Liberal Clickbait

  The BBC loves the Blacktivists, the articulate, disgruntled and deluded Black race agitators like Afua Hirsch whose racial theories are not so far apart from Hitler’s own on racial purity.  The BBC exploits them and uses them like cannon fodder for its own amusement giving them massive airtime and publicity for their grievances and gripes.  But it is a dangerous game.  These are very politicised, motivated, angry, bitter, extremist … Continue reading

Gatehouse Institutional Bias

  Arthur Wagner, an AFD member who converted to Islam, is the subject of a Gabriel Gatehouse investigative report.  Gatehouse is very excited, a little too over-excited for a supposedly seasoned reporter.  It all seems a bit of a game to him rather than a serious report, almost as if he had already got a conclusion in mind and he was just going through the motions to add a bit … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

  We know, because the BBC tells us, that Britain has no culture and thus no indigenous multiculture, thus the BBC likes to import the exotic inhabitants of far-off lands and bring them here as exhibits in some kind of open cultural zoo to be gawked at in amusement and delight by the natives who are all white, male and very boring. Hence we get daft comments from the simple … Continue reading

High exchange rates and low inflation…’unhealthy’ for EU

  From the Telegraph: The European Central Bank has expressed alarm over the surging euro, accusing the Trump administration of driving down the dollar to gain trade advantage in breach of global accords. Minutes from the ECB’s policy meeting in January flagged concerns that the overly-strong exchange rate had become unhealthy and “required monitoring”, with doves on the Governing Council clearly worried that the eurozone is still caught in a low inflation trap with no safety buffer against fresh … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread

  Agent Cob-Nut hasn’t come in from the cold yet, perhaps he’s stuck, maybe he can batter his way out with a blackpudding [no jokes about Di-abolical], or maybe he can just use it to batter his critics in the Press into silence…the BBC need have no concerns of course as he threatens ‘change is coming’….the BBC is happy to see change even if it means a Marxist, terrorist supporting … Continue reading

Slow Rebuttal Service

  First we get the denial of service then we get the slow rebuttal service then we get somewhere half-near the truth…almost like the BBC is trying to cover something up. We had the radio silence on Corbyn and Cox, then the grudging admittal that there might be a story and then today  we get a [and fair do’s to the BBC if belated ala Rochdale etc] proper examination of … Continue reading

‘Populist’ Rebel Voices

  Hungarian PM putting the boot into the EU and political correctness… Hungary became well-appreciated. Our recognition and influence is more widespread than could be expected based on our size and economic strength. To what might we owe this result? Primarily to the fact that the Fidesz and KDNP over the last eight years suspended political correctness. We deep-sixed the Euro-blah-blah, the liberal artsy-craftsy, the empty doubletalk. We sent the … Continue reading

Ground Zero

  Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance. Albert Maysler.  [Was he thinking of the BBC`s reporting?]   You may initially think the recent video above has nothing to do with the BBC and its bias, an interview between Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson, but in fact things said here are central to this site and why we need to keep on challenging the BBC’s narrative.  In the interview we … Continue reading

Agent Corbychov

  No wonder really that the BBC has spent the last week avoiding any mention of Agent Cob’s alleged previous bit of capitalist entrepreneurialism selling out his country when they refused to make any noise about his, and his fellow traveller’s, proven terrorist associations and the willingness to betray Britain and cheer on those who would happily murder men, women and children across the land….and still doing it today by … Continue reading

Start The Week Open Thread

Nolan /di’khe’d/ A bigoted blowhard, someone unwilling to listen to other points of view, someone who thinks they have licence to cast moral judgement upon others, someone who makes a show of being independently minded, intellectually rigorous and scrupulously impartial but is in fact someone who toes the party line and is in reality no more than a PC ‘bot’ churning out the Liberal Establishment orthodoxy whilst suppressing inconvenient facts. … Continue reading

Funny is as Funny does…or not.

    How the Tories can avoid ridicule: Typical BBC bias, always knocking the Tories with their jokes about Brexit and Boris. Well Nish Kumar, host of the Mash Report, has a solution to that: “People always say why don’t you do jokes about Labour,” he tells the Red Box podcast. “But Labour are not really doing much at the moment. We feed off the news. “The reality is the … Continue reading

No pox on the Labour Cox

People are surprised Andrew Marr defends @MrBrendanCox… — Harry (@brixham1982) February 18, 2018 H/T Stewgreen for the links. Sheer hypocrisy….just this one example will do to show the absolute two-faced tribal circling of the wagons to protect one of their own…. How times change when it is one of your own….taking responsibility just as the news breaks hard….always denied it before and even now says it’s all about nothing … Continue reading

The Campbell’s are coming!

  Looks like betrayal is in the Campbell blood as the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ author tries to betray the Brexit voters and urges the Remain troops on….as he did with the British army in Iraq….which Labour then hung out to dry putting them on trial for ‘war crimes’…ably assisted by the BBC….. Your energy and passion is much needed. Get those uni campuses stirred up. We need resistance and rebellion from … Continue reading

Playing possum

Kamal Ahmed: Thanks Molly. Headline has been changed. It was not meant to be taken as literal, but as an historic reference that was out of date. Kamal Ahmed: It’s been pretty torrid on here since @Andrew_Adonis raised the issue. The headline has been changed and I have deleted the original tweet. Journalism has to be read in context – headline and article. I felt meaning was clear. I hope we … Continue reading