What Goes Up….


In January the BBC were boasting how much money they estimated they generated for the economy…but one stand out phrase is this from the Telegraph:

‘It concludes that value-for-money has improved overall at the BBC, even though total spending has risen by more than £100 million in the last year.’


I think you’re probably ahead of me already.


Just where did that £100 million go?  Down which black hole?

The Telegraph today tells us:

BBC suspends technology boss over ‘wasted’ £100m

The BBC has scrapped a £100m technology project and suspended the executive in charge after Director General Tony Hall admitted it had “wasted a huge amount of licence fee payers’ money”.

John Linwood, the BBC’s £287,000-a-year chief technology officer, has been suspended on full pay while the review is conducted. He chaired the Digital Media Initiative steering group.


A fair wage….you’ve got to pay top whack to get the best as Mark Thompson always assured us….and Linwood did have a staff of 1,200 people in his department.

Margaret Hodge was enjoying herself enormously laying into the BBC about this on 5Live (  13:09)…will the BBC now reciprocate and tackle Stemcor?

What was the problem?  The DMI project (Digital Media Initiative) was supposed to allow programmes to be made at any location by allowing access online to information, film or sound stored in remote BBC archives.  It didn’t work. And so far £100 million had been spent on the project….the BBC has decided to cut their losses and can the project.

Hodge nailed one big problem…the BBC has decentralised, moving much of its work to Salford…but its archives are elsewhere…presumably London….for Salford not to have access to that material is a real problem says Hodge if you want to make programmes.

It was the BBC ‘gold plating’ a project….canny BBC Scotland bought an off the shelf system which works…so was the BBC as a whole trying to be over ambitious?

What was really shocking, she said, was this project was ‘all or nothing’…and the BBC has nothing to show for it,  absolutely nothing, no benefit at all for that £100 million.


Wonder how much ‘Youtube’ cost to set up and run.











Where Is The Counter Narrative?


‘The far right is here. In our midst. And we see it not. Or worse still, we care not.’



Colonel Mike Dewar told us today on Nicky Campbell’s show that we tiptoe around the causes of radicalisation..we need a counter narrative, an alternative approach…he said the murder of Lee Rigby was a ‘stark warning’ that we needed to start countering the rhetoric and propaganda that radicalises these people….ie that foriegn policy is targeting Muslims.

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones later said something similar saying the task we face is changing the mindset…but we need the help of Muslims to do that.

Judging by the Muslim commentators that the BBC adopts that is going to be an uphill struggle as they all fervently believe in the ‘barbaric foreign policy’ narrative and forcefully promote that when they can.


We are told that acts such as the brutal murder of Lee Rigby are ‘retaliation’ for British foreign policy…Muslims, and Ken Livingstone, are on the BBC day in day out repeating that mantra…the BBC says nothing at best, at worst it agrees in some shape or form….Victoria Derbyshire today saying that the war in Iraq was meant to protect us from terror…and now look…and that violence is worse in Iraq….we did that she implies…well, no we didn’t….Muslims did that…the very same Muslims that walk around our streets attacking and killing a soldier.

Does the BBC not understand the irony of that, the paradox?…..Two British Muslims kill a soldier because of the violence in Iraq…the violence being perpetrated by these Muslim’s fellow travellers who work to the same ideology and agenda as they do.

Such an approach legitimises these terrorist acts….the BBC might not agree with them…but it ‘understands’…the War was ‘illegal’ and thousands of innocent Muslims suffered as a consequence….therefore…..more radicalisation and violence….not the way we at the BBC would protest but we understand your anger.


Here’s another puzzle…. 

The now infamous Jake Wallis Simons has another post on his blog:

The far-Right EDL is using Twitter and Facebook to exploit the Woolwich terrorist attack


So the EDL are taking over the world by using Twitter and Facebook?  Dangerous stuff! 

Has he nothing to say about the myriad of extremist or radical Muslims filling the Television studios, the radio broadcastsa nd the pages of newspapers and magazines?


