Start the Week Open Thread 21 May 2018

As many Britons bath in the post  nuptuals of a recent diverse wedding we return to the sad prospect of biased al Beeb. Monday the 21st – start of the Grenfell inquiry, Tuesday 22nd – anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attack in Manchester and at the end of the week the Irish Referendum on abortion . And the ongoing attacks on President Trump, Brexit and anyone or anything of which … Continue reading

Will the real Jeremy Corbyn stand up….

…. and if so, will the BBC help him to his feet? He didn’t sing the national anthem because he doesn’t know the words Er, or perhaps he does know the words but he was thinking of something else. (Well, at least he stood for it.) He will participate fully in future commemorations but cannot or will not say whether that will extend to exercising his vocal chords. He first … Continue reading

BBC struggles to recognize Jerusalem

Thought I’d check out what the BBC had to say about the historic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem yesterday so I Googled: bbc US embassy opening ceremony Jerusalem These first four results came up from the BBC: Gaza clashes: 52 Palestinians killed in deadliest day since 2014 Gaza protests turn deadly before US opens Jerusalem embassy Jerusalem embassy: why Trump’s move was not about peace Repeat of the … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread

Grotesque – adjective – ‘comically or repulsively ugly or distorted ‘ Listening to highly paid broadcasters talking about Iran,  young criminal groups, prosecuting members of the British security forces – all live subjects at the moment made me search for the BBCs attitude . ‘Grotesque’ was the word which came up – as well as ‘disbelief’ . Im sure you can think of better words . But please try to … Continue reading

4000 people vanish in front of the BBC….

The scene. Whitehall. Just a few yards from the doors of Downing Street. A crowd of 4000 people gather to demand Free Speech. The ‘world class” journalists of the BBC somehow can’t find the event to report on it. Thus vindicating the event. Good old BBC – out to suppress speech it doesn’t like. For those interested, I have written an article on it here.

Start The Week Open Thread

The Al Beeb “Start The Week” show  discussed democracy and elections. Normally I would have hit the off switch but had to listen to hear the inevitable recital of attempts to undermine UK votes through a completely undemocratic unelected House of Lords. But I listened in vain – similarly to anything on Al beeb about the March for Freedom in London on Sunday. Anyway this is an open thread to … Continue reading

Resistance to the BBC and all other far-left ideologues

The ideologues of the far left in the US have misappropriated the term ‘resistance’ to define their frantic attempts to undermine the Trump administration. Perhaps they really see themselves as noble fighters akin to those of the French Resistance and the Warsaw Ghetto and Trump as a Nazi as they scream obscenities at him and insist on his impeachment. Well, it’s these frantic ones themselves who should be resisted and … Continue reading

weekend open thread

I have put this up on Friday Evening as the Al beeb post election spin is at full speed.The distortion of election results are there for us all. ( apologies in advance if my first attempt ‘to do a David ‘ isn’t unto our mentors’ standard) over to you …. as he might say…


Let’s see. In the past few days we have the welcome reconciliation between North and South Korea, a commitment from North Korea that it will stop nuclear testing AND release captured US Prisoners. We have Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? And what does the BBC want to talk about? Yes – STORMY DANIELS. Well, I suppose it makes a change from “Muh Russians”! Their anti-Trump bias is … Continue reading


Hi everyone! Reports of my demise have been somewhat exaggerated BUT I have been very busy launching along with a few million other things. I want to get Biased BBC back on track but I have a request. Is there any volunteers who would agree to help us keep the open threads ready as well as perhaps writing on the BBC’s egregious bias? I need your assistance – please … Continue reading