Broadcasting on Behalf of Corbyn….disarming Corbyn’s ‘bombshell’

  Should he get to Number 10, he said simply, he would not press the nuclear button. Think of it this way: Corbyn declared to Britain’s potential enemies that with him in charge they could disregard a multi-billion pound weapon system. BBC 2015   Apparently Corbyn has made a massive ‘bombshell’ u-turn on his nuclear weapons policy…once an ardent, fanatical nuclear disarmer and someone who would never, ever press the … Continue reading

You despoil us Mr Ambassador

Earlier this month we noted that the BBC was giving the views of ex-British ambassador, and pro-Assad mouth-piece, Peter Ford, complete credibility…The BBC…doing Russia’s dirty work for it.     The BBC interviewed him and then proceeded to use quotes from him throughout the day to promote the idea that the chemical attack in Syria may well have been a false flag operation by the rebels…in every news bulletin that … Continue reading

Nick Robinson Talks Tosh…What’s New?

  The election is on and the manifesto’s are being forged as we wait breathlessly……Nick Robinson has been dissecting the media response, the Tory supporting media response that is and found that the Daily Mail is abandoning its principles and supporting May regardless….but is that true?…here’s what reliable old Nick says….. ‘Striking the leeway a Tory paper like the Daily Mail is willing to give to her…they hate that pledge … Continue reading

Miller Time…money talks

  Gina Miller always insisted that she wasn’t trying to stop Brexit, merely interested in the proper democratic process…hence she is now trying to buy up that democratic process and rig the election in order to get anti-Brexit placemen shoehorned into Parliament so that they can vote for her pet project…stopping Brexit.  At least one BBC journo, Andrew Neil of course, called her out on it…   A question Neil … Continue reading


It’s perfectly obvious that the Conservatives led by Theresa May are going to record a historic victory in June. The only question is just how big will the majority be? This is bad news for the BBC and in typical form it will now spend the next six weeks trying to undermine May and prop up the useless Corbyn and Farron. I note that Laura Kuenssberg has already been sneering about … Continue reading


So, another Islamist attack in Paris. One Police officer dead, others injured. How will the BBC cover this given that France prepares to go to the polls? Well, I listened to BBC Radio 4 Today this morning and they were speculating that this terror attack might well bring extra votes to…..Francois Fillon! Yup, despite the fact he is just another part of the bland cowered French establishment the goold old … Continue reading

‘Populist’ or serious contender?

  Trump, Farage, Le Pen etc have all been dismissed by the BBC as ‘populist’ politicians…a contemptuous sneer that says not only are their policies not serious or worthy of consideration but that anyone who votes for them is somewhat stupid and driven by emotion and feelings rather than reason and good sense. Oddly one politician who goes for the exact same rhetoric and style, Jeremy Corbyn, is not labelled … Continue reading

Can’t see the Redwood for the ideologies

  John Redwood has realised the BBC isn’t there to report the news but to shape the news…. The BBC is more interested in shaping the news agenda than reporting it, says John Redwood.  Yesterday, I was phoned to be asked onto the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning. They said they wanted me to answer questions about how the election would change the UK’s ability to negotiate a … Continue reading


  Well-done to the man who called in to Nicky Campbell and won his bet as he suggested that Theresa May, a vicar’s daughter, would not like to see mass debating on TV….cue dirty snigger and a non-plussed Campbell who moved rapidly on. That was the comedic, and possibly intellectual, highlight of the day on the Beeb. Campbell on form as usual as he asked a Tory MP ‘What lies … Continue reading


Get this. Three white men were killed and another wounded when a black gunman opened fire in Fresno, California, in a suspected race attack, police have said. Kori Ali Muhammad shot 16 rounds in 90 seconds in the shooting spree on Tuesday, said Police Chief Jerry Dyer. He shouted “God is greatest” in Arabic when arrested but this was a hate crime not terrorism, Mr Dyer believed. “God is greatest”???? — the … Continue reading

Google Pox

  The BBC continues its blitz against the social media platforms…this time it’s Google who have been, apparently, promoting fake news about the blessed Obama….just what made the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones choose ‘Obama’ as his chosen subject?  He could have chosen any number of subjects that revealed the same issue such as Greg’s Bakery or the UK flag in order to show how Google’s algorithms produce some peculiarities….but no, he … Continue reading

May Day

  Another election on June 8th….should have been on the 6th….considering. The BBC going negative already?…..only one positive voice on this vox pop…as usual from the Beeb…and why pick Bristol…a very pro-Remain area?…. Does Brenda speak for you?   Don’t know about Brenda but the BBC certainly doesn’t speak for me. My sympathies to the News-Watch crew who will be having some sleepless days and nights ahead as they undoubtedly … Continue reading