Waltzing Agendas

Australia- the headline reads – Renews Republic Calls.

Interesting. The nation may have spoken a few months ago in electing a broadly pro-republican party, but they didn’t speak on this particular issue. In fact the nation did speak on that nine years ago, when they rejected a republic and voted for the monarchy. In fact it appeared that the call for a republic was not “Australia’s” at all, but of a minority of its people. On what basis then can Australia “renew” a call that it never made?

At least the meeting called by the new Prime Minister “brought together Australia’s best and brightest brains with the aim of plotting the country’s future trajectory.”

All very NuLabour I am sure (just like the golden years in the UK), but aren’t there any clever people who distance themselves from Rudd and his republican agenda? Evidently not.

Funnily enough, Tim Blair (very bright and rather good) manages a whole extended post round-up of the conference without mentioning the R word at all.