Candace Owens blasts the Democrats ….

….and gets some heart-warming help from a Republican. Some of my eminent colleagues here have watched clips of Candace Owens fighting back against the Democrats, including her powerful defence against a sly, PeeCee defamer named Lieu, during the hearing on hate crimes. Out of general interest and in order to hear more from Candace, I decided to plough through 3 hours of the hearing on YouTube. An hour and 38 … Continue reading

The Deplorable Choir….

….takes its name, of course, from Hilary Clinton’s backfiring attempt to denigrate Trump supporters. Here’s what freedom looks and sounds like: Proud to be Deplorable Vote Republican song No smokin’ gun Brick by brick Pro-life Song And this guy John Morgan is so good I thought for a moment that Bush had taken up a new career: George W Bush sings Hallelujah to Donald Trump I realise this is all … Continue reading

Just a request or three

David Vance has appealed over the years to contributors to moderate their language, so I’m just echoing that appeal here. There’s nothing to be gained by competing with the comments section under many YouTube videos, and swearing probably drives some people away from the site who would otherwise contribute. More disturbing are attacks on political figures which can be interpreted as promoting violence and even assassination. This blog is not … Continue reading