Washington Post Truth

  The Washington Post, along with the New York Times, was a staunch anti-Trump ally of the BBC, all three spreading unfounded rumours about Trump being a compromised Russian agent as truth. They like to present themselves as the only trustworthy guardians of The Truth that can be relied upon and to that end work assiduously to smear and discredit as many other news and social media outlets as possible … Continue reading

Welfare? Well gud bruv innit

Do welfare states boost economic growth, or stunt it? I’ll let you decide what the answer to that is, but I think we all know what the BBC comrades generally believe. When you are trying to inform (i.e. brainwash) people on economic matters, there are two techniques you can use: One is to blind them with science and an overwhelming amount of statistical information that they can’t get their heads … Continue reading

Compound Error

    Laura Kuenssberg told us that the issue of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s detention was highly sensitive and political which is why the BBC has been stomping around in its size 12’s adding to the kicking Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is getting. The BBC led the chorus against Boris and his comment [briefed to him by who? and why?] and are now targeting Gove for his innocuous comments. Sarah Montague this morning [08:10] … Continue reading

Media Meddling

  The Iranian government has opened a criminal investigation into 152 current and former BBC Persian journalists on charges of “conspiracy against national security”. October 25 2017 Where is the total outrage from the BBC, from Labour, from all those ‘inside the Tory party against Boris’ [Sarah Montague not mentioning they are pro-EU Tories] about these 152 BBC employees?  There came  none.  Only one ex-BBC employee gets their interest…one whom … Continue reading

Careful what you wish for

  The BBC wants hate speech legislation in order to silence those who criticise Islam…it had better be careful what it wishes for as the legislation will make the BBC itself fair game one day….. Spain has laws banning "hate speech." They're now being used to prosecute 8 Catalan teachers for the "crime" of criticizing police violence by Madrid. https://t.co/6VAw5syrJQ — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) November 12, 2017  

Nuance, context and history…all strangers to the BBC

  The BBC constantly goes on about Russian interference in US Democracy…and yet has nothing to say as the EU tries to annex Northern Ireland and has flooded the UK with an EU citizen ‘army’ that is meant to undermine ‘Britishness’, the British identity and loyalty to Britain.  Others have noted the hypocrisy of those who attack Russia…. Is Noam Chomsky on the payroll of the Kremlin or just a … Continue reading

What’s this about?

  Worth a closer look I suppose…. I'm tempted to change my name to GA Ponsonski.Incidentally, I don't claim anyone at the BBC is involved in a *conspiracy*, I argue that there is evidence of institutional corruption. If Leask wants to challenge this evidence then he is free to do so. pic.twitter.com/zkaLruFjyC — GAPonsonby (@GAPonsonby) November 12, 2017     Ah…of course…how the BBC stole the Scottish independence referendum…the BBC…a … Continue reading

Useless Idiot

  How can the BBC report this with a straight face?… Mr Corbyn told the Observer Mr Johnson should be sacked as foreign secretary for “undermining our country” and “putting our citizens at risk”. Jeremy Corbyn, the man who wants to dismantle NATO, who wants to scrap our nuclear deterrent and mothball the Army, the man who wants to put our intelligence service out to pasture, the man who has … Continue reading

Iran’s useful idiots…BBC journalists

  It seems that the BBC are so intent on getting rid of a Brexit supporting minister that they are prepared to spread Iranian propaganda to do so. We now hear that Boris is ‘under mounting pressure’…why?…because Corbyn has demanded he be sacked.   That’s not pressure is it?  That’s just the usual Labour politicking by a man who knows he has the BBC in his pocket and whom he can … Continue reading

Mr Khan

  The BBC is headlining with the amazing news that a ‘Labour’ politician wants Boris to resign for his comments about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.  Of course they don’t tell us that he is Labour…just that he is the Mayor of London….the same mayor of London that told Muslims that to cooperate with the police on anti-terror issues would  make them ‘Uncle Toms’. Maybe he should resign…..maybe the BBC should ask him … Continue reading

Making the News, up

  There is hardly a day that goes by when the BBC isn’t running an ‘NHS in crisis’ story usually as a result of ‘a BBC exclusive investigation’…so you know they have gone out looking for these stories, which aren’t hard to find of course.  The NHS is massive, over 1.5 million employees and in England alone deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours.  Any wonder you will … Continue reading

Brexit Bingo

    In the last few weeks the Remainders have really stepped up their campaign to stop Brexit in its tracks with daily apocalyptic alarms warning us of the catastrophic consequences if we continue down the Brexit road to Hell….planes will fall out of the sky the day we leave, everyone will get cancer…and as the NHS collapses you’ll have nowhere to get treatment, criminals and terrorists will lay waste … Continue reading

Friday Open Thread

  Priti Patel resigns: What went wrong? Erm….according to The Sun an FCO official contacted the BBC and grassed on her…because?…The FCO was jealously guarding its territory, the FCO doesn’t like Jews and has always been Arabist, and the official was probably a Remainer…so why not grass up a Leave politician who is talking nicely to the Jews to the BBC which they might have grounds for considering to be … Continue reading