Weekend Open Thread 7 September 2018

Predictably the far Left BBC has embraced the anonymous article about President Trump which claims he has to be undermined from within his own administration . So there is resistance  from Swamp dwellers across the pond in parallel to those frustrating Brexit here . As Mr Rees Mogg MP wrote in an open letter recently – we are hopefully heading for a WTO Brexit from the EU  – not a … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread 3 September 2018

Tough times for the Far Left BBC. Its favourite political party is busy getting a civil war going and the party it hates is busily trying to stop conservatives joining the Tory Party. So as Parliament returns we can expect the BBC  to be in full bias mode – 12 days later the MPs go on their holidays again for the last Conference Season before we leave their EU. On … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread 1 September 2018

So the Far  Left anti Semitic BBC has to find a way to report on the anti Semitic goings on in their favourite Far Left political party – Labour . What are its options? Ignore, look the other way ; decide that there is a more important issue or attack the victims of Labour Party bullying Meanwhile Far Left BBC reporters in America will be lining up to condemn President … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread 27 August 2018

The BBC has history when it comes to the vibrant Notting Hill Carnival; the more trouble – the less to be heard about it – apart from the  copper ‘dancing’ with somebody being vibrant. Then it’s back to normal as the political/MSM bubble returns to usual failure to tell people the truth. At least people visiting this site will get a clearer view of what is really going on.

Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2018

Comrade  Corbyn has declared his support for the rapidly failing BBC but suggested that there be a ‘British digital corporation’ to rival Netflix or Amazon. Meanwhile , back on Planet Earth , the BBC has not commented about the thoughts of a potentially future Prime Minister . He also seems to want  beeboids to declare their Social Class. Now there’s a giggle . Maybe users of this site should assign … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread 20 August 2018

Every so often the Far Left claims that the BBC has ‘Right Wing Bias’ but never follows up with clear evidence of that assertion . But as a Twitter follower I notice more and more beeboids expressing politic views ( always anti brexit and always pro Left) but stating the views are not those of the BBC . So if these employees of the BBC can use their position to … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread 13 August 2018

BARB figures continue to reflect the decline of the BBC . Soaps lead the way and on commercial TV soaps and Love island get top viewing figures with MSM news a long way down the lists . The bubble endlessly moans about ‘ Anti This ‘ and ‘Anti That’ but it seems people are not listening any more . A plea – again – please think about offence when posting … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread 8 August 2018

Less people are using the BBC -both television and radio . Less people are using its print version – The Guardian . Instead people are choosing Netflix and Amazon . Although we record left bias week after week perhaps it will be the consumer who ultimately forces the BBC to serve the British and not its favoured minorities .A few politicians moan but won’t do anything else so for the … Continue reading