Weekend Thread 28 September 2019

This week two BBC TV current affairs presenters have been found to be overtly biased by their own corrupt organisation . Naga manchetty falsely accused President trump of being a racist . Emily Maitliss was found to have ‘bullied’ an interviewee on Newsnight . It remains to be seen whether this will have any effect on these biased women and whether BBC discipline procedures are of any value at all. … Continue reading

Weekend Thread 21 September 2019

The BBC made flesh – John Humphreys – has retired from the BBC and now serialises his book in `the Daily Mail . And guess what – he thinks it’s biased – yet took a good living from it for donkeys years . An abridged version is free to read on the Mailonline site and will be a revelation to users of this site .

Start the Week thread 16 September 2019

Tuesday sees the start of the Supreme Court hearing on Prorogation. I’m guessing it will take a couple of days to hear with a result at the beginning of next week. The outcome may give the Bercow Party – which now has an ‘opposition ‘ majority of 48 – the opportunity to recall Parliament for yet more abuse of Democracy . I’m sure the BBC is enjoying every moment .

Midweek Thread 11 September 2019

Another anniversary of that World Changing day.RIP Meanwhile it’s 33 days until Parliament returns and 51 days until the UK leaves the EU . Will the biased Far Left BBC continue to fight brexit ? will it go into collective mourning if it looks like we are really going ? Will more so called journalists lose the plot ?