Another classic attack piece on the GOP by the BBC. First, look at the masthead quote from the BBC’s Alistair Leithead.“The biggest applause was when the number of people executed in Texas was read about” Just setting the scene, right, what with all those bloodthirsty Texans. (BTW, I heard a rumour that those executed were convicted murderers but I guess that is just an insignificant detai in BBC land)  Leitherd then talks about the GOP being “dragged to the right” as if that what a bad thing. Naughtie opened discussions on Bachmann’s performance by suggesting that she is “gaffe prone.” More balance. Thing is, I’m desperately searching the BBC for coverage of President Obama’s studied silence on the thug Teamster leader Hoffa’s threats to Tea Party folks but nothing there. The BBC are panicking that the GOP will choose someone other than the elitist beltway candidate Mitt Romney,  someone who can challenge their hero Obama. We can expect a sustained onslaught on the GOP between now and election day as the BBC become more and more fretful about Obama.