The BBC has given plenty of airtime to MPACUK spokesperson Asghar Bukhari who appeared on BBC NEWS 24 tonight at 9:30PM speaking about the Woolwich attack….MPACUK being well known as a radical group.

Bukhari previously stated that ‘Britain is a scary place for Muslims.’


This is what MPACUK’s Facebook page says about Muslims who apologise for acts of terror:

This is the sad state of affairs we Muslims are in.

All day yesterday I hear Muslims apologising and condemning this act as if it was the most abhorrent act ever committed on British soil, and “we are sorry because yes it is our fault that a man reacted to tyrannical oppression”

Yet these same Muslims don’t even bat an eye lid when these same soldiers kill our kids in our people’s homeland.

They are only cowards worried about their own reputation and image. “Oh no brother this is really bad for ‘the dawah’, we must publicly condemn these acts, Islam means peace”




But here Bukhari is on the BBC spinning a different line:

Woolwich attack: Muslim groups ‘not tackling’ radicalisation


Presumably Muslim groups are not tackling extremism because they don’t want to be labelled ‘‘traitors‘ by his website.


Just what is it that is radicalising all these young Muslims then?  Could it be something like this on the frontpage of MPACUK’s blog?:

The Obligation of Jihad



“Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) hath Allah promised good. But those who strive and fight hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,”

Quran Chapter 4: The Women, verse 95.

Those who do not observe Jihad are indeed committing a grave sin because there is much harm that emanates into society when it is abandoned. Those that neglect Jihad will be disobeying something God has commanded us all to partake in; they have not aided in protecting the Religion of God, they have not defended the Book of God, its messages and His law, they have not helped the Ummah against the enemy who wants to destroy them.

If any of us find our hearts at this stage; as a matter of urgency we must change for not only are we exposing ourselves to humiliation and harm in this life, but also in the Hereafter; for the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “He who dies without having fought in the way of Allah or without having felt it to be his duty, will die having a trait of hypocrisy”



So pretty clear where they’re coming from…you’d have thought…the BBC like MPACUK though..regular guests on their programmes.


As is Mohammed Ansar who appeared on Nicky Campbells’ show today and is known by BBC Watch…….

BBC R4 guest promotes Qaradawi as a source of “nuanced understanding”

and by Harry’s Place.


You can find him on Twitter where after the Killing of Lee Rigby he started his act:


Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 18h The Woolwich Killing and my call for peace, unity and tolerance. http://youtu.be/N7YoqvU816s

Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 1h I discuss with @NickyAACampbell on @bbc5live earlier today on how we need a calm and measured response to #Woolwich:


However the love and tolerance , and the calm and measured response, doesn’t extend very far….

Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 21 May The next Tory-UKIP shiny toy to ratchet-up the right, far right and paranoid swivel-eyed xenophobes: aka their base.

Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 20 May @yorkierosie Just fear not enough to avert the bastard Tory-UKIP-EDL love child in 2015. Complacency here, a cardinal sin.

Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 20 May With the far right openly recruiting for UKIP, everyone should be fearing the Tory-UKIP-EDL bastard love child in 2015. #WakeUp

Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 19h The political climate has fomented xenophobia and hysteria about Muslims. It has made the tinder dry. All evil needs is one spark.

Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 21h The powder is dry. That this should become a spark is not an inevitability, however too many believe this is an attack by #Islam. It is not.


He loves his conspiracy theories:

A. Smith ‏@360CNN 22 May #Falseflag attacks blamed on Egypt by Israel exposed as Israeli/USA sponsored mercenarys trained to fight in Syria http://is.gd/OBEvsR  Retweeted by Mohammed Ansar

Except that was completely untrue, no mention of Israel or US in original story…..

Sinai: Foreign Militiamen Trained to Join Fight in Syria


The US is a favourite topic for denouncement:

Mohammed Ansar ‏@MoAnsar 21 May Oliver Stone series. Tonight covers how British and US intelligence services destroyed mosques in Iran whilst fomenting civil insurrection.

