Anyone catch this interview with SNP Leader Alex Salmond on the BBC this morning? Although I missed the beginning of it I knew it had to Salmond speaking such was the lack of interruptions and deep respect afforded to such a BBC preferred “Statesman”. Salmond was there to put the boot into Cameron, of course, |(BTW – How upset must the BBC over the latest polls showing a  Conservative “bounce”? Let’s move on…) whilst insisting that an independent Scotland would graciously retain the Pound Sterling for “some time”, with the adoption of the Euro being much further into the future. I’ll say! This self serving economic waffle was not challenged in  any way. Suppose the people of the UK decided that if Scotland decided to depart the Union it could also depart the currency of that Union? It’s obvious that Salmond wants to cling to our National currency because he knows, and we know, that the Euro is a busted flush. In truth, this should act as a massive dampener on those Rob Roy dreams but the BBC mostly accepts the line taken by Salmond, never asking why he would prefer Brussels rule over Westminster co-operation.


“Power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages”.  Why Baldwin could have been talking about the State Broadcaster. Or the SNP.

Post World War Two the remnants of burnt out Europe were allowed to build up their socialist Nirvana (Now RIP) because the United States bore the heavy lifting of funding the DEFENCE of it’s borders. The modern European Nanny State was able to prosper because it got away without having to attend to the primary function of any real State namely securing the defence of its citizens. The Great Satan did that for them – and was loudly condemned for doing so. Fast forward to the SNP conference this weekend being trailed on the BBC for several days this week and in particular the way the BBC has treated Salmond’s Plan B – namely the UK can pay for the defence of Scotland, whilst the SNP can take care of all internal issues care of that lovely Barnett formula. Not ONCE has any BBC interviewer thought it appropriate to ask Mr Salmond on what basis he thinks it right and proper that Scotland should not be paying for the defence of Scotland? Salmond’s economic delusions north of the border get a free pass from the BBC.


BBC lauding the prospects of an Independent Scotland – cheerleading for Mr Toad look-a-like Alex Salmond. It slyly claims that Salmond would keep the Queen as Head of State and the Pound Sterling. How kind. The BBC has a record of indulgence towards the SNP – after all any political party committed to breaking up the Union will always get BBC hearts a beating. A considered dissection of the SNP position is one thing you will never hear on the BBC which is all the more reason for this site to pick up on it/


Anyone catch THIS interview with SNP Leader Alex Salmond this morning? Given the SNP’s central role in releasing Libyan bomber Al-Megrahi and given the chaos on Scotland’s roads and streets, one might have expected a rather more challenging interview from Humphyrs but apart from a few token barks at the beginning, I thought he was rather purring as Salmond was allowed to get away with rhetorical murder, in the same sense that Al-Megrahi got away with actual murder. What is it about the English hating petty socialist SNP that so appeals to the BBC……..


Anyone catch the easy ride afforded to Nicola Sturgeon during this interview on the BBC? Note how Evan Davies gets lippy to start with, is given a verbal slap by the not so lovely Nicola, and then allows her to trot out one economic inanity after another without serious challenge. SNP delusionalism is given free vent without so much as a demur murmur.


Did you hear the simpering interview with BBC poster boy Alex Salmond at 8.10am this morning. With the BBC doing all it can to somehow blame David Cameron for the decision taken by Salmond/ Brown to realease the convicted mass murderer Al Megrahi – the Lockerbie bomber? I contrast the tone used in this interview with the vile Salmond – passive and largely agreeable – to the hectoring of Michael Gove on Monday and the assault on William Hague yesterday. Yes, I know Salmond is a slippery creature but the sheer mendacity of the Scottish Government on this deserved much more detailed focus and it was largely absent from the interview. Even the headline for the story “Taken in Good Faith” tells us where the BBC is coming from! I noted the “thank you very much Mr Salmond” that concludes the “interview”.