Amiss in Blunderland

    R4 has a series on the Internet and its creation and development….Aleks in Wonderland: The Story of the Internet: Just how did the Internet become the most powerful communications medium on the planet, and why does it seem to be an uncontrollable medium for good and bad? With no cross border regulation the internet can act as an incredible force for connecting people and supporting human rights and … Continue reading

The British Wiped Out The Dinosaurs…no…really…says BBC

  Muslim fundamentalists set off bombs in the UK killing and injuring hundreds, Muslim fundamentalists launch attacks on British citizens driving vehicles into them killing and injuring them, Muslim fundamentalists attack British citizens with knives in the street, Muslim fundamentalists impose their religion upon schools using intimidation and deception, Muslim fundamentalists use the race card to ‘blackmail’ government and institutions to bow to their demands, Muslims who see them as … Continue reading

‘There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave in ‘Trump’s America”

  Some perspective on the ever rising tide of hate crime #duetoTrump…much if it seems fabricated….. There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave in ‘Trump’s America’ Let’s get this out of the way: there’s no doubt that Donald Trump’s policies may pose a direct threat to certain classes of American people. But in the wake of his Tuesday night election as president of the United States, there has been a wave of … Continue reading

Whistling Dixie

      The hypocrisy flooding out of the media in torrents concerning Trump and his wide ranging condemnation of bigotry, hatred and racism on all sides is a wonder to behold…utter shamelessness of the left-wing media including our own sainted BBC which has declared that the Far Right are ‘Trump’s shock troops’ and today told us that Trump had signed a ‘Faustian pact’ with the white supremacists….they are apparently … Continue reading

Hitchen Post

David Cameron tells Russian hosts: KGB tried to recruit me but I failed the test On a visit to Moscow, he joked that he apparently failed to pass the “interview” during the bizarre incident on a gap-year trip to the Black Sea coast in 1985. When told of the incident, President Dmitry Medvedev said that Mr Cameron would have made a “very good KGB agent”. “David would have been a … Continue reading

‘Trump’s Shock Troops’

“Elijah Muhammad,” Muhammed Ali told the TV viewers of 1970s Middle England, “Is the one who preached that the white man of America, number one, is the Devil!” The whites of America, said Ali, had “lynched us, raped us, castrated us, tarred and feathered us … Elijah Muhammad has been preaching that the white man of America – God taught him – is the blue-eyed, blond-headed Devil! No good in … Continue reading

BBC’s ‘open borders’ to blame for human trafficking

  The Times reports that… EU blamed for rise in trafficking and slaves The National Crime Agency (NCA) has blamed freedom of movement in the EU for a rise in human trafficking and modern slavery in Britain. Will Kerr, an NCA director, said the ability of EU citizens to move freely around the continent was ‘definitely a factor’ in the number of slavery gangs operating in every large town and … Continue reading

Gung Ho Trumpo! Good Cop Bad Cop

  The BBC is failing miserably to report with any insight or accuracy what is actually going on in the sparring between North Korea and the US….the BBC actually compared this to the Cuban Missile Crisis…except it is Trump who is the bad guy….er…isn’t it North Korea that is threatening the US with nuclear devastation? Here is the BBC foolishness encapsulated in one paragraph… President Trump celebrated action of a … Continue reading

Ofcom level fraud by BBC News

The BBC is censoring news that is highly inconvenient to its own pro-EU narrative…it is erasing from the record the fact that majority in Britain want Brexit to happen and that includes many Remain voters who think we should get on with it.  One of The most significant of issues of the present day, if not much much longer, and the BBC is redacting the truth, producing what is fake … Continue reading

Translating Philippe Hammonde’s Le Monde interview

Here is a guest post by Semper Fidem. WELL worth a read – it’s a comprehensive take down of the BBC bias…. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, gave an interview to Le Monde, France’s newspaper of record (the full version costs €2 to access). The BBC reported this interview as signalling an abandon by Hammond of his “suggestion that the UK could slash taxes and regulation to undercut its EU … Continue reading

Follow the money

  The BBC were chuntering on about the British company ‘Worldpay’ being sold to foreign investors and the loss of an important company as a ‘British asset’. Funny how all those who talk this way are quite happy to see Britain, the whole country, sold out to the EU, our sovereignty gone and all control handed over to unelected Eurocrats who definitely do not have British interests at the forefront … Continue reading


    It didin’t take long to realise the above video was the usual BBC ‘opinion piece’ that oddly matches the BBC’s own thinking…this time on climate change and the need for the West to commit suicide. In essence what we have is a man proposing communism…a command economy where ‘someone’ decides what job you have, how much you get paid and what and how much you can buy in … Continue reading