With the likelihood that Gordon Brown will FINALLY call the General Election tomorrow, the BBC are lumbering up for the final round of “Save Gordon.” Last evening, I listened to the BBC Radio 4 between 10-11pm and there was the concerted witch-hunt against Chris Grayling and also an attack on George Osborne. It’s going to be a tumultuous four weeks as the BBC seeks to damage the Conservatives as much as possible which I would hope David Cameron will remember when he gets in power. The malignancy of the State Broadcaster needs excised once and for all.


Had to smile at this little pro-Labour economic ramble from our dear friends at the BBC entitled “Is UK Government debt really that high?”. The answer is YES. What next “Is Gordon Brown really that unpopular?” It’s Election Year so we can expect more of this pathetic nonsense from the BBC as they try to prop up Brown.


So, the Conservative Party conference finishes and up pops Lord Mandelson on the Today programme to explain the genius idea by Gordon Brown to flog off various State owned assets. I think he was given a very soft ride not least on the fact that selling assets at the bottom of the market is unlikely to realise the prices Brown imagines – Davis could have pressed a lot further. He also might have wondered why a fire-sale that at most will realise £3bn over two years would deal with a deficit that it £16bn and growing? Mandelson must have been grinning from ear to ear as he was also allowed to entirely misrepresent the economic position taken by Japan over the past twenty years. Surely with his economic background, Evan could have interrogated Mandelson a little harder? Or is it all hands on deck to try and save Gordon?


Anyone else catch the BBC’s slobbering coverage of Mandy’s speech at the Labour Party wake, sorry, I mean conference in Brighton? Also, I understand 5Live was bigging up McDoom’s chances allowing a Trade Union barons the chance to make de facto political broadcasts on behalf of the Dear Leader. They SO want their political soul-mates to rise from the dead and have convinced themselves that Mandelson is leading the way. I agree, he IS leading the way but into political oblivion. Just wait for the start of the Conservative Party conference next week. By that time, the Irish will have rolled over and said Yes to the Eurocrats and then, and then, the BBC will do their best to expose tensions amongst Cameron’s ranks.


Anyone catch Lord Rio on the Marr show lying through his teeth and being allowed to get away with it? Anyone notice that the BBC main news portal leading with the news that “influential left-wing backbencher John Cruddas has joined those backing the PM, saying ousting him would be “madness.” It’s Save Gordon day ahead of the results to come.