Andy Coulson may have authorised payments to police officers or the hacking of phones but he has not been charged or convicted yet….except in the BBC’s kangaroo court where verdict and sentence have already been pronounced and Cameron castigated for bad judgement by the BBC.

The same BBC that, as has been noted before, has quite happily employed Alistair Campbell.
The same BBC that we can see now trying to re-establish Labour’s jacqui Smith in the public’s consciousness as an uporight and respectable person.
The same Jacqui Smith that defrauded the public taxpayer of £116,000. Whilst many of her fellow MPs are now residing in jail she roams free in the corridors of the BBC….once again receiving fat cheques paid for by public generosity.
 She was given a platform to talk about pornography, she has been a regular on the sofa with Michael Portillo on the political programme ‘This Week’ and today appears on ‘Saturday Live’ to talk about her inheritance tracks.
 Hopefully no one will inherit her house (which ever one she decides is her main residence) as it must surely belong to the state now.


ONLY on the BBC would we catch a discussion on whether Labour was “too tough” on crime (!!!) yet THAT is exactly what was foisted upon us earlier today. In order to provide that balance for which the BBC is so famed, only a Labour spokesman was interviewed. In this case it was that charmer Sadiq Khan. One dimension, revisionist and floating in BBC bias.


It’s been a busy morning for the 5th columnists at the BBC. Interesting item here on Today @ 8.30am concerning the “lost generation” of young unemployed people. The allegation being pursued is that the evil Coalition is putting young people on the scrap heap by not continuing with the wise and kindly policies of Labour. Professor Paul Gregg made a guest appearance to state that some of Labour’s policies had most definitely worked and that by abandoning these the Government was risking a repeat of what happened in the early 1980’s. Yes – with a bound we were brought back to…..THATCHER!! It’s funny listening to the show reel of BBC approved lefties rabbiting on about how great socialism is for youth employment. They ignore pesky things like facts – never mention socialist Spain’s youth unemployment for instance – and the impression being slowly but surely created is that Labour presided over a golden period in our history.The revisionism is stunning.


Today is the day that VAT moves up to 20%. The BBC is not happy about this and gave Alan Johnson a hassle free canter earlier this morning with the usual disingenuous amnesiac Labour propaganda. Then wee Georgie Osborne was on just after 8am for a verbal roasting for having the audacity to try and balance the books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the least happy about this permanent increase in VAT HOWEVER the BBC seem to have forgotten why such drastic measures are necessary. Had Osborne decided to go for deeper cuts (My preference) in order to hold VAT down, the BBC would have shrieked at the awfulness of it all! So whatever Osborne did he was going to be damned. Now, it’s not that I object to the Chancellor being given a tough grilling, in fact I welcome this. But during the long Labour years, when taxes were also hiked in all sorts of ways, I don’t recall the BBC getting so vexed about taxes. It is this contradiction that is so offensive – as the BBC parrots Labour economic incoherence as if it were fact whilst wiping clean the things that happened between 1997 and 2010. Their revisionism combined with the sudden interest in raised taxes cuts to the issue of bias.


Biased BBC Clameur de Hero writes…

“Could anyone fail buthear Naughtie giving virtually uninterrupted air-time on the Today prog thismorning to the whingeing bleat from David Walker, the (thankfully soon to beex) spinner-in-chief of the Audit Commission?

Walker clearly felt that his politically-charged rant last month in the journalPublic Finance against the wise decision of Eric Pickles to scrap Walker’snon-job hadn’t resonated enough, hence the second go this morning, courtesy ofthe ever-sympathetic Beeboids. He seemed so distressed at what he thought wasthe exaggerated misrepresentation of the number of press officers at theCommission, and appeared particularly troubled at the odium heaped upon him forthe Commission’s staff away day at the races. In the private sector, he said,events like this happened all the time.

But did Naughtie think to ask him why on earth it was that a body like theAudit Commission even needed 48 communications wonks in the first place? Nope.

Did Naughtie point out to him that if private sector organisations have awaydays, they’re not paid for by the taxpayer? Nope.

Strange. But then of course, in his day job, Walker is none other than Mr PollyToynbee, isn’t he, so not much chance this side of Hell that the Beeboids wouldask him any awkward questions.


Well, BBC hearts seem to be a-beating today as the coronation of the new Labour leaders approaches, and Red Ed is being touted as the likely winner. I was listening to Today this morning and one of the BBC commentators was saying that the new Labour leader COULD be Prime Minister soon, if the Coalition collapsed! Talk about true colours and wishful thinking. The BBC and Labour are different sides of the same coin and it strikes me that the BBC has not quite accepted that the heroes have been booted out of power so today is all about the fightback.  