And he loves those who love the anti-American rebels:

George Galloway ‏@georgegalloway 19 May Long live memory of Ho Chi Minh born this day 1890. Great leader of heroic Vietnam, victorious over French &American imperialism. Presente  retweeted by Mohammed Ansar



Whilst Ansar is horrified at criticism of Muslims and ‘conspiracy theories’ about the dangers of Islam he isn’t slow in laying similar charges against UKIP…claiming they are ‘Far Right’ and on the march:


The self destruction of the Liberal Democrats is the opening salvo in a dangerous power play that leaves the door open to the return of the far right to the mainstream of British politics.

No, its not sensationalist. And that is something of a sincere admission from me, as someone in the past who has been not short of a sensationalist claim. There is a reason we need to call for cool heads and calm, rational thinking at this time. Simply, it is quite possibly one of the gravest matters our generation will have to face. 

There are significant questions for both UKIP and Farage. As the Lib Dem’s wither on the vine and Labour searches for its soul, UKIP continues to drag Tory policy (not unwillingly) to the right.

The last time this many key governments in Europe were on the right (or as it now turns out, having a significant far right component) it was a period of history when we were also seeing the rise of pre-holocaust Nazi anti-Semitism. 

The far right is here. In our midst. And we see it not. Or worse still, we care not.

God only knows what horrors a UKIP-Tory coalition might usher in after 2015



I wonder just what it is exactly that the BBC see in Ansar that makes him such a popular interviewee for them?


Wonder what the BBC would make of Ansar if he said:

‘Islam is here. In our midst. And we see it not. Or worse still, we care not.’

Another ‘Senseless Tragedy’


 Mr Thompson said: ‘Without question, “I complain in the strongest possible terms”, is different from, “I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK47 as I write”. This definitely raises the stakes.’


Teddy Bear in the comments points out this grovelling response from the BBC after a few complaints….just like the one they issued for broadcasting ‘Jerry Springer The Opera’ after 10’s of thousands of complaints…

BBC political editor Nick Robinson’s extraordinary apology after backlash against ‘Muslim appearance’ comment about Woolwich killers


The BBC have been under pressure all day from Muslim ‘leaders’ and spokesmen or other commentators demanding to know why the word ‘terrorism’ is being used…they don’t want it to be terrorism because that has political connotations which must stem from some sort of ideology…..no idea which one….and no one wants the finger of blame being pointed.

Here 5Live’s Tony Livesey  (17 mins 46 secs)talking to Labour’s Yvette Cooper does a Mardell‘….in a comment that must have raised a few listener’s eyebrows when they heard it:

‘Is there a danger here by labelling it an act of terrorism in some ways that there is some kind of a perverse legitimisation of what seems to be a random act of butchery?’


Mardell of course having said:

‘Still, searching for patterns and for answers is part of what it is to be human. I loathe cliche, but perhaps, for once, this is a “senseless tragedy”, devoid of deeper meaning.’


Think about Livesey’s comment….what does that say about BBC journalism?

It tells you that whatever the truth, if the truth is uncomfortable, the BBC will change its reporting to suit…as Robinson is now trying to backtrack on his.

If the word ‘terrorism’ upsets people or ‘legitimises’ someone’s cause…well don’t use it says the BBC…don’t report the truth, lie….the Israelis know all about that.

The second point is that Livesey proposes that this is a senseless ‘random act of butchery’….no, it’s not…it was planned and executed to provoke a specific political response to fit in with the killers’ religious ideology.

To suggest otherwise is to downplay its significance and meaning….and if you do that you will not be able to respond to it in a way that effectively deals with future events like this…because you will not recognise the cause of this act of violence.


In various interviews through the day we had several Muslims ‘leaders’ complain about the use of the word ‘terrorism’.

The first I heard was on Nicky Campbell’s show when he had Mohammed Ansar on…more of which later.

5Live tells us…’People are worried and tensions are high – so, what can we do to calm things down? How do we make sure we ‘keep on lid’ on what happened?’

Perhaps if the BBC didn’t support the terrorist narrative…that being ‘it’s Britain’s foreign policy’that causes the radicalisation’…the terrorists wouldn’t keep being legitimised and given credibility.









