US Mid-Term Elections Live-Blog 2nd Nov

Tonight we’ll be live-blogging the US mid-term elections. The BBC and the left-leaning media are already trotting out the excuses, the blame game is beginning and the spinning on all sides has been going for days. But the polls are only just closing and careers can still be won and lost in the next few hours.

We’ll have the live-chat going at midnight UK time, which will be two hours after the polls close in the eastern states and just as the BBC start their live coverage.

The chat session is spread across five blogs (in alphabetical order) A Tangled Web, All Seeing Eye, Barking Spider, Biased-BBC and GrumpyOldTwat so a chance to see familiar faces and meet new ones. We hope you can join us, even if only for a short while.


In many regards, the success of the Tea Party is a nightmare for the liberal shills in the BBC. On Today this morning James “Inpartiality is in my genes” Naughtie has been over to Pennsylvania  “to ask the question; Is the Tea Party here to stay”? The meme was that the Tea Party  is  fanatical and all about creating a  mood of fear to replace the “hope” in 2008. There was even an unspoken but implied suggestion that if they don’t get what they want in 2012, we could have civil war in 2012! Hysterical stuff.. Naughtie, like the rest of the BBC, are gradually realising that the Democrats are going to lose BIG tomorrow and so they seek to ameliorate such losses, to try and shift the blame from where it belongs – namely Obama’s patronising track record. They can mock all they want, they can portray the Tea Party as uneducated red-necks – come Wednesday morning, the hopeychangy thing will not be that which they want to see. Hope you will be able to join us on the multi-blog LIVEBLOG of the Mid-terms. Should be fun watching the BBC flailing around trying to blame everyone but Obama for Democrat woes. Make sure you have a cup of tea whilst watching it all!

US Mid-Term Elections Live-Blog 2nd Nov

Since long before his election, the BBC has been fawning over The One.

After that the media has systematically ignored the failure of Hoax’n’Change, glossed over the rise of the Tea Party and dismissed the rise of small-government anti-Obama voices as ‘kooks’ and ‘racists’. 
Tuesday sees the BBC’s runaway love-in coverage hit the buffers of the US electorate, and we’re going to live-blog the humiliation.
Shadowing the BBC’s live broadcast, we’ll be hosting a chat here which will also include a feed of the latest results. We’ll be analysing both the results as they come in, and the BBC’s reaction to them.
It’ll start at midnight, and we’ll be joined by readers from David’s other blog A Tangled Web and also All Seeing Eye and a couple of others to be confirmed.