Well, I didn’t make it onto Sunday Morning Live. I was the “stand by” for Angela Epstein. Angela was able to make it so that was fine. However I was present in the Green Room with the former Bishop of  Hulme, Stephen Lowe. Had an interesting exchange with him. He is the guy who is “not sure” if this is an afterlife, he is the guy who defended Druid William’s “Sharia” comments. He is a proud socialist, Labour Party member, and he wears the Red Poppy because, as he put it to me. he lacks the courage to wear the White Poppy. I suggested he should wear a white feather. The atmosphere rather cooled! 😉 but my coffee was hot.


Laughable set up discussion on Sunday Morning Live with gorgeous pouting Suzanne Reid. The first topic was the  Human Rights Act and Cameron’s idea we need a British Human Rights Act. We had a feminazi Human Rights advocate on, some guy who kept insisting he was not “right wing” and also “not a tabloid reader” and John Gaunt. Some lady with a serious illness phoned in to say that the Human Rights Act saved her life, in a strange way, as she was looking to see if she could kill herself Dignitas style. These debates are framed to ensure the BBC view always prevails – no one phones in to talk about the gross obscenities the ECHR seeks to provide – such as votes for convicts. The BBC supports all things that undermine our British democracy and the idea that it would ever facilitate a discussion which painted the ECHR in it’s true colours.


BBC Sunday Morning Live
Does prison work? “No” says Rasta “Dr” Benjamin Zephaniah on Sunday Live. “No” says the Christina Rees the very opinionated lady from the General Synod. “Yes It could work” says Ian Collins. So, three panellists but two stating that Prison does not work. That’s the BBC vision of balance. This is how they operate – the majority view is traduced by careful manipulation and the liberal hand-wringing agenda is presented as somehow being “mainstream”. Zephaniah is never off the BBC, he’s another one of their stool pigeon favourites who can be relied upon to spout the drivel that they believe. Because he has dreadlocks, it is not possible to contradict him, obviously, since that might be….r-a-c-i-s-t.  Mind you, I did laugh when he stated, without irony apparently, that “not everyone can be a poet”.  Dr Ben then explained that he had to explain to Muslims that not all British people were on “a crusade” against them. This was his response to the news of the Yemeni attempted terror attempt on cargo planes. During a discussion on whether “Killing animals for Sport” is wrong, he somehow suggested that since slaves were once hunted for fun, and since he was a Vegan, he couldn’t even understand the issue. What a guy! No wonder the BBC can’t get enough of him.


Dumbing down as ever. Pouting Suzanne Reid on Sunday Morning Live asks whether WE are partly responsible for Islamic extremism (The short answer is No, blame it on the Koran, not the boogie) and noted philosopher Terry Christian is on to argue for making Class A drugs available on prescription. Just some of the liberal navel-gazing on BBC1 this morning.


..or English! The dreadful Sunday Morning Live programme with pouting Suzanne Reid posits “Should Immigrants be made to speak English?” You can guess where the BBC is coming from on this one! It picks up on the story of an English girl who has fallen in love with a Palestinian (natch) but the poor bloke might not get into the UK because he can’t be bothered to try and speak English . The path of true love is thus stunted by those evil Conservatives who hate Immigrants. This programme is a Sunday morning outing for the liberal conscience of the BBC.


Just off air! Did you see my fleeting appearance on Sunday Live? I had to laugh at the composition of the panel in the studio – two Muslims and Bruce Anderson. Then up pops Moazzem Begg, Gitmo poster boy par excellence to tell us how AWFUL those evil Americans are in how they treated 15 yr old Omar. (No mention of Sgt Speers murdered by this piece of vermin and his widow and two young girls, natch) Then another guy pops up to tell us how awful those Israelis in! They had the box-set on! I tried to come back on the lies told about Guanatanamo but did not get the chance. Allah be praised!


Just to remind you that myself and my Biased BBC colleague Hippiepooter will be live via videolink on the BBC1 Sunday Morning Live programme starting at 10am (I think). They want to talk about “torture” and whether it is ever justified? I want to talk about how the media is the Jihadists greatest asset. We shall see how we get on.

The allegation of “torture” from captured Islamic Jihadists is simply that – an unproven allegation right out of the Al Queda guidebook for gaining the interest of gullible media outlets. If we want to discuss torture, let’s talk about the unbelievable torture carried out by Islamic killers. Of course robust and lawful interrogation of any terrorist is something of which I fully appprove if it can save innocent lives. It is insulting to insinuate that our professionals in the military would use unlawful practises and of course the very discussion diverts attention away from those who throw grenades into vehicles containing defenceless women, those who decapitate and video their savagery. The essence of the discusson is to distract attention from a broader issue – why do we not focus on the torturers and killers who do so in the name of Islam.

Here’s the image the BBC to set up the interviews in the morning.s

As trials at the infamous Guantanamo Bay resume we ask were its brutal methods really the wrong response to terrorism? Or is torture – sometimes – justified?” Note the use of infamous and brutal. It’s an ambush folks…