Anyone else catch Postie Johnson being interviewed by Naughtie this morning on the topic of those Downing Street smears? For me, the crux of this interview – which sums up the BBC approach – is that Johnson was blatantly allowed to get away with suggesting that Gordon Brown could not be held responsible for everything that people who surround him get up to. Naughtie eventually DID bring up the substantive point that McBride was not exactly some anonymous low-ranking individual but rather a senior and trusted Brown strategist but even then, he let Johnson walk away from the clear infererence. Gordon Brown has taken the well know Trumanism and inverted it “The Buck never stops here” and the BBC plays along with this ludicrous charade. Can you imagine the difference in tenacity and tone from the BBC had we a Conservative Prime Minister presiding over such a sleaze culture?

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Interesting to see how BBC Radio 4 covered the Damian McBride resignation this morning. The line being peddled was that this sort of political “gossip” handles all the time and that the blogosphere which broke the story (Congrats to Guido, of course) is dominated by right wing blogs! There was also a total acceptance of the fabrication that no one else in No. 10 knew anything about McBride’s scheming. Even when Brown’s cabal has caught out, as in this instance, the BBC can be relied upon to do what it can to preserve those in the bunker.

Brown Boosting Choreography

It was interesting listening to BBC world service reflections on the G20 summit. The analysis focussed almost totally on the mood music- no mention was made of actual outcomes, as for instance the UK press has focused on. It was left to commentators to discuss that in a debate section.

The summit was presented mainly along the lines of personality. The BBC presenter couched the question as: the Obama – Brown relationship; respectful courtesy or something better?

How about utterly predictable, without political cost, and mainly for the cameras? In other words, no room was given for a genuinely critical perspective

The presenter continued:

Are we seeing the birth of a new and incredibly significant special relationship?

10 more years, I tell you!

The next question involved the comparison of the so-called “London Summit” with Camp David, Yalta, etc. Wow, that big huh?- until we were called on to remember that most summits are finally not too significant. Thus it was that expectations were lowered and Brown’s reputation elevated in the same broadcast.

Icing on the cake was the little ad for the BBC’s economic coverage which followed the broadcast, beginning with Brown’s gutteral “no time for a novice” soundbyte from one of the Great Leader’s top hits.

Icing the cake with many layers.

I’ve been watching the BBC live coverage of the evening’s G20 dinner. Interesting to watch the BBC modus operandi. It all begins with sweeping positive comments for Gordon- Gordon “couldn’t have wished for better from Obama” blah blah… “could have scripted it himself” blah blah. Typical Gordon-boosting. That basic line is then refined with sometimes contradictory observations. The subtext to this has been unquestioningly about increasing regulation (taken for granted, never scrutinised, awaited with barely contained impatience). I’ve just heard, by the way, Bridget Kendall say that “no-one would say France and Germany are socialist countries”. It all rather depends on your definition. Communist no, socialist- I would say yes. There’s plenty more of stuff like that- I am sure you have noticed more…

I’ll add that I’ve just now heard Nick Robinson say that “not so long ago” Gordon “couldn’t have dreamed of such praise” as he got. What? Nick seems to be on a planet where that hasn’t been a recurring and obvious wet dream of the hapless Brown ever since the One descended to become POTUS- and also an entirely predictable gesture. He also seems to have attended a press conference where Obama wasn’t as routine and laid back as he appeared to me on screen.


It’s my view that the BBC has wilfully chosen to present the news that Marks and Spencer’s sales have “only” fallen by 4% in the last trading quarter as a possible greeen shoot of recovery. This is sheer foolishness but I wonder of it helps Gordon as world figures arrive in the UK for the G20 summit to pretend that our “well-placed” economy is on the way up? Not waving, drowning.


What a sight to behold! Gordon Brown, flanked by fellow lefties Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd and the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, lecturing bankers on the need to behave morally. Setting the scene, the BBC had Druid Williams on this morning offering a series of empty-headed homilies concerning our need “to discover something of what it is to be human” – ie socialist. The Archbishop gets such an easy ride from the BBC, as indeed does the arch hypocrite Brown. The BBC seems to have missed the supreme irony of Brown lecturing anyone on the need to distinguish between right and wrong as he heads up an administration which is a stranger to the truth, mired in deceit.


