Questioning maternity leave.

The head of the “Equalities and Human Rights Commission”, Nicola Brewer, has said that the legal burden placed on employers who must pay maternity leave is making them reluctant to employ women of child-bearing age.

About time someone in the Equalities industry said it.

This Have Your Say page on the subject now asks:

Should women have to choose between a career and a family? Has your job been affected after taking maternity or paternity leave? Are you an employer who is mindful of employing women of child-bearing age?

About time someone in the BBC asked that question – the “Are you an employer” part, I mean. This morning there was no question addressed to employers; the question referred only to the false dichotomy of women choosing between a career and a family (as if it were all or nothing), and the only people invited to comment were those who might have been discriminated against.


. Social engineering is very much at the heart of Labour policy and the State Broadcaster always falls in line with this as can be seen from this outrageous report into controlling how private enterprise can operate under the guise of “Age Discrimination.” Note how a report which starts off talking about the need to outlaw all forms of age discrimination ends up advocating the requirement to hire women and ethnic minorities ahead of white men. Also note the witch-hunt proposed against the private sector via targeted “investigations” by the independent Equalities and Human Rights Commission. The idea that an employer might seek to reward an employee solely on the basis of merit is alien to the Government and the BBC seems to sell the same line. Indeed the idea is floated that private firms are threatened with loss of public sector contracts UNLESS they have the right ethnic minority mix (whatever that means?) it sails by without a murmur of comment by the State Broadcaster. What could be more natural than forcing diversity at all costs even at a time when every business in the land is trying to control costs? The danger for our society is that we have a left of centre Government hell-bent to socially engineer and a State Broadcaster which acts as its propaganda arm.