Fake it to make it

    If you can fake sincerity you’ve got it made.  It helps of course if you have the inherited respect and reputation of a venerable and massive institution behind you giving your claim to probity, truthfulness and sincerity a sheen of credibility whenever you are lying through your teeth. The above interview by Wark of Anne Coulter is on an Ofcom reporting level of dishonesty and misrepresentation so utterly … Continue reading

Cheap and Nasty

    You always know you have a stupid, lazy, unpleasant, cowardly comedian when they go for Trump.  They know that they are guaranteed some applause from a certain segment of the audience if they sneer at Trump and make some asinine joke about him, it doesn’t even have to be funny or true…just say ‘Trump’ and you’ll get the applause.  They of course won’t do jokes that are seen … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread

Is there any difference between Afua Hirsch and Hitler?  Both advocates of racial purity,  both using race as a weapon to further their own political aims and those of their own race.  It’s a shame that just about the only black ‘role models’ people see on the BBC or read in the Guardian are the race baiters like Hirsch whose sole aim it would seem is to create a race … Continue reading

Time will tell

  So a Remainer at the Treasury leaked a document claiming to predict what the economy would look like in 15 years time after Brexit, it assumes the EU would remain as it is now…clearly nonsense.  The document was incomplete and didn’t include data that would show how Brexit might improve the economy but that didn’t stop the BBC et al from using it to tell us we’re all doomed … Continue reading

Saints and Sinners

  Life changing events?  How to cope with them?  Who to ask? The BBC chooses Brendan Cox and a survivor of the 7/7 attacks….out of all the survivors they manage to pick a Muslim, one who runs the Jan Trust which teaches that Muslims are right to be angry about the West’s involvement in world affairs [Muslim] and of course about Israel…get angry it says but don’t be violent….deradicalising, anti-extremism…or … Continue reading

Whispers in the wind

Did I really hear Alistair Campbell on Chiles tell us that the IRA were actually really nice chaps and that the real problem is that we have created a misleading characterisation of them, we have invented the stories about them that label them as terrorists?  Might have just been the drains burbling away venting off gaseous vapours. Chiles was on form today as he chopsed on about May and her … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread

  Trump says the NHS is in crisis and British politicians, doctors, media types all rushed to its defence saying that it is the best health service in the world doing wonderful work for half  the money of the US system….and we thought the NHS was in a crisis…have to stop listening to the BBC….and clearly money doesn’t therefore bring you a better NHS.  No? Also the Mail had Trump … Continue reading

The Jihad will not be televised

      “It’s quite reductionist,” she tells me firmly, “to call them ‘jihadi brides’. They’re facilitators, logisticians, propagandists. There’s more to these women socially, politically, psychologically, culturally, that we don’t understand and that we need to understand.”   'My Return from IS' will not be broadcast as planned. We have made this decision for duty of care reasons following discussions with contributors to the programme. — Panorama 🌐 (@BBCPanorama) … Continue reading

Not me guv

  'My Return from IS' will not be broadcast as planned. We have made this decision for duty of care reasons following discussions with contributors to the programme. — Panorama 🌐 (@BBCPanorama) February 5, 2018   Panorama have pulled a programme called ‘My Return from InSanity’…apparently it is about Anna Soubry’s retreat from loony radical extremism back into the fold of moderate politics but she has vehemently denied it was … Continue reading

Mid-Week Open Thread

Tory MP Victoria Atkins fled Twitter due to the abuse she received and the BBC immediately headlined its bulletins with this breaking news….the same BBC that helped do so much to encourage the abuse of and disrespect for politicians, not only with its satire but with the vicious demonisation of Thatcher and Tories in general….and now it’s Trump in the firing line…literally.  Much as the body parts of long departed … Continue reading

Not feeling the love

    This perfectly illustrates the bubble BBC journos live in as the People’s Republic of Islington inhabitant Daniel Sandford seeks a bit of love and sympathy for his problems…imposed by his Labour council based upon the green climate change agenda as promoted and championed by his own employer….not a lot of love forthcoming in the comments…lol… Islington’s new diesel surcharge means that when there is no space in residents … Continue reading

Dementum on the march

    One has to laugh doesn’t one?  The BBC rattle on about abuse on social media and it has to sack one of its own for wishing death upon Zac Goldsmith… BBC Sack Zac Threat Presenter The BBC has sacked a radio presenter who told Tory MP Zac Goldsmith that a death threat sent to an 80 year-old Brexit-supporting constituent “should have been addressed to you”. Then again the … Continue reading

Votes for Men

Why has everyone forgotten about male suffrage? While the story of female suffrage is taught at school from a young age, few people today know the long and gruesome history of how men won the right to vote, says Neil Lyndon There is a reason why our view of this history is as biased, one-sided and prejudiced as the account of the Eighth Route Army that was taught to Chinese … Continue reading

Playing Muslim

Just another Muslim playing the victim and the Islamophobia card. Sue at Is the BBC biased? noted that a Muslim had written a piece in the Guardian, where else BBC beside?, claiming that no-one had called the attack by Darren Osborne a ‘terror attack’.  His starting point was a Times report… Why was the accused, Darren Osborne, described as a “jobless lone wolf”? Why was he not immediately branded a … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread

  ‘One lesson well understood in both Stalin’s Russia and Nazi Germany was that propaganda is most effective when it is backed by terror’ Remarkable what a few bombings, throat cuttings and drive-over murders can do, by fortuitous mischance, for the Muslim community, which of course condemns utterly the terror attacks…but still, eh, why not reap the benefits as the red carpet is laid out with everyone bending over backwards … Continue reading