Start the Week thread 16 September 2019

Tuesday sees the start of the Supreme Court hearing on Prorogation. I’m guessing it will take a couple of days to hear with a result at the beginning of next week. The outcome may give the Bercow Party – which now has an ‘opposition ‘ majority of 48 – the opportunity to recall Parliament for yet more abuse of Democracy . I’m sure the BBC is enjoying every moment .

Midweek Thread 11 September 2019

Another anniversary of that World Changing day.RIP Meanwhile it’s 33 days until Parliament returns and 51 days until the UK leaves the EU . Will the biased Far Left BBC continue to fight brexit ? will it go into collective mourning if it looks like we are really going ? Will more so called journalists lose the plot ?

Weekend Open Thread 31 August 2019

The Biased Bubble returns from its unearned holidays to pour out rabid anti brexit anti democratic propaganda on an electorate bored to tears with their delaying tactics and lies – so we will be busy reporting it . And as time passes How will the BBC deal with the 80th anniversary of the start of World War 2 be dealt with ? Plenty of opportunity for even more pro EU … Continue reading

Bravery, Beauty and the BBC

Here’s a happy and positive letter from unjustly-imprisoned Tommy Robinson. A short time ago he was finally given his mail after it was withheld from him out of spite by the employees of the police state. He’ll be out in three weeks. I doubt that BBC corridors will then be strewn with empty champagne bottles. I cannot find the audio of Jane Garvey’s inadvertent admission of BBC lefty bias, but … Continue reading

Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2019

I often wonder what to write in this bit but it struck me that it’s a good place to summarise the weekly misdeeds of the Lefty pro EU Biased BBC So this week we’ve seen An official finding of bias in the EU election campaign by distorting results in favour of Remain Humph and RTHon David Davies on the naughty step for ‘ trivialising domestic violence ‘ The Head of … Continue reading