Election fever

  The BBC constantly talks of an imminent election and Corbyn as the next Prime Minister, soon-to-be…no doubt the thinking is that if they keep the idea afloat and in peoples’ heads it will become reality.  Indeed Marr is at it just recently in the Spectator….funny how the BBC allows its staff to go off reservation to spread anti-Brexit propaganda so often…. There are two logical British positions. We mostly … Continue reading

Nuance, context, the full story…not so much

  The BBC once again sides with Corbyn and Iran as it attacks Saudi Arabia, once again. The Today show had on Emily Thornberry today to give us her extensive thoughts on the tricky problem of Saudia Arabia…the BBC thinks we should stop selling weapons to Saudia Arabia because of the war in Yemen and has been campaigning for some time on this issue.  Thornberry also thinks that.  Corbyn also … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread

  When Toby Young was forced to quit hs position it was the talk  of the BBC, when Labour’s Munroe Bergdorf buggers orf it’s buried on the politics page and concentrates on his excuses whilst avoiding mentioning the actual comments that were so offensive such as hairy, barren lesbians and gay bashing. Spot anymore BBC news censorship…list it all here….    

Defending Privilege and Power

  The arrogance, the massive sense of entitlement, the hubris, the total lack of self-awareness…yes, Lord Hall Hall is back on the airwaves broadcasting his subversive messages to Britain.  Next Wednesday, according to the Sunday Times, Lord Hall Hall will give a speech that targets tech giants such as Google, Facebook Amazon and Twitter, portraying them as threats to our social cohesion, identity and democracy….apparently they are ‘stoking  social unease and division….distorting our … Continue reading

Start The Week Open Thread

  Mrs May does a speech about what we can  expect from Brexit on Friday and it’s ‘hard facts for both sides’ says the BBC.  Hmmm…just plain common sense and a realistic view of what the outcome of negotiations might be?  Yeahhh…and anyone with an ounce of common sense and no axe to grind could have told the BBC that a year ago.  Which raises the question as to why the … Continue reading

Blue Peter or the Red Flag?

  Just listening to Blue Peter’s Radzi Chinyanganya [described as TV presenter…not ‘BBC’] on Question Time…a bit of a Corbyn fan-boy….Guido asks… How does this work then? The Question Time panel tonight includes Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya, who is bound by the BBC’s strict impartiality rules. Question Time is a political opinions show. Radzi won’t be able to give any political opinions. Not sure they thought this through… Yeah right…I … Continue reading

Mussolini Rides Again

  The Sqwark on Newsnight was suggesting that the spirit of Mussolini was riding again across the Italian landscape as the anti-immigration debate hots up in Italy due to the invasion of thousands upon thousands of economic migrants being shipped in by NGOs….the Spectator doesn’t adopt the same narrative that the BBC does, it takes a more balanced and impartial look at what is going on…. Amid relentless propaganda about … Continue reading

Midweek Open Thread

  Anna Foster on 5Live admitted the truth about the ‘crisis’ concerning the Northern Ireland border…it’s all political…it is perfectly possible to have a ‘frictionless’, ‘invisible’ border…the only thing stopping it is the EU’s land grab, it’s attempt to annex Northern Ireland interfering with British internal politics.  Her guest was Lars Karlsson [a former director of the inter-governmental World Customs Organisation] who has just done a report for the EU stating … Continue reading

Whipping up a stormtrooper?

  The Mail is going in hard on Max Mosley… The Daily Mail accuses F1 tycoon – who bankrolls Labour deputy leader Tom Watson – of racist thuggery and asks…Did Mosley lie to orgy trial? What will be the BBC response?  Ignore it as long as possible, especially with the Labour connection and the fact that Mosley funds Impress, the Press ‘regulator’ which he no doubt hopes will bankrupt the … Continue reading

Corbyn…Lust For Glory

  Agent Cob’s speech yesterday contained nothing new, even the reference to a form of customs union, it being a regurgitation of the 2017 Manifesto.  There was no mention of ‘a customs union’ in that but that was clearly the intent as expressed in this passage…. …fresh negotiating priorities that have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union. So why the big … Continue reading

Rebel Media

  Two videos offering an alternate worldview to that offered by the BBC….the second by an ex-BBC/C4 journalist which looks at the rise of new media v the MSM [and here’s Douglas Murray on the ‘intellectual dark web’….’Thanks to the internet, millions now have access to views mainstream media considers ‘forbidden’….a thoughtful and honest voice trying to explain facts in an age which elevates feelings over facts. The same goes … Continue reading

EU and Remainers Tag-teaming with the IRA

‘We take back sovereignty and give it to Parliament so that Parliament can then give it straight back to the EU’ There’s plenty of double-talk, bluster and bombast about Brexit.  You might expect that from the politicians and hangers-on with their vested interests all trying to muddy the waters but what we don’t expect, or rather shouldn’t but do because we know the BBC, is that the BBC completely fails … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread

Blacker Dread, otherwise known as Steve Martin, is the subject of a BBC film, Being Blacker [March 12  BBC2]…a bit of a love story really, between the film-maker, Molly Dineen, and Dread.  Dineen didn’t want to ask him any awkward questions that might put responsibility for his troubles onto him as it might have come between them and they would have lost that ‘fundamental sense of friendship’.  So not a … Continue reading

Life of Albert

There I was minding my own business, came out of the mosque one Friday and jumped on a 54 bus to Pristina, all was kushty.  Fell asleep didn’t I…only missed my bleeding stop, next thing I knew I was in Syria.  Blimey, what a turn up.  My mum would have been pissed if she’d known.  Still, eh, when in Rome, so I joined an Islamic terrorist organisation….well, I had a … Continue reading

‘I am not a Commie Spy’

  Corbyn was a man who supported the jack-boot on the necks of the dissidents in places like Czechoslovakia, he did not support the dissidents who fought for freedom.  ‘For the many not the few‘….LOL.  Never mind, no-one need know as Aunty comes to cover up for him as it broadcasts a swathe of programmes that slip in helpful little pro-Corbyn messages. The BBC were having a pop at Billy … Continue reading