Lily the Pinko Limpet

  Our blessed ‘Saviour of the Human race’…Lily the Pinko Limpet Allen….her ‘medicinal compound’?  A concentration camp, a compound, for the Rich probably.   Is there any cause too fashionable for Lily ‘The Limpet’ Allen not to attach her name to?  Refugees, wicked capitalists and now the victims of a towering inferno caused by neo-liberal greed and class discrimination.  Guess her record sales are in decline….93 in the charts last … Continue reading

Looting the Bodies

Corbyn lies to Peston once again, and again and again…people not being found accomodation? As of this morning we have housed 109 households in hotels in west London, if people are still in need please contact Housing 020 7361 3008 — RBKC (@RBKC) June 16, 2017   After the Battle of Waterloo the thousands of bodies that littered the battlefield were variously stripped of their clothing, their possessions, their valuables … Continue reading

She hid from Shahid?

  Theresa May is being pilloried for not going in amongst the people and meeting the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze but why did she not pay such a public high profile visit? We are told it was because she was advised not to go on security grounds…. On the BBC’s Question Time programme on Thursday, Conservative defence minister Tobias Ellwood, said there were “security reasons” why Mrs May … Continue reading


Huge hostility to the media at #Grenfelltower – @jonsnowC4 is being mobbed. — Victoria Cook (@victoriacook) June 15, 2017 C4’s Jon Snow met with an angry reaction as he showed up to report on the London fire… “Right, you didn’t come here when people were telling you that the building was unsafe! That is not ‘newsworthy’. “You come here when people die. Why?” Not surprising really as you might … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread

  As Jeremy Bowen tells us of the charismatic, legendary, young revolutionary freedom fighter that was Arafat who took on the ominous might of the Israeli oppressors, becoming the father of the Palestinian nation that genuine peacemakers would miss upon his death [a death possibly, probably, due to Israeli poisoning]…quickly brushing over Munich and all that, we can thank our lucky stars to have such a trustworthy, accurate and impartial … Continue reading

The antidote to nationalistic poison…you can’t win ’em all

Battle of Medway: The English defeat that’s largely forgotten Still relevant to our modern times. “The problem is that our naval history inevitably focuses on the wars we won and the great heroes who fought in them,” said historian Dr David Davies. “By any criterion, it’s one of the worst British defeats of all time. “Personally, I’d say it’s important to know about it in this country as an antidote … Continue reading

The ‘racists’ who want to stop anti-Semitism

    There was a story in the Sunday Times this week about a film that reported on the rise  of anti-Semitism in Europe and linked it to Muslim immigration [no way!] as well as neo-Nazism.  The film has naturally been axed in Germany by the Public Broadcaster [much as the BBC binned its film on the 7/7 bombers as it told the truth]…as told to us by Is the … Continue reading

Pan’o’Sh*t…Saboteurs and Sycophants

  Nick Robinson…clever chap eh?  Apparently Corbynmania is ‘religious fervour’, the Followers believe in the ‘good book’… Labour’s manifesto [yeah…made up fantastical drivel…..feeding the 5000 with a few loaves and a couple of small fish…. water into wine…very Corbyn-like] Corbyn is taking them to the ‘promised land’ [is Robinson taking the piss…..a man accused of anti-Semitism and Robinson gives us a Jewish iconic theme to explain him?]…he then calls him … Continue reading

Uncle ‘Joe’ Corbyn grooming the youngsters

      Uncle ‘Joe’:  Listen kids…I’ll give you free tuition, pay off your debts, give you houses, great jobs and a super-model partner [colour of your choice] and all your dreams will come true…and the oldies will pay for it…do I get your vote guys? Young Hopefuls: Yey!!!!!!   Did Corbyn have ‘youth on his side’ as he claims?  The BBC certainly thinks so but you’d be hard pushed … Continue reading


  All those lower than a snake’s belly once were somebody politicians have slithered out to variously betray or besmirch May and her union with the DUP. John Major and William Hague, not content with trying to derail Brexit, are now doing Sinn Fein’s work as they work the media with tales of terror and economic distaster in Northern Ireland should May join up with the DUP.  Reprising the same … Continue reading