See Change?

  Panic stations in Liberal ÜberAllesLand when Trump and Brexit happened and there seemed to be an unstoppable rising tide of Rightwingery across Europe.  But how they cheered when Wilders in Holland and Le Pen in France didn’t triumph….the tide had turned, the People had come to their senses and seen off the threat of a return to the Thirties that loomed large.  The Liberals could relax whilst they plotted … Continue reading

Catalonia leader Puigdemont “fails” to clarify independence bid

Catalonia leader Puigdemont fails to clarify independence bid Fails? According to who? Why, the Spanish government of course, who set the deadline demanding that he “clarify” the situation. The BBC have taken the side of the Spanish government, adopting their framing of events. An alternative headline would be: Catalonia leader Puigdemont succeeds in bypassing Spanish deadline

Exclusive – BBC reporter Becky Branford is a Marxist and member of Momentum

Becky Branford isn’t exactly a household name, but she has been contributing to BBC News for over a decade. Today she described meeting her hero, Thomas Sankara – Marxist revolutionary Thomas Sankara that is – ‘Africa’s Che Guevara’. Becky explained after Karl Marx was voted the greatest thinker of the 20th century how “Karl Marx’s theories are so versatile that they can be used to understand and explain situations that confront us … Continue reading

A Cunning Stunt

      If you’ve been watching the news very carefully, well not carefully at all as it’s so blatant, you may have noticed there has been a certain narrative as a stream of high profile Remainders keep popping up as if on a schedule in that news making alarming and lurid claims about Brexit.   The Sun claimed that Marr was decidedly pro-Remain and the BBC hit back with a … Continue reading

Reality Check

A regular news feature we are badgered with is “Reality Check“. Most news sites now have a blog like this, though usually it’s called fact checking rather than reality checking. Reality suggests that the BBC news team somehow have access to reality itself, presumably a Godlike and omnipotent understanding that mere mortals such as us could never comprehend. They are never wrong. Never mind any philosophical objections you may have … Continue reading

Exclusive – The truth about Brexit and Hate Crime

One of the favourite narratives of the BBC is that Brexit is somehow caused by racism and xenophobia, and is in turn a cause of racism and xenophobia. This narrative was given a lot of fuel by statistics that emerged showing that hate crime had increased following the referendum. They even quoted Superintendent Paul Giannasi, who explained that Brexit “isn’t really over for most people”. But who exactly is Paul … Continue reading

Shocked and appalled…not so much

  Hillary Clinton so shocked and appalled at the Dem’s big donor’s behaviour that she’ll be handing back all the money….or will she?…Marr didn’t ask the very obvious question. Maybe Clinton was in fact shocked and appalled at Marr’s interview…it did seem as if rather than setting out to actually quiz Clinton with some tough questions, such as her own husband’s abuse of power to pull the girls, [Clinton was … Continue reading

Jimmy Riddle

  I await with interest to see which way Harding swings [in the new year] when he leaves the BBC as he sets out to ‘report’ news slanted to suit his own world view….which apparently he couldn’t do at the BBC…so presumably he is a rabid right-winger as lefties have no problem pushing their own agendas on the BBC….. The BBC‘s director of news and current affairs James Harding is … Continue reading

Corbyn…resolute man of steel

  One month ago to the day Corbyn said this… Jeremy Corbyn: UK should not supply arms to Saudi Arabia Corbyn has been saying the same thing for a long time now and his fellow travellers at the BBC have been campaigning[and yes that is the right word] along similar lines constantly attacking Saudi Arabia for its alleged human rights failures in the war in Yemen demanding arms sales stop. … Continue reading

The Reign in Spain is mostly fascist

  Whatever suits you best. The British vote for Brexit and are called Fascists and racists, the Spanish try to stop an independence movement and keep Catalonia in Spain and the EU and they are Fascists for doing so….Sometime BBC contributor Jake Wallis Simpson [he who also decided he didn’t like Buddhists as they were so violent…Muslims on the other hand]….. The fascists, I realised, had based themselves in a … Continue reading

The Productivity Puzzle Puzzle

  For years the BBC has been trying to pin the blame for low productivity on austerity, they kept on raising the subject and telling us how awfully awful this was and yet they just couldn’t find a reason for it…it was all a big puzzle….wilfully avoiding mentioning that mass immigration of cheap labour meant low wages and little research, development and investment in skills by Business. However, glory be, … Continue reading