The ‘racists’ who want to stop anti-Semitism

    There was a story in the Sunday Times this week about a film that reported on the rise  of anti-Semitism in Europe and linked it to Muslim immigration [no way!] as well as neo-Nazism.  The film has naturally been axed in Germany by the Public Broadcaster [much as the BBC binned its film on the 7/7 bombers as it told the truth]…as told to us by Is the … Continue reading

Pan’o’Sh*t…Saboteurs and Sycophants

  Nick Robinson…clever chap eh?  Apparently Corbynmania is ‘religious fervour’, the Followers believe in the ‘good book’… Labour’s manifesto [yeah…made up fantastical drivel…..feeding the 5000 with a few loaves and a couple of small fish…. water into wine…very Corbyn-like] Corbyn is taking them to the ‘promised land’ [is Robinson taking the piss…..a man accused of anti-Semitism and Robinson gives us a Jewish iconic theme to explain him?]…he then calls him … Continue reading

Uncle ‘Joe’ Corbyn grooming the youngsters

      Uncle ‘Joe’:  Listen kids…I’ll give you free tuition, pay off your debts, give you houses, great jobs and a super-model partner [colour of your choice] and all your dreams will come true…and the oldies will pay for it…do I get your vote guys? Young Hopefuls: Yey!!!!!!   Did Corbyn have ‘youth on his side’ as he claims?  The BBC certainly thinks so but you’d be hard pushed … Continue reading


  All those lower than a snake’s belly once were somebody politicians have slithered out to variously betray or besmirch May and her union with the DUP. John Major and William Hague, not content with trying to derail Brexit, are now doing Sinn Fein’s work as they work the media with tales of terror and economic distaster in Northern Ireland should May join up with the DUP.  Reprising the same … Continue reading

Bar Marr

  Marr is absolutely hopeless isn’t he?  Yet another interview with a Labour grandee, Corbyn, and it is red carpet treatment all the way with little in the way of demanding and probing questions…McDonnell was given a free ride and a very smug Corbyn couldn’t have got better treatment if he’d written the script himself. Corbyn told us he’d had a ‘brilliant manifesto‘….no comment from Marr despite the fact that … Continue reading

Cook’s Charter

Why did the all-powerful BBC refuse to tell the truth about Mr Corbyn? Theresa May surely has only herself to blame for the Tories’ appalling performance on Thursday. Even before the polls closed it was impossible to find a Conservative MP who thought she had run a good campaign. But there is another group of people who certainly made a contribution to the outcome and should be hanging their heads … Continue reading

Islamo-fascist-socialists unite

  Laugh at the hypocrisy of those who voted for the terrorist supporting Corbyn, the Corbyn who looks the other way when anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in his Party, the man who supports Muslim terrorism and loves Islam….his supporters are outside Downing Street complaining, ala Mishal Husain, about religious horrors of the DUP… One organiser led chants of ‘racist, sexist, anti-gay, the DUP has got to go’. [‘away’ surely?] … Continue reading

DUP’ed by the BBC

  ‘Is the BBC biased?’ are asking who are the DUP? The BBC’s quota filling Muslim on the Today show, Mishal Husain, can answer that, calling them as she did a couple of months ago in relation to their Christian based ideology, ‘Backward and unpleasant’. Coming from a Muslim who supposedly follows a religion that is unchanged from its barbaric 7th century origins, hence all the head chopping, killing of … Continue reading

Better hope I haven’t memo’d this….Better hope you don’t ‘lose’ the memo

      When Trump said…“James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”..Comey dashed off to see a friend and gave him a memo he said he had written about the meetings he’d had with Trump…written from memory after the meeting….the memo that Comey said was ‘evidence’ Trump ‘ordered’ him to stop an investigation….that incredibly important revelation on the … Continue reading


And here's our early first edition @EveningStandard – more editions to follow … — George Osborne (@George_Osborne) June 9, 2017   Not sure what Osborne is crowing about…he spent the election stabbing May in the back and it was his austerity policies what won Labour so many votes according to Corbyn….. "The choice facing the voters in this election is clear" writes former World Bank Chief Economist, @JosephEStiglitz … Continue reading

Mr Bombastic…ready to serve

‘Deluded!’ Jeremy Corbyn mocked for claiming election victory – ‘He thinks he’s WON’ The Labour leader shocked many by starting an interview with Sky News by saying: “We have been elected to…” He continued by outlining his plans for a Labour government and admitted he was ready to form a coalition with fellow Westminster parties. He then reiterated “it’s pretty clear” Labour won the election. Corbyn suggested that because labour … Continue reading

All about the Brexit?

    Labour didn’t campaign on Brexit going for the NHS, the economy, social justice, equality, and care issues….and opportunistically, and hilariously, anti-terrorism.  Corbyn rarely mentioned Brexit unless pushed to in an interview…..Labour’s key policies?   Brexit not mentioned in this list from the BBC…. Key policies Scrap student tuition fees Nationalisation of England’s nine water companies. Re-introduce the 50p rate of tax on the highest earners (above £123,000) Income tax … Continue reading