It’s Monday and a new week and so time for the BBC to try and open up a new schism in the Coalition if at all possible! This time, it’s Saint Vince Cable who calls sacking plans in Beecroft report  ‘the wrong approach.’  That’s the headline the BBC chose. But then if you read the article you find Cable also says when asked whether there was a difference of view between himself and Downing street, he said: “I think we’re all on the same page.” Funny which quote they stuck in the headline, eh? Almost as if they want to create trouble and will use the babble from Cable for their own political ends….


Vince Cable
Whoops. B-BBC contributor Alan detects a rather fishy smell about a BBC claim leading their news today,,, 
“BBC are claiming that their hero Vince Cable’s letter was leaked to them:

‘Vince Cable has called for Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to be split up, in a letter leaked to the BBC.’ 

But according to this comment in the Telegraph the letter was published in full by the FT over 3 weeks ago.

‘This was published in full in the FT three weeks ago, so pray tell me how and why is this now ‘news’.
You’d expect it from the comerstose BBC but the DT really!’ 

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Anyone catch “Any Questions” on the BBC this lunchtime? I listened to a few minutes of Saint Vince Cable playing to the loudly applauding audience by a/ Mocking Fox and Rupert Murdoch and b/ Pretending that “our” NHS must operate without those voracious reptiles from the Private Sector. Vince can rely on the BBC to at least try to keep his political career afloat.


Nothing excites the BBC more than conveying victimhood status upon those it most favours. And so it is that this morning, the Today team determined that Saint Vince Cable is “a victim” of those evil snoops at the Daily Telegraph. Indeed that Cable halo that has slipped since May is now restored as he is turned into a media martyr. Throughout the programme, the BBC were keen to provide Lib-Dems with an opportunity to bash the Tories, Ed Miliband will be pleased that his broadcasting arm is so active opposing the Coalition! Of course Cameron deserves all he gets thanks to his gutless approach in dealing with the monster in Broadcasting House. There can be no reform of the BBC, no amelioration of its worst excesses. It must be axed.


Well, the BBC agenda on Saint Vince has been spelt out by that intrepid example of independent thought, Nick Robinson. Talking on Today this morning, (8.10am) he explained that the Daily Telegraph has more likely done more damage than good to “political transparency” since our totally honest MP’s will now be even more careful what they say to anyone outside their immediate circles. So Cable’s only crime was to speak his mind and the DT stands in the dock as the enemy of freedom. You have to admire the delusionalism that reigns within the State Broadcaster.


“Today” featured an item (7.50am) concerning Vince “My heart beats to the left” Cable. His arrogance and self-conceit have been wonderfully exposed by a couple of undercover Daily Telegraph journalists and so this poses a problem for the BBC. You see Saint Vince used to be a good  guy through the prism of the Beeb before he went and spoiled it all by joining the wicked Conservative coalition. But BBC hopes have been raised as Cable talks of using the “nuclear option” and resigning which would, apparently, be the cue to bring the Coalition down. Naturally he is “embarrassed” that he has been caught out but the BBC are keen to portray him as a noble hero fighting for what is decent amongst the “maoists” in the Conservative Party. I expect Cable will continue to get the hero treatment just so long as he represents a threat to the lawfully elected government of the UK.


Well, Vince is their hero again. After a few months of begrudging, the BBC has returned to sing fulsome praise to Saint Vince Cable. There’s nothing like a bit of bashing business, nothing like an attack on the free market, to get BBC types all excited. Naturally, Saint Vince was on Today this morning and was given a soft ride on his planned socialist rhetoric at the Lib-Dem conference today. The BBC is hammering the theme that recession has been caused by “unbridled” capitalism and the “murky” decisions made in those dark boardrooms (Naturally, Government had nothing to do with it, oh no) and so Cable’s  wittering is convenient and so his hero status is restored. At a time when EVEN BBC poster boy Castro is having to embrace the free market, the BBC and it’s empty headed mouth-pieces such as Cable seek to demolish these freedoms.


BBC has gone all weak at the knees at the news that Saint Vince Cable (blessings be upon him) will state tomorrow that “Capitalism kills competition”. Had to laugh at the almost religious fervour with which BBC poodles repeat “Capitalism kills…”.  I am sure we will hear MUCH more tomorrow. Chris Huhne, Vince Cable – enemies of freedom and liberty and worshipped by the BBC.

P.S. Does a bloated all powerful monopoly like the BBC “Kill competition”. Just asking……because the BBC won’t!


Did you catch sneering Humphyrs interview with David Cameron here? Notice how former BBC idol, Saint Vince, is now restored to heroic status by Humphrys because of his musings on the need for “liberal” laws on immigration. Cameron was constantly bated by Humphyrs on this, just as he was constantly derided on the “Senior/Junior Partner” lines. Shortly afterwards there was a fawning interview with Jack Straw in which he was allowed to get away with the wild claim that Labour has not gerrymandered the English constituencies for petty Party advantage without so much as a whimper of comeback from the Today poodles. More and more Today has morphed into the last bastion of the Labour Party. At our expense, of course.

DR CABLE’S £100,000

Former BBC favourite “Dr” Vince Cable was interviewed on Today @7.52am with regard to his suggestion that there should be a Graduate tax. During the interview, and in defence of his iniquitous scheme, Cable trotted out the mantra that the average graduate earned £100,000 across their working life than someone who did not attend University. This outdated assertion was not challenged. In fact there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a combination of over-supply of graduates and a lack of employment prospects seriously erodes this much hyped differential and it was surprising that Cable got away with it. Especially as he is an Economics guru.Then again…