The BBC do like to provide a platform for Professor Mona Siddiqui, the Professor of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding at Glasgow University. She is a regular contributor to Thought for the Day and this morning she was on to talk about how we should react to great tragedies. In particular she referenced how Norway has responded to the Breivik killings one year on compared to how the US has responded to the “Batman” shootings at Aurora. You see the Norwegians have responded by reinforcing their pacifist ways, their refusal to change their liberal spirit. Americans, by contrast, have responded to the slaughter in Denver by…..gasp…arming themselves in defiance of Obama’s words of wisdom. I suppose the Professor has never stopped to think that Breiviks rampage could have been cut short if Norwegians took a more American attitude towards guns. Still, anything that makes those red necks in the US look bad will always win a favoured place in Thought for the Day on the BBC.


I  wondered why it is that John Bell from “The Iona Community” is such a frequent contributor to the “Thought for the Day” programme. So I toodled over to their web site and read this….

“The Iona Community is a dispersed Christian ecumenical community working for peace and social justice, rebuilding of community and the renewal of worship.”

Mmm, and then…

Members’ involvement varies according to the area they live in and their individual circumstances, but it is clear that across the community there is an unwavering commitment to peace and justice, reflected in many types of activity, from quiet peacemaking in our neighbourhoods and families, to political lobbying and nonviolent opposition to weapons of mass destruction.

I can see the appeal for the entirely neutral BBC, can’t you?


On Today we had ‘Thought for the Day‘ presented by Abdal Hakim Murad, a Muslim. He’s a regular, unsurprisingly. A reader writes;

“As usual with nearly all Muslims he slips in a bit of anti Christian rhetoric whilst promoting Islam. Jesus is the Son of God in Christianity, the Lord Jesus, divine himself, God on Earth. The Muslims claim he was just a man, merely a prophet.

Murad cleverly attacks the Christian theology without openly doing so…stating merely that worshipping a ‘human baby’ is idolatry….he then goes on to say that that has nothing to do with his thought for the day so anyway let’s get on….he just thought he would mention it….

I could be wrong but is his final sentiment really about Muslim terrorists betraying Britain’s trust….but Britain must still trust Muslims?”


Clifford Longley is one of those of those hand wringing liberals that the BBC loves to offer a pulpit on Thought for the Day. A few months ago he was wittering on about how those involved in the “Arab Spring” demonstrate a surprising love for western liberal values (Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood really flag that one up, Clifford)  and now this morning he was on about securing future rights for those who don’t exist. This is the sort of trash served up on TFTD when it is not promoting the virttues of Islam. I await just ONE Thought for the Day promoting traditional Biblical values.


Nice to see the BBC giving yet another “Thought for the Day” Slot to Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim chaplain at the University of Cambridge. Abdal gets a lot of platforms which is curious given the tiny % of the UK population Islam constitutes. Then again, remind me who is head of BBC “Religious Programming”? No Bias here for sure.


Wonder if you caught “Thought for the Day” with Shaikh Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim Chaplain at the University of Cambridge (Where else?) this morning. I so enjoyed his comments on how the use of martial images in politics has a long history. I guess he could also have pointed out it also has a long history in religion, not least Islam. However his treatise focused on the American “right-wing” (Natch) and “others”. Wonder who the “others” might be? Surely not the likes of THIS guy — a glorious story in left wing hypocrisy entirely ignored by the Palin-loathing BBC.


Professor Mona Siddiqui
You can always rely on the BBC’s “Thought for the Day” slot to be made available for Mona Siddiqui, that most erudite and enlightened Professor of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding. Mona was on this morning informingg us that Christians have been in the Middle East for a longtime and in some cases have been in places before Muslims. She seemed to forget that Jews have been there even longer…in fact she forgot to mentionthem at all…remarkable in a ‘Thought for the Day’ about the Middle East andreligion! Still, I am sure Mona will be back again very shortly to share more of her wisdom with the BBC nation.


I was stunned by “Thought for the Day” this morning. It was by Reverend Rosemary Lain-Priestley, Dean of Women’s Ministry in central London (natch) and she came on to explain how angered she had been at the Ground Zero Mosque. With me so far? However her ANGER was directed at those New Yorkers who objected to this proposed Mosque aka “Community Centre” She expressed her self righteous anger to a Muslim she was having tea with (as one does) and he, in his kindness, suggested that perhaps the Mosque could be built somewhere else. Give it a listen here – it’s just bizarre – brimming with equal measures of dhimmitude and liberalism. You can see why Rev Rosemary gets the gig.