Today is going to be a key BBC day for promoting PM Gordon Brown as the only man who can help lead us out of the economic turbulence that, erm, he has led us into! I was entertained to hear a BBC reporter on the Labour conference declare this morning around 6.25am that the speech would be “solid and serious – just Gordon” Pass the sickbag but I this find of fawning over Brown nauseating. Since when did it become the role of a reporter to editorialise subjectively in this way? Where is the evidence to say Brown is in anyway “solid and serious”? The bias just oozes out of the BBC – they cannot help it and they will not stop it. That’s why only the total removal of the license tax can deal with the problem we face with this aberrant and most biased broadcaster.



I suppose it was inevitable that the BBC would use the Labour Party conference to hail the achievements of the Great Leader but even at that I must admit to being surprised at hearing him compared to Winston Churchill! I tuned into Radio 5 live just after 8am this morning and the BBC were running a vox pop at the conference and everyone interviewed praised Brown, with one lady making the wartime leader comparison. The BBC is running with the narrative that because of the (sic) internationally driven financial crisis, only Brown with his massive economic experience can save the day. And so it is that in the Beeboid mindset, Brown is Churchill.


It’s remarkable to see the way in which the BBC shills for Mr Broon. I was wading through this grovelling contribution to the Brown recovery strategy by Brown groupie James Landale and was struck by the remarkable claim he makes that The Guardian is now a Conservative supporting newspaper!! Landale is bang on-message with Labour high command, damning Miliband and Johnson whilst praising Brown’s economic messianic capabilities. You couldn’t make it up.


Did you read Nick Robinson’s blog today which poses the key question; Will voters be persuaded that “only a party of the Left can clean up the city”? Nick reckons that the ongoing economic chaos may yet save our Gordon and quotes several reasons why the electorate may choose Gordon’s “experience” over that which is called “newness and change” (aka tThe Conservatives) It does not seem to have occurred to Nick that maybe, just maybe, voters may BLAME the man who claimed he had done away with boom and bust and simply left us with bust! Still, the BBC have been quick to attack all those evil city speculators for causing so much misery and so implying that Labour is merely the victim of forces beyond its control. Is this the death of capitalism? The BBC is hoping so…


. Have you caught the BBC’s coverage of Heathcliffe Brown’s alleged “rescue” package for the housing market? This reduces down to little more than an extension of council housing schemes that once so blighted this country along with Nanny State generously offering to take on shared ownership of your property. None of this goes anywhere near dealing with the central problem of a vastly over-priced property market but it does provide Brown with cover as he mendaciously uses the economic crisis he has helped create to now extend the size and reach of the State into private property. That is something of which the State Broadcaster heartily approves of and you can be sure that Brown’s re-launch is given a warm unthinking welcome.


. Despite all the apparent economic gloom, I am sure you will have been pleased to listen to the upbeat economic assessment provided by Hugh Pym and the gang on the Today programme this morning just before 8am. It seems everything is coming up roses and excuses were generously offered up for the Great Leader – we were even told directly that the government “could not be blamed” for several of the factors afflicting our economy. Funny thing is, during the boom years, I can’t recall the BBC informing us that growth “could not be blamed” on Prudence – can you? The BBC seems determined to make us think that the sun is going to shine again and that the dear leader will benefit from these happier times. Now back to the Olympics and the big question – Sharon Davies – can you really get enough in-depth interviews from her?


. Another day another positive PR spin from Al Beeb for the Great Leader. This time Mr Brown has been to the Edinburgh Book Festival and has declared that Britain is not a broken society. The BBC lovingly reports the Great Leader’s every word with the unspoken subtext that David Cameron has it wrong when he suggests to the contrary. Meanwhile on this BBC page we read of a thanksgiving service for Garry Newlove the father-of-three who was kicked to death in Warrington after confronting three drunk youths who were vandalising a car belonging to his wife Helen. Not broken, just shattered.


