Weekend Open Thread 4 August 2018

Yesterday saw a clear admission by the BBC of its political agenda – it took down a cartoon from Youtube aimed at children extolling Multiculturalism. How much did it cost ? Who authorised it? Where did the idea come from ? The BBC claims to be transparent and responsible- but that is clearly a lie .who is to hold it to account ? we need to remember rare admissions by … Continue reading

The BBC tried to diminish Entebbe

…but only succeeded in further diminishing itself. I am pleased to report to esteemed colleagues on this fine site that I finally downloaded British government documents on the Entebbe rescue opened to the public in May 2007 and pounced on by alleged journalist Dan Parkinson who was named and shamed by the indefatigable BBC Watch for triumphantly plucking part of a conspiracy theory from the documents in order to demean … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread 28 July 2018

As all the Albeeb management go off on holiday to spend taxpayers’ money we should spare a thought for all those vibrant diverse baby beeboids staying in Blighty to carry on the snowflake task of blaming so called cuts for this and that as well as suppressing incidents which al Beeb doesn’t want us to know about .

Presidential and general thread 11 July 2018

Welcome President Trump – now that’s a phrase we won’t hear on al beeb . Al beeb is neutral , untainted by bias , a world class broadcaster , so compare that with the last time an American President visited Britain and so many embarrassed themselves in exultation. It won’t be difficult to evidence the bias but it needs to be done here. regrets Engerland But the boys dun good … Continue reading