The Brexit Ripple Effect

We can have Brexit or the NHS. We can't have both, says @campbellclaret. — The New European (@TheNewEuropean) November 11, 2017   Brexit is destroying the NHS…no more EU staff, disaster!….says melodramatic spin doctor Alistair Campbell…. The NHS was ‘the silver bullet’ the anti-Brexit campaign needed, ‘because it is becoming clearer and clearer that we can have Brexit or the NHS but we can’t have both’. Heed those words. … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread

  Just lie back and think of the EU Anna…and don’t worry the BBC’s working on the fix……May out, Corbyn in and Britain’s problems will be over….coz we won’t be ‘Britain’ anymore…..just a region of the EU being milked of its riches to pay for the failed states that only joined to get the freebies…and of course keeping the unelected Eurocrats in the style to which they have become accustomed….and … Continue reading

On Yer Bike Richardson!

  Oh the irony as the BBC gives Bradley Wiggins a fair splurge on the frontpage…. Sir Bradley Wiggins says his life was ‘living hell’ during Ukad investigation Sir Bradley Wiggins said his life was “a living hell” during an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing at British Cycling and Team Sky. On Wednesday, UK Anti-Doping said there would be no charges over a “mystery” medical package delivered for Wiggins at … Continue reading

The History Channel…everything you know is wrong

  Five Live just had a chat [around 18:45..ish] with some expert on Iran who was obligingly completely on-message as he laid into Boris and told some whopping great fibs about what is going on….Tony Livesey agreeing with every word. The big lie is that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested in 2016 for activities she carried out on her visit then, inside Iran.  She was not.  The BBC insist that Boris … Continue reading

Putin it about

  This post suggested that the BBC’s take on May’s warning to Russia about interfering in Western politics was more supportive of Putin than of May, which is remarkable given the BBC’s relentless anti-Russia propaganda as it tries to claim Trump was handed the Presidency by Russian hacking and fake news….though we did suggest a reason for the BBC’s new found nuance about Russia….Corbyn, a fellow traveller, if Russia is … Continue reading

Lett’s have some fun

Her Thatcherian nose quivered, as would that of a terrier scenting the breeze for sausages. Nothing to do with BBC bias but why let a brilliantly observed, brutally honest and less than flattering portrait of Soubry’s most recognisable character traits go without a wider audience?……. Old Soubry looked like she’d bitten a crab apple: QUENTIN LETTS watches pro-EU figures squabble in the Commons David Cameron often mocks the Leave campaign … Continue reading


    The BBC tries its ususal trick of trying to assert something without any context…here that the government is in chaos and flailing around in need of a big reshuffle.  When JRM suggesed otherwise and gave examples from history to illustrate that what is happening is just normal and that much is beyond any PM’s control the presenter, Stephen Sackur, wanted to shut him up telling him… ‘I’d prefer to … Continue reading

Wine…the blood of Christ….Bread…the body…sausage rolls?

  From the BBC: Greggs apologises after replacing baby Jesus with a sausage roll — The Telegraph (@Telegraph) November 15, 2017 I dare not look on Twitter for the themed piss takes.   Apparently the BBC has apologised to all Muslims as it replaces Muhammed, who obviously can’t ever be shown, on HIGNFY with a tub of lard…. Ahhhhh…sorry…not ‘lard’ but ‘warlord’…..   Fortunately it was Salman Rushdie who was … Continue reading


The bullying begins. We want a good Brexit not a Hard ideologically driven Brexit #standupfordemocracy — Anna Soubry MP (@Anna_Soubry) November 14, 2017     The BBC reports: Brexit rebels reject ‘mutineers’ attack Pro-EU ex-minister Anna Soubry, described it as a “blatant piece of bullying that goes to the very heart of democracy”. So Soubry wants to silence the Telegraph because she values free speech, open debate and democracy? … Continue reading

Putin’s new bestest friend…the BBC

  Has Lord Hall Hall been handed a large brown envelope of roubles, has he been on the vodka, has he been seduced by a Russian temptress and rudely compromised?  Who knows but the BBC is suddenly very Putin friendly as it mocks May for her warning to Russia to stop interfering in British democracy.  What a turn around by the BBC. It was only a week ago that the … Continue reading

Strange Fruitcakes

  Guido has been highlighting racist comments by a Labour MP for some time now….did this appear on the BBC main news?  I can’t say….it has appeared on the BBC local radio with Vanessa Feltz questioning the MP…..the story doesn’t make the BBC front page, UK page nor the England page…you  have to go to the London page to find it… Emma Dent Coad MP apologises over ‘racist blog post’ … Continue reading

Hammond said what?

  Today we hear that it will be a catastrophe if an effective customs system is not in place by the time Brexit comes about….long queues and food rotting at the ports. Why though might there not be an effective system?  The BBC does tell us…. MPs warn of Brexit customs ‘catastrophe’ The Public Accounts Committee warned of “huge disruption” to businesses, “massive queues” at Dover port and food rotting … Continue reading

Too close encounters

As Brian Sewell said about the BBC’s output: We deserve better. It’s patronising rubbish.  The BBC clearly think it’s good to have programmes presented by people with no knowledge or experience.  There’s no debate, no critical discourse or differing viewpoints.   Oh dear….complete rubbish from the BBC who have allowed Labour’s Douglas Alexander  to find out ‘why we’ve become so polarised as a nation and what we can do about … Continue reading

New New News

  I have never rated Nick Robinson, he seems to be too pleased with himself and is all too often careless with the facts.  The more I listen to him the more I get that impression confirmed.  This morning is no different as he treats us to a torrent of negative disinformation about Brexit along with Mishal Husain who uses a discussion about robotics in agriculture to scaremonger about agriculture … Continue reading

Recycled News…Project Fear

Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump   Leave voters are ‘Dumb’ and ‘stupid’…so says former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg….or was it Putin?  The BBC gives Bloomberg top billing on the news this morning with a second bite at telling us that Brexit will be bad for the City…and we get the old myth from the BBC tied into that repeated that 75,000 jobs … Continue reading