A Biased BBC reader writes.. ” A protest is due to be held in Belfast against theIsraeli seizure of an Irish aid ship trying to break the blockade of the GazaStrip.The protest is due to begin at the City Hall at 1600 BST  Thanks to the BBC for the tip off.” Click through to read and contribute comments on this post.


I know we expect little in terms of balance from the BBC and hence we are rarely disappointed, This morning, in fine anti-Israeli form, the BBC runs an item entitled “Israel threatens to board Gaza aid ship Rachel Corrie”. Note the use of the word “threaten” when used next to Israel. Also note how the Hate Flotilla farce is given neutral nomenclature…subtext, they only want to bring aid. To Hamas, By … Continue reading


I caught the last minute of Any Questions this evening. BBC stalwart Billy Bragg was on the panel (Naturally) and they were discussing how the UK treats our military. Billy, the patriot, informed us he spend a lot of time working with our military…… during his prison visits. He informed us that large numbers of former soldiers end up in jail. On that assertion the programme finished. I KNOW that … Continue reading


Bashing BP has become part of the daily BBC routine and so it was delighted to report this morning that Obama has given an interview on US TV in which he asserts how “angry” he is about the entire situation. Quite how the petulance of the US President helps the matter in hand I do not quite understand but we can be confident the BBC will not explore that line. … Continue reading


More one way reporting of the Hate Flotilla by the BBC. I listened to Sarah Colborne from the Palestinian Solidarity Movement being interviewed on Today @ 7.50am. She spewed forth a series of allegations about the IDF boarding the Mavi Marmara, denied any knowledge of those on board that vessel seeking martyrdom (even though the families of  at least two of the dead have confirmed this), stated that the Israelis … Continue reading


The BBC Sydney correspondent Nick Bryant – a chap who clearly just adores OZ PM Kevin Rudd’s climate lunacy – reports here on the news that islands like Tuvalu are not, after all, in any danger of being flooded by global warming; in fact, according to the latest research, the reverse is true, the islands are actually growing. But this doesn’t deter our Nick from pursuing his alarmist agenda: But … Continue reading

Question Time 3rd June 2010

Question Time tonight comes from Brecon, the third largest town in Powys; home to the Gurkha Regiments and birthplace of Roger Glover from Deep Purple. The Parliamentary seat of Brecon and Radnorshire is represented by LibDem Roger Williams. Williams is a man so successful that he went from LibDem Welsh Spokeweasel before the election to apparently no job afterwards, and his profile page on the main LibDem website gives a … Continue reading

BBC v Israel. Judge Paxman Presiding.

BBC’s Jeremy Paxman, flagship presenter amongst a flotilla of BBC presenters, sets off on a mission to aid Hamas and uphold the embargo on reason, logic and truth. (Note: The BBC seems to have issued a special edict. A permanent sneer must be attached to matters concerning Israel. The qualifying prefix “Israel says” must be added to anything speculative, factual, or plain as a pikestaff, if it alludes to Israel … Continue reading


When he was an MP, the ludicrous Lembit Opik was a regular on the BBC. They seemed to lap up his “Cheeky antics”. Now that the electorate removed Lembit from his political platform, he has turned to comedy and predictable the BBC provide coverage of his first stand up gig? In what way is this deserving of a valued news slot? Click through to read and contribute comments on this … Continue reading


It’s one of those questions we have discussed here on B-BBC. Why does the BBC refer to the “occupied territories” in the Middle East rather than the “disputed territories”? There was an item on Today @8.53am with regard to the language journalists use to explain stories and Dutch journalist Joris Luyendijk was on to discuss a new book he has authored on the topic. He asked John Humphyrs the direct … Continue reading


I am not an unqualified fan of Melanie Phillips; sometimes she seems a tad too rigid and a tad too pious in her pronouncements. But her new book, The World Turned Upside Down, is a fascinating – and riveting – read for all those who wonder where the BBC’s Jew-hating, tree-hugging, anti-religious, industry-bashing, climate change fanatical, lefty-loving mindset comes from. Her central theory is that such causes are now espoused … Continue reading


I have every respect for the sherpas; but since when were they climate experts? And how, exactly, do they measure that ice is melting in the Himalayas and be able to say with any degree of certainty that in their 20 years of experience or so, it’s worse than what has gone before? No matter about such niceties, to the BBC, it’s a good climate change scare story and it … Continue reading