It’s fun watching the BBC’s pathetic “Save Gordon” campaign stagger forwards, deeper into the mire. Did you see the prominence given by the State Broadcaster to BBC star and businessman Sir Alan Sugar who has offered Gordon the advice that he should “Kick Out” members of the government failing to support his leadership? Sugar says it is impossible to run a company or government “unless everybody is on side”.Three points here.

One is that were Gordon to do as Sir Alan says and “kick out” those with no confidence in him, he would not have many left in his government! Second, Sir Alan should understand that in business, a leader takes responsibility when things go wrong. Brown runs away from the very concept of being such a leader. Finally I note that the BBC News Channel sought out the views of self-professed long-time Brown supporter Sugar – a clear instance of their desperation to prop up the Great Leader. Why not ask for a balancing view from one of those many business leaders who have had to deal with over a decade of Brown’s crushing oppression as Chancellor?

“A political crisis out of an economic problem”

I thought that was the strongest soundbyte from the strongest section of Harriet Harman’s interview with Hugh Edwards, and sure enough it was that section the BBC excerpted for their webpage. Edwards clearly showed he was not up to the job when he responded to Harman’s insistence that the problems of the country/Brown/the Labour party were exclusively the consequence of external economic factors by agreeing “all of those factors are clear”. Anyone with the slightest scepticism of the Labour Government would have harried Harman on economic gems concerning Northern Rock, the sale of gold by the Treasury, the growth of the public sector (combined with waste), public debt- including off balance sheet stuff like PFIs- and persistently low interest rates during a housing boom (which, btw, would cast shadows over how independent the Bank of England really has been). All questions which Hugh Edwards allowed Harman to dismiss as though non-existent. The BBC not only would like to save Gordon, but they and their Labour friends are looking well beyond that to the public narrative of the Labour legacy.

Hugh Edwards sounded tough when he was asking Harman about intrigues against Gordon- in fact he was painting the situation as a purely political or personal one. Most sceptical license fee payers will consider the matter one of governmental incompetence on multifarious grounds- rather than just a question of Gordon’s being the Prime Mentalist.


So, after the monumental defeat of the Labour candidate in the Glasgow East by-election, what has the BBC coverage been like? I just caught the Five Live 10 0 clock headlines. Item One was about the SNP victory and the problems it posed for the Great Leader who has said he is getting on with “business as usual.” (Losing) Item two was a story was a story concerning a former Tory parliamentary candidate for Watford who has been charged with harassment and criminal damage after a police investigation. The economy made it into third place. Gotta love their sense of balance, eh? Mind you, by 11 O Clock things had changed. Gordon had slipped to third place in the news running order. Nothing to see here…move along.

Singing from the same song-sheet?

It certainly seems that way as the BBC headlines:

Brown drives green car revolution

While Cameron’s green politics were somehow a bit wishy-washy, Brown is truly green. The quotes they pick from Brown while reporting the Motor Show are as gaseous as could be- all “historic turning point” and “once in a generation opportunity”. It’s hot air, courtesy of the BBC. There are cabinet members for support (reported) and we even get one of those golden moments of harmonic industrial relations (reportedly) where as an industry figure says, “everyone was “singing from the same song sheet”.” Touching how far they will go to save Gordon.


Well now, hasn’t the BBC been busy promoting the adventures of the Great Leader in recent days? We had the fawning coverage of Brown’s trip to Iraq including that ludicrous image of him holding a machine gun; then we have him moving amongst Israeli and Palestinian leaders, bringing peace and dispensing £££millions to the savages that celebrated the release of child-killer Samir Kuntar; next Gordon is to warn Iran to back off its nuclear crusade (or what?) and then, as if this were not enough, the Government that has presided over an explosion in the scale of the Welfare State now allegedly gets tough and talks of sending the long-term workshy out to sweep up litter! As if! It’s a major PR offensive being staged, helpfully coinciding with the run-up to the Glasgow East by-election and BBC simpering co-operation with its’ Paymaster General is exemplary.