Poor Wendy Alexander – her only crime was to act “in good faith”! Reading this article on the BBC one could be forgiven for thinking that Wendy had simply followed bad advice and was the victim of SNP intrigue! It’s fascinating to consider how the BBC treat Alexander’s financial incompetency and compare that how they treat a nine year old examination into Caroline Spelman’s financial affairs. It must break BBC hearts to have “Bring it On” Wendy forced to walk the plank due to her own crass stupidity and arrogance and I reckon that you can expect the BBC to now seek Spelman’s head as revenge.


It’s not obvious but earlier today, on the Today programme, the BBC ran an item which suggested that Winston Churchill may well have endorsed the call from Scottish Labour leader, the mediocre Wendy Alexander, for a referendum on whether Scotland should stay in the Union! It’s amazing the lengths the BBC will go to in order to sully the reputation of a truly Great Briton whilst seeking to elevate that of a lilliputian such as Alexander.