It amazes me how often Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic Studies and Director for the Study of Islam, gets a bully-pulpit on Thought for the Day. She was on AGAIN this morning, extolling Islam’s quest for academic excellence. Last time I checked in parts of the Islamic world education meets an explosive demise.  It is very odd how Islamicn scholars get such prominence on the BBC given the minority status of their religion. When one looks to see how often evangelical Christians are afforded such a platform, one looks in vain. As I have written before, TFTD is politics by other means!


Wonder what you make of the news that the BBC is considering whether to hand over Thought For The Day to non-religious speakers?

The long-running Radio 4 slot, which airs during the Today programme, remains
one of the few features devoted entirely to religion and ethics. But it emerged
yesterday that the corporation’s governing body, the BBC Trust, has launched an
investigation into whether it should be opened up to secular and humanist points
of view.

An “investigation”, eh? Yes, we need to hear some Wiccan insights in our wonderful multiculti world. The BBC elite hate the Christian religion and have reduced most “thoughts for the day” to mealy mouthed liberal platitudes but now it seems that is no longer tolerable!


I’ve heard of the vicar of Dibly, but today I wish I hadn’t heard of Vicar Tilby! She was providing the “Thought for the Day” contribution on the BBC Today this morning and what a pro-Islamic troll she was! At one point she had the temerity to refer to a press release from Muslim clerics last year as being akin to hearing “the voice of God.” Allah be praised. Naturally she had a go at President Bush before concluding her segment with the wise words that we need to listen to Islam a lot more than we do. She has a point in one way – if we listen carefully then we might all realise it is more a pathology and less of a religion – though I doubt this is what the vicar was getting at. My point here is that this “Thought for the Day” section is most frequently given over left-wing pseudo-clerics who then use it as just one more front to propagandise for the leftist chic so beloved of Al Beeb. Religion is culture war by other means when it comes to the BBC.