A World Transformed…how…by the power of UKIP?….or through the love of Jesus?


Is religion political? 

Ask Justin Welby:

The church continues to have the power to transform society, the Archbishop of Canterbury said today in his inauguration ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral.

‘For more than a thousand years this country has to one degree or another sought to recognise that Jesus is the Son of God; by the ordering of its society, by its laws, by its sense of community.…..Slaves were freed, Factory Acts passed, and the NHS and social care established through Christ-liberated courage. The present challenges of environment and economy, of human development and global poverty, can only be faced with extraordinary courage.

The society ……was healthy because it was based on obedience to God, both in public care and private love.

Today we may properly differ on the degrees of state and private responsibility in a healthy society. But if we sever our roots in Christ we abandon the stability which enables good decision making.

Internationally, churches run refugee camps, mediate civil wars, organise elections, set up hospitals. All of it happens because of heeding the call to go to Jesus through the storms and across the waves.

Let us provoke each other to heed the call of Christ, to be clear in our declaration of Christ, committed in prayer to Christ, and we will see a world transformed.’




I guess not.  The BBC, Cameron and all those commentators are right…the ending of slavery, social provision and welfare, worker’s rights, schooling, health services and Bishops in the House of Lords….all those political acts had nothing to do with religion.

Never mind the Reformation, and Cromwell’s Taliban Puritans (abridged)….

‘Puritans were dissatisfied and bent on the destroying of the dregs of Popery. They were a group of literate and often highly articulate people acting like a fifth column to undermine and radically change the Church of England through sympathisers and activists in parliament. Some aimed to reform by peaceful means others wanted to turn England to their religion completely and join their co-religionists in Europe. Up and down the country they took over parishes and imposed a new belief…that they were the chosen ones and everyone else was excluded and was damned. Where the godly would get a foothold in a parish they would often tear it apart. They disrupted peaceful communities with their preaching and efforts to discipline those they regarded as godless resulting in bitter divisions and denouncements of sinners.’



No, nothing political there.  No religiously inspired violence there…. however the Crusades of course were different…they were a terrible Christian assault on peaceable Muslims…and Muslims are still suffering the consequences of that appalling foreign policy all those centuries ago!

In BBC Two’s new three-part documentary series, The Crusades, Dr Thomas Asbridge of the University of London asks his viewers to make that same leap of imagination – to understand a world in which faith was so important that in 1095, Pope Urban II was able to convince anything up to 100,000 people to forsake their family lives and homes and answer his call to reclaim Jerusalem, even though the holy city had fallen to the Muslims centuries earlier. So alien is the devotion – the fanaticism – that was displayed that Asbridge has to spend almost a third of the opening episode easing us into the medieval mindset, making us understand how the Pope’s promise of salvation could outweigh any worldly good or blessing.

Yet even though Asbridge resists the temptation to make pat comparisons with the modern world, the themes raised by the series are utterly current. Today, the terms “crusade” and “crusader” are shorthand for the post-9/11 clash of civilisations, invoked first by President Bush in the wake of the attacks, and then by his enemies.



RIP Woolwich Soldier Facebook Page Attacked




I think this little tale exposes the BBC mindset pretty well…get the EDL whatever the cost.

In the Telegraph Jake Wallis Simons, also a BBC correspondent, denounces the commemorative Facebook page, RIP Woolwich Soldier, for the murdered soldier, Lee Rigby, as a covert piece of EDL propaganda….

Over a million people may have accidentally ‘liked’ a covert EDL Facebook page



Clearly he has been getting a bit of flak for his self-righteous intervention….

Jake Wallis Simons ‏@JakeWSimons 4h

Hello everybody. There have been a lot of angry people on here today who seem to have misunderstood my blog post,…


This is what the page itself says:


A British Soldier Lee Rigby, was been murdered as he walked a street in London, In a ‘suspected’ terror attack, RIP to a hero!

We have absolutely no affiliation with any political party or movements.


