Weekend Thread 7 March 2020

The new Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has said that the BBC needs ‘diversity of Thinking ‘ – the softest of criticism of the Far Left monster that is the Biased BBC . How will it react ? Will it suddenly turn ‘ pro Britain ‘ ?or continue to pour out crude propaganda supporting its selected favourite groups and ideas whilst ignoring issues of great concern to those who are forced … Continue reading

Start the week Thread 17 February 2020

It seems an opportune time to put up the link to the Governments’ Formal Consultation on the future of the BBC Again so here it is : https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consultation-on-decriminalising-tv-licence-evasion People who object to being forced to pay for its’ Far Left anti British propaganda can tell Number 10 what they think before the end date on 31 March 2020.