Sometimes, the BBC bias is not just overt but also mired in deceit. Such is the case with this story.

As I see it, what we have here is BBC Religious Affairs Correspondent, Robert Pigott, using his bully pulpit to back those liberals pushing for reform of the Roman Catholic Church, disguising his campaign as genuine canvassing of the beliefs of ordinary Catholics as part of the BBC poll of Catholics in the UK ahead of the Pope’s visit, and then lying in the process.

It’s no wonder that Parishioner Barbara O’Driscoll has felt motivated to write a letter of complaint to Mark Thompson. In many regards she may as well write to Santa since I am sure Thompson will simply dismiss her concerns about the atrocious behaviour of Pigott. However it’s a great example of how the BBC is an active protagonist rather than an impartial reporter of important events. In this case, it is all about advancing a liberal agenda aimed at subverting Catholic opinion.

What say you?