And in a response to Wallis Simons:

This man believes believes that the 1.1 million people who have liked this page to say R.I.P are now EDL supporters. I have been told by him I should prove that I am not by giving him my personal details. This page is not about me, It is about the poor hero who lost his life yesterday.

There Are Many Many Ayah In The Koran



Via Jihadwatch:

We have been given one transcript by the British Media of what one of the killers of the British soldier said:

‘We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth. We apologise that women had to see this today but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you.’


However that isn’t what he said..this is:

‘There are many, many ayah throughout the Koran [referring to religious verses] that says we must fight them as they fight us, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I apologize that women had to witness this today but in our land women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.’





 A  shocking and savage attack on a young man who is thought to have been a soldier in London.

As we look at this subject it should be remembered that a family has just had a knock on the door from an Army officer who is bringing them some traumatic and tragic news…not just that their son is dead but that he died in such a way.

The assumption is that the attack was carried out was an Islamic terrorist attack (just confirmed…film of attacker making statement)..the BBC reported the attackers shouted Allah Akbhar…what they don’t report is that witnesses say they beheaded the young man.


A BBC reporter has admitted this is ‘ controversial and incendiary’….‘it raises very serious issues.’….will the BBC be raising these questions or once again burying the inconvenient truths?


We’re being told it was ‘certainly a political act’….ITN shows video  of one of the men who stated that ‘We swear my almighty Allah that we will never stop fighting you.’

He also said that women see these things in ‘our land’…5Live’s Peter Allen says ‘What ‘Our Land’ is I’m not quite sure….it’s rather difficult to know what ‘Our land’ means.’

No, it’s quite simple…‘Our Land’…means Muslim lands…in other words their allegiance is not to Britain but to Islam….in other words ‘Caliphate’.

Ah…later ‘explanation’…the West is illegally in Muslim lands…according to ‘Al Qaeda’s’ distorted ideology as the BBC calls it….many others will tell you that ‘Al Qaeda’ is in fact carrying out the imperatives within the Koran and not distorting the ideology.

BBC ignorance, wilful or otherwise illustrates why talking about Islam and its values and meaning is so important.


BBC already asking were these people on police ‘radar’?…police to blame then?….as well as foreign policy no doubt.  Peter Allen….‘MI5 to answer for what they knew and didn’t know’.


BBC says ‘There had been no evidence of racial tension in the area’……as the attack was inspired by religion, race has nothing to do with it….the BBC have long, not just ignored, but refused to acknowledge the religious element to these types of attacks.

Almost immediately the BBC had a Muslim spokesman on to patronise us….don’t be angrybe nice to Muslims

Just heard someone on 5Live,  Dr Brooke Rogers…. saying…don’t use word terrorism…has unwanted effects on communities….never mind that film by the attacker then.


Is this how the BBC will be reporting this when the shock has died down?….

Riots grip Stockholm suburbs after police shooting


When C4’s Dispatches broadcast ‘Undercover Mosque’ they were ignored by the BBC who instead spent the week attacking  C4’s other programme, Big Brother with Jade Goody…denouncing her for being ‘racist’ (She wasn’t)……the Police of course investigated C4 and not the Mosques!

Perhaps if those Mosques and the rhetoric and ideas promoted within them had been dealt with at the time people might have been able to walk the streets of Britain in safety.



5Live is now asking ‘What drove these men?‘….10:00pm


British Muslim speaks…..This goes against the teachings of Allah which is a religion of peace….why should I have to justify my religion? (20:35)


BBC: ‘Are there sections in the Koran which could be misinterpreted?‘….Note that automatic ‘misinterpreted’.

Presumably like this one….. ‘Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and deal sternly with them.’

or these:

‘God Loves those who fight for His cause in ranks as firm as a mighty edifice.’

‘We renounce you [unbelievers]:  enmity and hate shall reign between us until you believe in God only.’

‘Believers do not make friends with those who are enemies of Mine and yours.’

The true believers are those who have faith in God and His apostle, and never doubt; and who fight with their wealth and with their persons in the cause of God.’  Such are those whose faith is true.’


