Anyone watch Newsnight? Paxman interviewed Labour apologist Liam Byrne on the matter of the Conservatives £6bn savings vs Labour £15bn. Byrne just bluffed it and castigated the Tories. Probably as one would expect. But then, by way of “balance”, a businessman was in the studio to respond, It was suave Dragon’s Den star James Caan, and yes, he agreed with Labour and suggested that the Labour NIC hike next year was “no big deal”. Fair and balanced – both sides supporting Labour,


It seems to me that like Labour, the BBC does not understand why an increase in NIC is a tax on jobs.Perhaps Statism erodes the capacity for clear economic thinking but I listened in amazement to the BBC “Today” interview with Sir Stuart Rose, he of M&S fame. When Rose pointed out that the NIC increase with Brown and Clegg think so virtuous is a direct impediment to business growth, he was ignored on the substance of that argument and instead presented with the Labour attack line that IF government does not jack up NIC it will have to increase VAT. A false choice and talk of reducing Government efficiency was dismissed. Rose rightly pointed out that if VAT did rise, it would be a tax on consumption and therefore one has the choice to avoid it by limiting expenditure whereas an NIC increase hits all, this was met with silence. Then, most disgracefully, Humphrys suggested that Rose was saying these things because he would be offered a peerage to the Lords. Rose denied this but the impression was aimed at listeners, not Rose. More BBC attack dog stuff dressed up as news.


So, what do you make of the BBC’s coverage of the “Number 10 Bullying” story? Clearly Mandelson’s attempt to dismiss the entire issue of the Prime Minister’s character backfired but now the attention seems to be have switched to Christine Pratt and the National Bullying Helpline. Is this an attempt to re-frame the essential issue – namely the alleged mental instability of Gordon Brown.


I’ve received several email from B-BBC readers today picking up on the way in which the BBC has been putting the boot into Cameron’s first bout of electioneering. This is what one reader had to say earlier…

“Radio 5 presents Yougov’s Peter Kellner as a neutral”

Radio Five just interviewed YouGov’s Peter Kellner on the election – specifically his opinion on Cameron and the Tories. Q. Why were Tories not doing better in the polls considering Labour’s unpopularity? Obviously the real answer is Cameron’s position on European Union and Global Warming. Kellner’s ‘analysis’ was that the Tories were still suffering from Major era, while Cameron remained very popular. A few sentences later he smeared Cameron. BBC did not mention that Peter Kellner is married to a Labour Minister. How can BBC interview someone so biased on the election and keep the bias from the listener?
Well the answer to that is very simple – the BBC has no shame. I heard Nick Robinson earlier doing a similar assassination job on the Conservatives. The election is ON and between now and polling day the BBC will do everything possible to ameliorate any Conservative advantage. I am no fan of David Cameron but I can see how unfairly he and his party will be treated by the State Broadcaster. It amazes me that he is so meek and mild as to how he will treat the BBC when he gets into power. I know what I would do, wouldn’t you?


The BBC reports that the Dear Leader has said technology such as crime maps and online school reports will cut bureaucracy, as Labour attempts to halve the Budget deficit.; Ahead of Wednesday’s pre-Budget report, the PM said “efficiency savings” would help to save £12bn over four years – £3bn more than planned in the Budget. Great news. I suppose one might pause to wonder how £12bn worth of theoretical “efficiency savings” over four years is going to resolve public sector net debt of £804bn but obviously the BBC does not concern itself with such economic trivia. No, Gordon is in control and offering us clear red water between his kindly “efficiency savings” and the wicked Tories cuts. Vote Labour, you know it makes (non) sense.


The BBC reports that the UK economy shrunk less than thought! (Less than who thought?) Yes, economic output shrunk by only 0.3% in Q3, not the 0.4% originally suggested. Ring out the bells. Maybe the BBC could provide us with some insight into why it is that ONLY the UK of ALL the major global economies remains firmly in recession, given that our Prime Minister is on record stating the UK was better placed than most to weather the recession. Turns out that we were less well placed to withstand the storm than any other major economy. Who shall we blame?


Did anyone else catch the Cameron interview on the Today show this morning? John Humphrys seem determined to suggest that there was some form of collusion between David Cameron and Sir Christopher Kelly when it came to highlighting the total failure of Brown to deal with certain aspects of the Kelly report. What did Dave know and when did he know it? – was the line being pursued by the BBC this morning. Nice way of deflecting the issue. John!


Anyone else Gordon Brown being interviewed by Evan Davies on “Today” this morning? What an easy ride he got! Not only did he get away with suggesting that the UK – under his wise guidance – had set the new strategy for the rest of the world on Afghanistan but that the UK -under his all seeing gaze – had also set the standards for the rest of the world on dealing with the recession. Davies did not challenge these wild claims and Gordon got to waffle his way through the 20 minute section. I wonder would Cameron get such an easy ride?


Had to laugh at Hugh Pym’s simpering cheer leading (7.17am)for Gordon Brown’s latest taxation wheeze. It is perfectly obvious that Brown’s big idea went down like a lead balloon with the likes of the USA and Canada (though of course the French like it!) but Pym was there to suggest that it is still on the political radar and who knows, even the US, might come back and show some love for it.


Did anyone else catch Jeremy Al Bowen’s take on Israel PM’s speech at the Obamathon at the UN. Just on the Ten News. I loved the way he instantly cast doubt on PM Nehanyahu’s assertion that the “tyrants in Tehran” will go nuclear very shortly. Did you see it? Also did you catch the SPIN put on McDoom’s disastrous day at the UN. Loved the way they finished the item with his coronation as “Statesman of the year”. I recall Twain said that a Statesman is another term for a dead politician. Brown is dead in the water but good old Auntie do their best for the dead man walking..through the UN kitchen.


Just watched Hugh Pym on the BBC 10 News doing everything possible to ameliorate the latest shocking unemployment increases whilst claiming that the recession is now behind us. Why not just cut to the chase Hugh and hold up a sign saying Vote Labour? At least there would be some honesty in that…..


In today’s narrative, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is thrown into the mix condemning the banks for “not repenting” of their evil ways. Druid Williams plays into the BBC leftist agenda by insisting that Government should have intervened to limit how Banks reward their employees. It’s an all-out assault on the Banking sector at the moment with the culpability of government entirely obscured. I can think of a certain self-proclaimed “son of the manse” who should also be doing a bit of repenting but the Archbishop, conveniently, has nothing to say about that. Is it any wonder that the BBC gives Williams the kid gloves treatment?


It would not be a normal week if the BBC was not pushing the idea that the recession is over and that green shoots of recovery are now being spotted everywhere. The Employment market is “starting to show signs of recovery” and the decline in vacancies and pay is easing. Looks like Captain Brown has steered us through the icy seas of recession and all is looking up. Rejoice, Vote Labour.


No, I’m not talking about Sarah Palin – though she is lovely! I’m talking about the generosity the BBC extends here to McDoom’s wife, Sarah and her new blog on the risible G8 conference. I recall the BBC desperately spinning the tall tale that ’twas the intrepid Sarah that came to save her husband at the last Labour conference, as she added humanity to her husband’s profile. Looks like Sarah is back on the BBC narrative…


One of the reasons I like to tune into the BBC is to hear the mad delusions from leftworld as it tries to spin for McDoom when we ALL know that it’s over bar the shouting until he is prised out of Number 10 next June with a crowbar. This morning on Today the BBC was pushing the idea that the recession is over. Or so says the Chamber of Commerce. No room for dissent, alas. Mind you, unemployment may rise to 3.2m so not all exactly green shoots but at least they are trying to give poor Gordon some hope.