The government narrative, parroted by the BBC, is that economic deflation is the dragon which St Gordon must slay. The idea that current government policy is storing up massive inflationary pressures that will cause chaos over the next eighteen months is dismissed and so this morning I listened to a BBC approved commentator, Dr Sushal Wadhwani actually state that inflation would be a nice thing to have. Howard Davies was also on to shill for quantitative easing and all in all this little item was seven minutes in favour of the Dear Leader’s policies – with a Wadhwani knife in the back for Mervyn King for added measure.


Another morning and another chance to present the notion that the Conservative Party is divided. Yesterday it was on Inheritance tax, today it is on Europe. Mark Mardell was using the line that for the Conservative Party to withdraw from the (utterly useless) EPP would set up a crisis with the likes of MEP Christopher Weasley sorry, Christopher Beasely applying to join the EPP! Labour, and by definition the BBC, will open up more attacks on the Conservatives as we start the run-in to the June Euro-polls and I suspect this was just the beginning. The line being retailed is that the Conservatives are “extreme” if they seek to do anything that might de-rail the EU gravy train. Also, shouldn’t the BBC declare that it receives funding from the EU before it runs any story on this subject? Full disclosure is always a good idea when trying to pretend one in impartial.

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Did you see that the BBC have been giving great prominence to the rebuke issued to David Cameron by the repulsive Gorbals Mick in the Commons today? It all concerned Cameron using the word “phony” with regard to Brown’s refusal to accept culpability over his role in creating the current dire economic circumstances. Now I could think of many harsher words to describe how the Dear Leader is dealing with economic events but the thing that struck me most about this was that by turning this a Speaker vs Cameron event – the BBC manage to divert attention away from the shocking behaviour of Brown and his squad of incompetents.

Brown Broadcasting Corporation

I wonder if the BBC can realise just how pandering this Kevin Connolly article is to Gordon Brown’s chosen narrative of his trip to Washington?

Right from the beginning it takes the Brown line:

“Even as the Prime Minister grapples with the catastrophic economic fallout of globalisation, he has been suffering at the hands of the media’s own version of it.”

Attacks on Brown’s blatant showboating are described as “unkind”. Brown’s economic responsibility is summed up passively and yet personally. Imagine if “you were at the helm when the seeds of recession were sewn”. Just imagine. How do you feel about your low poll ratings by the way? Oh, you don’t have any poll ratings? Well, try to sympathise with poor Mr Brown, please.

Connolly deserves an anti-Orwell award simply for the risible mixed metaphor of being at the helm when the seeds were sown. You can see why the licence fee is necessary to fund such talent, can’t you?

and on, and on until the pathetic “bottom line”. In this case it is a Brown bottom. And it stinks of bullshit:

The bottom line for Britain is that lots of foreign leaders come here and any absence of column inches reflects more on Britain’s standing than Gordon Brown’s

Yeah, right- it is because we is unimportant, not because Gordon’s future is as unpromising as his past.


Anyone catch the BBC coverage of the news that our Dear Leader is off to see Obama in ten days time? Weren’t they bigging it up for our Gordon? I’ve been criticised for saying this elsewhere but it seems to me that this meeting is one that matters much much more to Brown than to Obama. It strikes me that Prudence has all the significance of a worm to the US President, window-dressing at best. But I suppose it helps Gordon move the news agenda away from leadership plots so the BBC sycophancy does serve some purpose! Your views?


So, when Gordon Brown promised “British jobs for British workers” it now seems that what he meant was “providing people with new skills”. LOL! How pathetic is this? The Dear Leader is on The Politics Show later today so if you see it, feel free to leave your comments here! It seems to me that the BBC is in a real quandary over this one since it wants to Save Gordon, of course, but the only way it can do this is to attack those “wildcat” strikers. The BBC is also fervently pro-EU but at the very heart of this issue is the fact that there can be no “British jobs for British workers” whilst we are in the rotten EU – so one more problem for the BBC!


My goodness, I thought I was dreaming. Did anyone else catch Peston on the Ten News just now waxing forth on “the green shoots of recovery”?I loved his line that “since it started in America”, then America is where it could all start recovering. Especially with King Obama now on the throne. Amazing – as we enter the darkness of depression, Peston is full on shilling for the Dear Leader!!!!