How They Spend Our Money

This is a guest post by Chuffer.

Now, if you found Life of Brian funny, particularly the scene about ‘Weleasing Woderick’, you’ll love the new newsreader at BBC Radio Solent. Not only is she unable to read aloud (words like ‘legislature’ prove awkward, and ‘sister ship’ somehow becomes ‘ship sister’) but she has a speech impediment that means ‘Cameron’ becomes ”Camewon’, and ‘aggressive’ becomes agwessive’. And, of course, ‘radio’ becomes ‘wadio’.

Listen 1hr 29mins in, here
How does someone who can’t read aloud become a BBC newsreader? Is there no stage of the application process at which someone points out gently that a news reader has to convert the written word into clear, easily understood, spoken word? Do they employ window cleaners who can’t reach the windows? Or drivers who can’t drive?
No matter, with all that telly tax coming in, who cares how the money is spent?