Midweek Thread 16 September 2020

The BBC Annual Report is published . Maybe the new Director General will give interviews about the biased anti British BBC And its’ future ? Certainly the BBC website has chirped about the £12.88 a week the taxpayer must pay each week for its’ output. To some £12.88 might not be much per week . But on a ‘full’ State pension of £175.20- that is 7% of a persons’ income … Continue reading

Start the Week Thread 14 September 2020

More National Anniversaries – Tuesday marks the 80th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain Day. The Far Left Biased BBC is likely to let this pass with a few ‘celebrity entertainment shows whilst decent people will remember those very “few” who did and gave so much to prevent German becoming the leading language and undesirables being extinguished. Lest We Forget- together with the thousands of civilian British murdered by Germans … Continue reading

Weekend Thread 5 September 2020

This time next week the Biased Far Left failing BBC will be preparing to put out “The Last Night of The Proms”. This year many who watch it will be more attentive to it than ever . Even if the British Conventions are retained lets not forget what those running the BBC wanted to do – in favour of their own personal views -not those of the suffering taxpayer . … Continue reading

The Last BBC DG?

So the new BBC DG is OK? He is going to sort things out. No more evidence of Far Left bias from people paid by the taxpayer through the BBC payroll . He wants destroy the evidence this website cites each day. Will he succeed or will it be business as usual . We will all be watching won’t we ?