Ibrahim Mogra, Assistant Secretary General of the MCB (usually judged ‘extreme’ organisation) on 5Live (22:35ish):   Essentially pedalling the same justifications as the killer’s for Muslim ‘anger’…Muslims oppressed by foreign policy, though he says that ‘anger’ must be channelled peacefully…no justification for violence.

Guess this is correct:

One FBI official quoted in “Muslim Mafia” says CAIR and the other Muslim Brotherhood front groups differ from al-Qaida in that, while all share the same goals, they use different methods to achieve them.

The only difference between the guys in the suits and the guys with the AK-47s is timing and tactics,” the official explained


BBC deploying  anti-EDL rhetoric ….EDL are ‘retaliating’…..seem more concerned about condemning the EDL and having Muslims claim they are the real vicitms (once again) of this attack than about the murder.



Well done BBC, it only took you FOUR hours to move the decapitation of a British soldier on the streets of Woolwich by Islamic jihadists ABOVE the shooting of an Islamic Jihadist in Florida.  Nauseating. I’m out of the UK at the moment so can see the BBC world pages running order and it has only just changed. Still, at least they are no longer claiming it may have been a car accident,


Yes, it’s a popular meme with the BBC these days and a great excuse for Auntie to bash any recalcitrant “swivel eyed conservative loons” and I took part on a debate on the topic yesterday on the BBC Nolan Show. In summary my opposition to gay marriage is that I believe legalising it will restrict the liberty of those who may feel otherwise (such as most UK Churches) and that once enshrined in law they will face the same bullying despotism as we already witness in Canada, or indeed Denmark. Nolan was not seemingly interested in this approach to the issue and instead pursued a few Christian callers on what he considered theological grounds.  The main protagonists  were me (against) a lesbian (in favour) and a gay man (in favour). Ever get the feeling the debate is being skewed against you? Nolan’s attack line was to mock the Christian callers, ignore me, and side with the ever so reasonable gay people. As a follow up, BBC Northern Ireland had a special programme on “the issue” last night. It was presented by a woman who took a pro gay marriage line. What a shocker, never seen that one coming!


Comrade Miliband is rushing into declaring war on Google, as the BBC breathlessly reports here.  In a sense, Red Ed is only following in the wake of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg, who all queuing up to bash any corporation that dares take advantage of the tax code complexity put in place by…erm..politicians! Anyway, my point is not the blatant posturing of the political class on this issue (that’s just a given in my book and the BBC is not to blame for that) but rather the way in which the BBC plays this story. You have to get to the very last sentence of the article before poor old Google are allowed a comment to defend their impugned integrity. Same with Apple yesterday, the BBC basically have decided these corporations are all “evil” (copyright Saint Margaret Hodge) and so it’s really about punishing them for the temerity of seeking to protect their evil profits from rapacious Governments.


As we all know, the BBC deploys the finest journalists that our money can buy to bring us the news that really counts. So, isn’t odd this missed this?

Swedish police arrested eight people after riots in Husby spread to other Stockholm suburbs last night as young people set fire to cars and schools and vandalized property. About 30 cars burned overnight in suburbs including Husby, Jakobsberg, Norsborg and Vaarberg, Kjell Lindgren, a spokesman for the Swedish Police, said by phone today. In Husby, a school and the Husby Gaard cultural center were set on fire while rubbish bins burned across Stockholm’s western and southern suburbs. A school was also set alight in the Skaerholmen suburb, and a police station and buildings in central Jakobsberg were vandalized

Ah, “young people” aka “youths” aka Muslims! You would think intrepid BBC journalists would be beating a path to Stockholm but apparently not. Maybe they are busy pushing the necessity of the gay marriage to preclude such enterprising thoughts? Allahu Akhbar, chums.

Drunk and The Disorderly?






Nigel Farage was recently set upon by Scottish nationalists who serenaded him with offensive, racist chants which included ‘you can stick your Union Jack up your a***’ and ‘go back to England, you’re not welcome here’. 

He said they were Fascist scum…not far wrong there. 

