This, of course, was inevitable. The BBC were never be happy about thugs being actually sentenced for their crimes looting and rampaging through our streets, but they are so subtle and so the new agenda item is “proportionately”. Enter Lord McDonald. Interviewed by Today presenter Sarah Montague, he warned there was a risk of a “collective loss of proportion” and said it was important that courts maintain their objectivity and do not get swept up in any moral panic that might be elsewhere in society.

Yes, it’s vital we ensure that “morality” is kept out of the Courts. The BBC sympathised with the scum who were protesting, sorry rioting, (Or “crying out for help” as the BBC’s new hero Prince Charles put it yesterday) and now, when at least some are brought to justice, the new meme is all about how unfair and disproportionate it all is. The BBC is the best friend of the feral underclass who demonstrate physically what the BBC intellectualise.


I listened in to the Today programme today and, as usual, it lived down to expectations. We had the uberliberal Church of England prelate Richard Chartres on to tell us about the “minority without hope“. Presumably their lack of access to Iphones and Plasma TV forces their hand into looting. Then we had Mark Easton philosophising here, note the references to “cuts”. Next up; Nick Clegg. Again the line that BBC pursues is the awful “Cuts” and a reference or two to Thatcher. In the BBC lexicon, Thatcher stands for greed. By contrast, Labour stands for “social inclusivity.” Naughtie was daring Clegg to agree with Cameron that there is a sickness in our society knowing the Clegg’s liberalism prevents him from doing so. Hugh Orde’s comments were then wheeled out to imply that it is impossible to implement any cuts in the bloated ranks of UK Policing. (Axing all public funds to ACPO would be a good start to save money) It is perfectly obvious that the BBC has reverted to type, accepts the “lack of yoof club provision” analysis of the likes of Chartres, and is now doing what it does best – undermining the Government.