Cabbages and gangmasters

  The BBC is up to its usual tricks as it disparages and patronizes British people whilst talking of the wonders of the hard working Slav…or is that slave? In this video the BBC stages a scenario engineered purely to show British workers in a bad light whilst telling us how vital and hard working foreign workers are.  What we get is a bunch of ‘soft’ office worker types, mostly … Continue reading

Copulism….’F**k the People’

  We’ve all heard of ‘Populism’, the word used to describe, demean and malign, those ‘deplorables’ who dare to vote for anything that the highy educated, clever, articulate, rational and sensible beings that waft along the corridors of the BBC deem unacceptable and beyond the pale. Populism is of course merely another word for democracy.  The BBC et al dismiss it as exploitative politicians with evil intent conning people to … Continue reading

Leave or Go

  The BBC is only now allowing us to know that the real problem with the Brexit negotiations and the establishment of a single, strong, compelling and assertive policy for Brexit is the stay-behind Remainders in the Cabinet who do all they can to disrupt and sabotage the negotiations.  The BBC narrative had always been about ‘disruptive’ Leavers, Boris in particular, who was targeted viciously by the BBC for every … Continue reading

Weekened Open Thread

  A salacious and very dodgy dossier on Trump produced by a man who was ‘desperate’ to stop him being elected and paid for by the Democrats was pretty much accepted as ‘fact’ by the BBC that had to be unproved rather than proved.  A massive and extremely damaging exposure of US intelligence material by Snowden , who was quite likely a Russian spy and not a whistle-blower, was championed … Continue reading

Must be a full moon

The completely barking, lying and two-faced Anna Soubry was given plenty of airtime by the BBC to blame legitimate newsaper reports of her behaviour for alleged death threats….. Ex-Tory minister Anna Soubry says her office has received 13 death threats since a newspaper front page named her as one of 15 “Brexit mutineers”. The pro-EU Remain supporter said the police took the threats seriously and had passed two cases to … Continue reading

Tommy Knockers

Tommy Robinson was on Newsnight apparently giving them both barrels.  I haven’t seen it yet but in the meantime here’s his reaction on Twitter to being blamed for the Finsbury Park terror attack:   Hi @BBCDomC why did you falsely label me as 'alt-right' in your article? Do you know what 'alt-right' means? — Tommy Robinson 🇬🇧 (@TRobinsonNewEra) February 1, 2018 The media & Cps have done this so … Continue reading

Et Tu BBC?   ‘The decision to censor shows that our establishment is more threatened by satire, clarity and truth than by young men willing to kill, rape and pillage in the name of Islam’, wrote Mimsy, adding that ‘it was ultimately an act of national cowardice dressed up as health-and-safety rhetoric’. The problem with Darren Osborne, his urge to kill Muslims, was that he was ‘fed by a diet of on-line … Continue reading

Self-awareness…lack of

  Amused to see that BBC journos are suffering at the hands of the Machine exactly what those unencumbered with huge pay packets have to suffer….being lied about and smeared…smeared as racists and nazis if you talk about controlling immigration or Islam….. The BBC stands accused of lying and spreading smears about its most high-profile female journalists as the corporation was warned its handling of the gender pay crisis is approaching “a … Continue reading

The Road to Hell

  A lesson for the naive do-gooder activist journalists of the BBC. Merkel allegedly flung open the borders of Germany, well the whole of Europe in reality, in order to atone for Germany’s past sins against the Jews.  It must be somewhat disconcerting therefore to realise that her actions have led to an increase in anti-Semitism in Germany as the influx of Muslim immigrants brought all their prejudices and hate … Continue reading

Mid-Week Open Thread

Capita, the troubled company that the BBC outsourced its TV licence collection with menaces service to, has expanded too far and invested too little time and money. One, do they never learn?  British Leyland should be a classic case study for these companies, and two, ha, the BBC rattles on about the government ‘privatising’ services by outsourcing and the BBC does it itself….not just the licence fee of course but … Continue reading

Project Fear and Project Sneer

    The pro-EU propagandists have been out in force recently, but having learnt nothing from past failures they continue down the path of ‘persuading’ recalcitrant voters to change their minds about the dizzying delights of the Grand Project by assaulting them with reheated alarmist prophecies of doom first tried out so disastrously by the original Project Fear.  On top of that they add into the toxic mix a raft … Continue reading


  As Jordan Peterson said, it might pay to be a disagreeable woman, maybe the BBC women could learn something from C4 women…..[you’ve got 12 minutes and counting till the interview on C4 at 19:00]   I’ve arrived at @BBC to question the director-general about #genderpay but they’ve pulled the interview, despite doing every other broadcast outlet. Are they frit? — Cathy Newman (@cathynewman) January 30, 2018 Now staging a … Continue reading

‘Dementum’….The Remainiacs ‘Dad’s Army’

    Corbyn has his ‘Momentum’ stormtroopers, the Remainiacs have ‘Dementum’, their stay-behind-the-lines Dad’s Army band of guerrillas on a mission to sabotage Brexit. A crackers squad of dyed-in-the-wool diehard blowhards who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the ‘good of the country’…naturally it is the ‘good of the country’ as they see it.  They believe that the voters were too stupid, too blinded by their own bigotry and prejudice … Continue reading

‘The BBC doesn’t do equal pay’

BBC review finds ‘no gender bias in on-air pay decisions’ Er….‘We’re addressing unfairness in individuals’ pay and want to close the gender pay gap’ “The BBC has a special role representing Britain. That is why we need to be, and want to be, an exemplar on gender pay, and equal pay.   Now some of its own know what it is like to go up against the monolithic BBC and … Continue reading

Can’t see the good for the wees

  Last night, @realDonaldTrump sat down with @piersmorgan in an interview for ITV, discussing everything from feminism, to Brexit, to tweeting from his bed… Did the interview make you see President Trump differently? The question @EmmaBarnett is asking #EmmaBarnettShow — BBC Radio 5 live (@bbc5live) January 29, 2018   Trump does an interview with ITV, much no doubt to the BBC’s chagrin…certainly the Guardian seemed somewhat sneery… ITV Donald … Continue reading