Brown … Continue reading


On his blog, Cash Peters is taking a stand against “the nutjobs and loons”. He has responded to my post about him yesterday by comparing it to “Opposition arsonists who spread fear, irrational and baseless rumors, and a raft of lies about Obama in the hope of destabilizing his power to govern and discredit him and his administration.” Gosh! And armed only with his trusty raw vegetable and a healing … Continue reading

Question Time LiveBlog : The Return!

Our old favourite – Question Time is back tonight! Not just any jewel, but the very Koh-I-Noor of BBC bias returns with a peach of a broadcast:  a Labour leadership special where the five candidates will be on the panel facing questions from a hand-picked audience. You should all have received your new-season Buzzword Bingo cards by now. For the first programme you’ll need the set which has a picture … Continue reading


Daily Politics reporter Giles Dilnot is the stand-in presenter on Radio Five Live’s Up All Night this week. On this morning’s show he and the show’s regular conservative-hating US TV reviewer (and New Age goofball) Cash Peters discussed the new right-leaning TV network backed by Kelsey Grammer. Here’s the sneering, mocking exchange in full: Listen! Sweet irony – Cash Peters deriding a broadcaster for being one-sided when the BBC has … Continue reading


A B-BBC reader notes… Did you note that yesterday ‘Today’ referred to Billy Wright…..Loyalist terrorist…’exceptionally dangerous and who continued to murder Catholics as mainstream paramilitaries edged towards peace….in some circles his death could be seen as productive.’ Shame the BBC couldn’t bring themselves to condemn Hamas in such tones after the murder of 4 Israelis recently….would the BBC agree Israel was being ‘productive’ in the peace process by killing these … Continue reading