What has Anthony Zurcher been smoking?

  As mentioned in a previous post the BBC is pretty much ignoring evidence, or rather the lack of it, and has decided Trump jr is guilty of collaborating with the Russian government to install Trump sr as their puppet in Washington. Anthony Zurcher confirms this is the BBC’s conclusion as he passes judgement on Trump jr and sentences him and Trump sr to a future in which they have … Continue reading

Cornish Nasties

    Apparently the CRA(P), Cornish Republican Army (Provisional), is hunting down foreigners in Cornwall, sorry, Kernow [Why is the CRA(P) not the KRA(P)?] and is intent on burning them out of Cornwall…Cornwall for the Cornish….a suicide bomber is on stand-by should too many Johnny Foreigners make the summer pilgrimage to the Cornish beaches….the foreign office has issued advice to travellers…do not build sandcastles on the beach as this will … Continue reading


  Corbyn and Co are out for the oppressed workers who have zero hours contracts…will  that include actors?  Should the BBC et al pay them all retainers and pensions and holiday pay or will actors continue to ‘rest’ between jobs?…perhaps they could work for Uber as they ‘rest’.    

Doubting Trump

  “We have to remember that our defense is not just a commitment of money, it is a commitment of will.”   Quite extraordinary how the BBC treats Trump and anything he says or does.  No  matter what he says, however sensible, measured or insightful his statements, Trump never gets the benefit of the doubt, he is immediately mocked, demonised or dismissed as ‘deranged’ as Justin Webb has, once again, … Continue reading

Old Dog Old Tricks

The BBC is up to its old tricks of splashing a big accusatory headline that states ‘as fact’ that something has happened when there is absolutely no proof that it did…but the target of the piece is ‘deplorable’ so facts just get in the way of justice don’t they?…. Email ‘linked Kremlin to Trump son meeting’ – New York Times Trouble with that headline?  It’s just not true…there’s absolutely no … Continue reading

Despicable Me Me Me

      The BBC has been seen to frequently encourage the ‘Young’ to get out on the streets and riot, sorry, protest, the BBC seems to want to incite inter-generational war setting the Young against the Old….the ‘Baby Boomers’ having had it so good but now the next generations will be worse off than their parents…and this is so so, so wrong.  Not only that but the ‘Old’ have … Continue reading

Below Grade

Lord Grade slams the BBC for anti-Semitism [h/t Craig at Is the BBC biased?], though of course he protests that is not what he is doing…although he is, as he accuses it of singling out Israel for negative reporting that is unqualified and without context….thus helping to create the anti-Semitic narrative that is looming so large over so much of Europe and the world…..including the Labour Party…     The … Continue reading

Running Scared

    Ian Katz, Newsnight editor, has penned an appeal for mercy, the BBC he insists is doing its very bestest in trying circumstances and yet it is under sustained attack as trust in the media is at an all time low and may go lower. The irony is that it is those whom the BBC spends its time defending and shilling for that are the most aggressive critics of … Continue reading

The Biggest Story Never Told….The Death of a Civilisation

  As Swedish girls are forced to conduct themselves as if in a Muslim country by segregating themselves away from men,‘certain men’ as the sexual attackers are coyly called, such matters rarely, if ever, concern the BBC and many others in the media who wish to sweep such things under the carpet…as Mark Steyn points out…       Timely then that Trump is reminding us that we must defend … Continue reading

The Ministry of [BBC]Truth

    Seems like the BBC isn’t the only media organisation that has decided it should be the organisation that polices the internet and decides what is ‘appropriate’ for you to post on it….curiously it’s that other fake news outlet, CNN, who also thinks it can bully and intimidate people into thinking and speaking only approved thoughts…or else…..     Free speech campaigner Tom Slater, the deputy editor of Spiked … Continue reading


A B-BBC reader notes.. “If you want a good example of the bias of the BBC, just take a look at the most recent episode of Frankie Boyle’s New World Order (Series 1 Episode 3) – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08wx1gl/frankie-boyles-new-world-order-series-1-episode-3 broadcast on BBC Two. Possibly the most unashamedly biased thing I have ever seen on the BBC. The panel and audience are all left-wing. They insult Theresa May. Insult the DUP. Insult UKIP … Continue reading