A world without the BBC?

  Where would we be without the BBC left to the mercies of the market driven corporate media? The BBC  naturally  is excellent value at less than 50p a day…but as with say the Pound Shop all is not as it seems and that ‘value’ looks distinctly underwhelming as the goods bought fall apart all too quickly or on closer scrutiny you discover they cost less because there is less … Continue reading

Any chance she works for the BBC?

  Surely she works for the BBC…a ‘free inhabitant’, she belongs to the Earth, she does not belong to any corporation or any country, she recognises no sovereignty, no borders, no laws…US laws have no jurisdiction over ‘human beings’…..nevertheless she does claim all the rights and protections of a US citizen….as the cop says…that way lies anarchy…..one day the BBC journo’s may grow up……          

Your Future’s Broken….er….Brexit

    Never mind kids…you know the answer…get educated….learn to shoot…you know it makes sense kiddies, especially as your liberal mummy and daddy now think guns are a good idea in Trumptopia…your future depends upon it…. Gun ownership has traditionally been associated with the right wing in America but the election of Donald Trump has prompted some left-wingers to join gun clubs   Always curious how the BBC is constantly … Continue reading

Feeling the Luvvies’ Pain

    So we’re all agreed, Trump stole the US election and Brexit was won on a lie…but who is to blame, who can we point the finger at, who is the guilty man or men? The BBC knows…it was the Russians….no!  It was the sinister underground network of neo-Nazis on the web…no!!! It was the sheer ignorance, stupidity, bigotry and prejudice of Leave voters…no!!! no!!! no!!! It was a … Continue reading

The Great Bore War

  The BBC can’t seem to help itself, especially as it doesn’t have to be balanced anymore according to Nick Robinson, it pumps out endless alarmist nonsense about a Far-Right on the brink of power along with fantastical tales of how secret internet warriors stole the election for Trump…and Brexit.  The BBC is going mad.  All sense of reality and perspective have vanished to be replaced with the very thing … Continue reading

Jewish Settlers…just undocumented migrants surely

  Thanks to Stewgreen for the link to the NUJ’s guidelines on how journalists should report on race. This piece of advice provoked a thought….. ‘A fairer term to use for someone who has outstayed their visa is “undocumented” or “irregular”.’ Hmmm…but the BBC uses the term to describe illegal immigrants and not people who overstay their visa…who wouldn’t be migrants as such. And why aren’t Israeli settlers ‘undocumented migrants’ … Continue reading

Lies, Spies and Very Few ‘Whys’

  It is worth noting that a report from FCO Services highlighted that no DDOS attack was ongoing at the  time of the incident. Lessons learned   The government tells us that the voter registration process for the Brexit referendum was not ‘hacked’ and that the crash of the registration site was due to unprecedented demand…so why is the BBC giving a claim that the system was hacked such high … Continue reading

Even the Guardian…..

The truth is that immigration was not inevitable on the scale on which it took place, and that its effects have ranged from the pleasing – more ethnic food – to the positive – more cultural diversity – to the truly terrible – race riots, social tension, terrorist attacks.   Even the Guardian, in 2009, admitted immigration is a risky and unnecessary experiment… Immigration on the scale that Europe has … Continue reading

Gone Missing

  Guido reported that that looney, dishonest, hate mongering ‘New European’ has been trying to stir up yet more hate and anger with its latest edition which doubles as toilet paper…though the old joke that more crap comes off it might well apply here… Remain-cheerleading newspaper The New European has accidentally released an internal marketing note detailing its plan to “stir up controversy” and inflame community tensions across Britain’s Brexit heartlands. The sneering … Continue reading

Emotional BBC reporter punches cameraman at football match

  Alternate facts….how, with a change of perspective, to turn a drama into a crisis…. BBC sports reporter, Jacqui Oatley, is being investigated after allegedly assaulting a BBC cameraman whilst reporting on a woman’s football match.  The incident is being looked into by the BBC as well as the Football Association to whom Oatley has provided her own observations about the alleged attack. Oatley has expressed her regret at the … Continue reading

Such Respect

  On the day of PC Keith Palmer’s funeral, the BBC decides to play a clip about ‘Plebgate’ and Andrew Mitchell ….is this a deliberately sly attempt to try and defame and malign Mitchell, a not so subtle comparison of the death of a brave police officer who died defending politicians with the politician who allegedly insulted a police officer at Downing Street? The BBC stooping so low?  Of course … Continue reading