After the non-State subsidised Banks dared to release decent financial profits yesterday, look out here comes Northern Rock and a 3/4’s of a BILLION loss. What a shrewd investment by Mr Brown to bail them out with our cash. The ghost of the oddly spoken Peston was on followed by Universal Vince who offered his opinion and we can only hope that universal McFall will also be given media time later today. I wonder if the Conservatives have any views on this issue? I guess not since the BBC seems to think them unworthy of interview. Now, back to Universal Vince and his contradictory economics.


I see that Vince Cable has once more been given great publicity from the BBC. They love him, don’t they? And all the time – the cold wind of being ignored blows over Conservative George Osbourne and even Ken Clark. One could be forgiven for thinking Vince Cable was Chancellor of the Exchequer given the scale and positive spin to the coverage he is afforded.

Brandt’s Willy

The continuity announcer introduced Any Questions by describing Vince Cable as ‘The Sage of the Liberal Democrats’.
Q. How would B-BBC commenters describe other MPs?
No I’d better not ask that before the watershed. A.Q. was a bit more lively than usual. Speakers on Any Answers “reflecting the sentiments of the majority of callers” were angry about the police’s ‘unprovoked aggression’, (where have I heard that phrase before) and ‘kettling.’
Hazel Blears thinks the BBC – Our BBC – shouldn’t have to pay ofcom’s £120,000 fine – Wossy and Brand should cough up.
Jonathan Dimblbore kept calling Brand ‘Brandt.’ Must have been confused by all that chatter about Willies.


Well another day on “Today” and another guest appearance by Vince Cable. I’m wondering how Vince has any time for his constituents given his numerous visits to the BBC? How they love to hear Lib-Dem words of wisdom, this time on the imagined great evil of “short-selling“. Vince, as per required script, put the boot in on the “dangerous” short-sellers. I wonder if the BBC has lost George Osborne’s telephone number as it would be nice to know what Her Majesty’s Opposition thinks about this?


I just had the misfortune to listen to the BBC’S PM news programme whilst cleaning my car. What an absolute disgrace! Did anyone else hear it? Not sure where to start. We were treated to a BBC reporter stating that although Hamas rockets now looked like they could target many more parts of Israel than has previously been the case (Cue applause?) we had to remember that “only four” Israelis had died so far. Only four. Meanwhile, as he briskly moved on, HUNDREDS of Palestinians have been killed. Once again the preferred BBC tactic of lumping Hamas terrorists and any innocent by-standers in one easy media bite-sized number being used for maximum impact. Then, just in case your sympathies with the Jihadists in Gazan had not been fully engaged, cue Red Ken! Yes, Livingstone was wheeled on to demonstrate his unrelenting and stomach-churning hatred of Israel, mouthing every pro-Palestinian cliche you could imagine. At no point was any other point of view allowed. Why? Can’t PM find anyone who thinks Israel may have a case worth making? The BBC – giving you all the news Hamas want you to hear.

BTW, On a totally different theme, I also caught the ubiquitous Vince Cable being interviewed on the economy. His big plan for 2009 is to go after those in the financial institutions who “misled” ordinary people into making poor investment decisions. Nothing changes.