Question Time 26th November

Another Thursday, another BBC Question Time. Tonight it is broadcast from Edinburgh and the panel will feature the Labour peer “Lord” Falconer, the former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, and the columnist Melanie Phillips. The and-somebody-else mouthbreathing spot this week goes to Marcus Brigstocke who is supposed to be a comedian. But isn’t.

As usual we will be following the occasion with a live-chat which will carry on through This Week until we can either suffer no more or the alcohol has run out. Probably a combination of the two. Please join David Vance and myself at 10:30pm UK time for the fun and games!

Question Time 19th November

The traditional Question Time live-chat is here tonight, so please feel encouraged to join our usual Biased-BBC hecklers and jesters in providing a running commentary on the pronouncements of Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, the Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, Sir Menzies Campbell, Clare Short and Nick Ferrari. See you at 10:30pm

Question Time 19th November

In what promises to be a spectacularly lefty panel this week, Question Time features the Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, the Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, expenses trougher and LibDem Sir Menzies Campbell, and Clare Short who is now sitting as an Independent. Broadcaster Nick Ferrari will add weight (literally) to the proceedings in the plus an extra panelist seat.

On the BBC website Short is described as being one of “Blair’s Babes” which if nothing else shows that someone at the BBC does sarcasm. David Vance will be leading the charge in the Biased-BBC livechat as usual, and TheEye will be humbly assisting with the moderation. See you here later this evening!


Question Time today comes from Weston-super-Mare. On the panel are Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and self-promoting turncoat Shaun Woodward, the Conservative Shadow Security Minister Pauline Neville-Jones, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on communities and local government Julia Goldsworthy, the deeply unfunny commentator Will Self and the rowing champion, double Olympic gold medallist, television presenter and writer James Cracknell.

David Vance will be picking up the live-chat baton here at 10:30pm, assisted by TheEye. Hope you can make it!


Hi – been away and just back so time for a few posts. But first…

I see that David Dimbleby is to miss chairing BBC One’s Question Time for the first time in more than 15 years after being injured in a “minor farming accident”.

The 71-year-old was loading a bullock onto a trailer at his farm in Sussex when it reared, resulting in the presenter being briefly knocked out. He also received a cut to the head that required stitches at a local hospital. John Humphrys will replace Dimbleby in the chair on Thursday, while he remains in hospital for observation.

Let’s see how Humphrys handles things!


Tonights Question Time live-chat will be here. The programme itself comes from Llandudno and the panel will consist of the former home secretary Jacqui Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan MP, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Lembit Opik MP, Plaid Cymru’s Elfyn Llwyd and John Sergeant.

As usual, we’ll be staying open for business through This Week as well…..and hoping for gems like HobNobGate from last week. The BBC have been trying very hard to avoid a race controversy by removing all evidence of Andrew Neil comparing Diane Abbott to a chocolate biscuit from websites and iPlayer. There were, apparently, 15 complaints. Regular contributor and blogger Dazed and Confused has other ideas though. Enjoy.


As is usual, Biased-BBC will be holding a live-chat in parallel with Question Time tomorrow night starting at 10:30pm UK time.

The panel in Llandudno will consist of the former home secretary Jacqui Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan MP, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and meteorite-man Lembit Opik MP, Plaid Cymru’s Elfyn Llwyd and John Sergeant.

Yours truly will, in the absence of David Vance, be promoting myself from assistant moderator into the big seat for the evening. Please join us!


Hi folks! Just setting up for later tonight. The panel on Question Time this evening is Alan Johnson, Damian Green, Norman Baker, Nigel Farage and Dame Joan Bakewell. Hope you can toodle along to our weekly get together in real time!


Tomorrow night, why not relax, pour yourself a glass of something pleasing, and JOIN IN the first of a new series of Question Time liveblogs. We go live at 10.30pm or so! My sincere thanks to G.O.T. for the smart new logo, much appreciated!! See you all LIVE tomorrow evening..


Hi all! Just to let you know that after our summer break (what summer?) we will be returning with the LIVEBLOG of BBC Question Time. I will flag it closer to the time, on Thursday coming but wanted to give you a heads-up!

Marking 30 years on air, Question Time returns on Thursday 24th September and will be in Bournemouth as the party conference season kicks off. The panel will include Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman.

Harriet Harman MP
Be still my beating heart, the not so fragrant man-hater class warrior returns to give us all a laugh. I want this one to be the BIGGEST and BEST ever so please log it in your diary and come along for the entertainment. What else are you going to do on a dark Thursday night?


OK – so we go live later this evening and here is the panel for your edification. We have media opportunist liberal Lembit Opik, then there is phew wot a scorcher Conservative parliamentary candidate Margot James, (the new Nadine Dorries now she is mad); there is Trasha from garbage TV, and of course we shouldn’t forget FT Editor Lionel Barber; finally there is lovely boy Chris Bryant from the Rhondda. I invite you to visit Chris”s homepage here if you want a laugh, check out the excerpt from his maiden speech. We kick off at 10.30pm and best of all, I have two good gentlemen to moderate alongside me! David Mosque has kindly agreed to be here – and Geoff may be back for the first time since his accident. All in all it should be a laugh and don’t worry about the direness of the panel – we more than make up for that in our commentary! Be there.


Well, we’re back this evening with the Student Grant produced Question Time. I will be helped by David Mosque as guest co-moderator and am looking forward to it. Please make sure you turn up, if only for the laughs!


Hi all! Just to let you know that I have decided to liveblog Question Time tomorrow night. You will be aware I stopped this when my esteemed colleague on the QT liveblog Geoff was taken seriously unwell and I was very concerned for his very survival. His condition continues to show small improvements although he is still hospitalised and the road to recovery will be long and arduous.

However I reckon that Geoff would not want me to stop – so it is for him that I am returning to the fray on this. Plus, it livens up a very dull programme when we get to comment on it! And what a gem tomorrow night brings. It’s the “Student Grant” edition and features the return of Universal Shami! Yes, doe-eyed Ms Chakrabrti is back! She is joined by Andy Burham, the human guinea pig Sarah Teather and Jeremy Hunt. So, this is just a heads-up for you and hope you can make an effort to come along.

As a point, if there is someone out there who would like to help me moderate the event – drop me a mail via the contact on A Tangled Web.