Alex Salmond, instead of distancing himself from this rabble of extremists practically aligned himself with them…and denounced Farage as having ‘lost the plot’ and went further saying …’ it would be a “great mistake” to take “somebody of that mentality with any degree of seriousness“.  An SNP spokesman added this….”Nothing he says can be treated with a shred of credibility and his partners in the No campaign should be embarrassed about his behaviour.”


 The BBC are not much interested in looking at Scottish nationalism in light of Farage’s comments and addressing it in the same tone they treat UKIP in regard to their immigration policies.

The BBC seem to have forgotten this report of theirs from 1999:

In an interview with the Sunday Herald newspaper, Glasgow-born Connolly said:

It’s entirely their fault (the SNP), this new racism in Scotland, this anti-Englishness….there’s a viciousness to it now that I really loathe and it is their fault entirely.” 


Nigel Farage of course put the phone down on the BBC in a subsequent interview  (in side box)when he felt they were insulting him…it was verging on aggressive at times….The BBC haven’t forgotten that.

In that interview Farage said:

‘If this is the face of Scottish nationalism it’s a pretty ugly picture.’

The BBC interviewer from ‘Good Morning Scotland’ retorted:

‘This is a hugely objectionable point you are making…suggesting that anti-English racism is somehow conflated with the campaign for a yes vote.’

As you can see from Billy Connolly’s remarks and those of others quoted here the BBC’s belief that linking the SNP’s campaign to the rise in extremist and racist politics is wrong is misguided.

Later on in the interview the BBC interviewer said:

‘The overwhelming message from yesterday’s event [the attack on Farage] seems to be that your political philosophy is an alien political philosophy’.

That seems a strange choice of word…’Alien‘….as in ‘Foreign, English and unwanted’ no doubt….backing up Farage’s point really….and did that extremist rabble really represent the ‘overwhelming message’ that the Scots want to present to the world?



The Commentator brings us this BBC interview  with UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom,MEP, in which the BBC assassinates Farage’s character….they essentially accuse him  of being a drunk  and smoking too much….drinking and smoking to such excess that it effects his judgment.

I wonder how much all those drugs that BBC staff consume effects their judgement?

Drink, drugs and bullying: BBC forced to reveal its disciplinary record


In what way did the BBC accuse him of losing his judgement? (suspiciously similar line to that of the SNP)….The interviewer accused him of having blamed the SNP itself for the attack on him,  and went on to say:

‘It’s a matter of Farage’s judgement being in question….he works very hard, perhaps it’s tellng on him…perhaps he smokes and drinks too much as well….is his lifestyle taking its toll because of his judgment’

A pretty cheap line of questioning, a ‘trick‘ designed to undermine his credibility and reputation.

That line presupposes a couple of things…one that Farage’s judgement is in any way faulty and second that the Scottish nationalists weren’t as Farage described them, ‘Fascist scum’, and that the machinations of the SNP in rousing nationalist fervour didn’t play its part.

It also presupposes that he did blame the SNP….which this BBC report denies:

‘Mr Farage did not suggest this was anything to do with the SNP as a party’.


Personally I’m with Billy Connolly on this one…and so is Scottish composer James MacMillan:

‘Alex Salmond is exploiting Scotland’s reservoir of anti-Englishness. Don’t be surprised if it overflows’


And the Telegraph:

‘The persistent contempt for the English emanating from Mr Salmond and the SNP partly explains why so many English people want to sever ties with Scotland.’


Farage quite rightly points out the BBC’s hypocrisy….(and of course in the interview we had the obligatory mention of the BNP alongside UKIP)….

 “If anybody from UKIP says anything on Facebook that is in any way homophobic or mildly racist you guys jump down my throat and demand I condemn them and expel them from the party, which of course I do. It is about time Scottish nationalism was put under the same level of scrutiny.”





A survey says many people in Scotland believe that an anti-English feeling exists north of the border.

The opinion poll for the Daily Record newspaper found that 66% of those questioned agreed with the statement: “Many people in Scotland are anti-English.”

The findings were published a day after comedian Billy Connolly accused the Scottish National Party of stirring up “new racism” in Scotland.