“Let’s not overstate it,” says Jo Coburn…

…when a guest gets enthusiastic about the rallies for the Brexit Party. That’s at 0:40 minutes in on this clip on Politics Live, uploaded to YouTube by the eminent True Brit. That made me curious about the lone voice of sanity on the panel. He is Tom Harwood, award-winning journalist and commentator, who writes for Guido Fawkes. Then I checked his opposition out: *Sam Gyimah, Conservative MP and a Remainer. … Continue reading

Start the Week Open Thread 6 May 2019

We could witness The Sell Out this week or a General Election date or can kicking again  . But even after the Local Elections there has been no change in bias from the Far Left  Remainer Failing BBC. The life of a prospective MEP has been threatened . The police are involved . Let’s hope the Main Stream Media supports anyone using the legal democratic process to carry forward their … Continue reading

The Deep State of Mire the PM has created for herself – and us

Post created by Up2snuff Had Theresa May had the nerve, the honesty, the decency to accept her Withdrawal Agreement was no good and had gone for a No Deal Brexit on 29 March, she would possibly by now be a hero instead of a villain. In addition, her Chancellor Philip Hammond would have probably been in a position to introduce some groundbreaking tax reforms at the Party Conference in September … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread 27 April 2019

We can get bogged down in individual incidents of BBC Bias – but trying to identify the main areas pro Muslim – anti Judeo Christian pro homosexuality – anti heterosexuality pro remain – anti democracy Pro multiculturalism – anti Britain pro green . Pro Scots/Irish /Welsh  nationalism – but not English Pro London – wheres the rest of the UK?