A Biased BBC reader pointed me in the direction of some more dubious Stephanomics….here she goes;

“Partly thanks to Ed Balls, the debate over the scale and timing of spending cuts in the UK is still very much alive. Next week I’ll be taking a look at the arguments in detail, as part of the BBC’s special season on the spending review. But in the meantime, anyone who agrees with Mr Balls that the government is overstating the risk posed by the deficit may be surprised to hear they got some support this week from the IMF.”

It’s fascinating to watch the BBC go on and all out attack on everything NOT Labour ever since Mark Thompson boasted that bias was a thing of the past. It’s the BBC that needs to be a thing of the past and Flanders cheer-leading for Balls is another example of how this hydra operates.


Any one catch this interview with Met A.C. John Yates on the BBC this morning? The Labour Party must be absolutely delighted that the BBC is enthusiastically advancing the Coulson attack strategy.(Nothing like trying to undermine the Coalition on a wet Monday morning) And who would have guessed that allegations from John Prescott entirely unencumbered with evidence would nonetheless be treated as Holy Writ by the BBC? I though Yates did very well but the Agenda to start the week could not have been more biased in favour of Labour.


Strange item here concerning the system that Labour uses to elect it’s new leader. On the one hand, the item makes is abundantly clear that one person can have multiple votes when it comes to voting for the Labour leader. You would have thought this was vigorously challenged but I thought John Humphyrs was exceedingly gentle with Labour Party Chairman Tony Lloyd. (Note how Humphyrs speaks highly of John Prescott). In fact there was an air of bonhomie about the interview and Loyd  was allowed to obfuscate his way out if it and the BBC then kindly lead with the heading “People are revolted by this new Government and want to join Labour.” More pro-Labour propaganda. One Man = Many Votes is OK when it’s socialists playing the game.


And if you thought Newsnight was bad…

This week’s World at One was another Labour-heavy zone.

The list of UK politicians interviewed across all five programmes runs as follows:

Labour – Sally Keeble (2.5 minutes)
Andy Burnham, (6 minutes)
David Miliband (8.5 minutes)
Michael Meacher (1 minute)
Ed Balls (4.5 minutes)

Conservative – Damian Green (3 minutes)

Liberal Democrat – No-one

(No mention of anyone declining to be interviewed either!)

There were also interviews with a co-founder of Labour’s sister party, the SDLP; the director general of the Equality and Human Rights Commission; a left-leaning Irish economist; a Democrat mayor; and a trades unionist. Other than Mr Green, no right-wingers were interviewed.

Indefensible, surely?


The BBC News Channel’s coverage of the government’s decision to scrap NHS Direct has descended into self-parody.

The story broke this afternoon. BBC political correspondent Arif Ansari initially reported the story fairly, presenting pros and cons, but the BBC News Channel is nothing if not biased so…

16.03 Frank Dobson, Labour – strongly attacked the move
16.06 Lord John Prescott, Labour -strongly attacked the move
16.33 Nick Chapman, chief executive of NHS Direct – spoiled the narrative by being strongly supportive of the move. Presenter Carole Walker sounded a bit taken aback by this and, having realised that he wasn’t the aggrieved quangocrat she was expecting, soon started interrupting, pushing the Prescott points. She thanked him at the end very sourly. Ha!
17.01 Reprise of part of the Chapman interview.
17.11 Reprise of part of the Prescott interview
18.03 Andy Burnham, Labour – strongly criticised the move
19.02 Partial reprise of Burnham attack (following report featuring Mr Chapman and Lord Prescott)
20.02 Partial reprise of Burnham attack
21.03 Partial reprise of Burnham attack
21.04 Gail Adams, UNISON – strongly attacked the move (“the same service but on the cheap”)

Worst BBC interviewer so far? Chris Rogers. Here are his questions to fellow beeboid Ben Wright:

– “Cameron in the early days of the last election said ‘I’ll cut the deficit not the NHS’. It was on their campaign posters. How are they justifying this?” (“Cameron”? Doesn’t he mean “David Cameron”, “Mr Cameron” or “the prime minister”?)

– “A lot of people have been contacting BBC News today saying they’ve used the NHS Direct service. They’re now very concerned at the talk of 60 hours of training for the staff, no real qualified GPs and nurses are going to be on call. Are the government saying that this new service, 111, will be safe?” Of course, they’re “concerned”. Labour and the BBC had been scaring them all evening!

“Of course the pressure is on though. John Prescott is..I think it’s 2,500 signatures (wow!!) for his petition now..if it gets to a 100,000 – which it could easily do as momentum builds (you can hope!) – this could be an embarrassment for the government?”

So, besides the head of NHS Direct, that’s three Labour politicians, a trades unionist and some biased questioning. That’s BBC impartiality for you!


If you were thinking that you seem to have seen a lot of Labour MPs on Newsnight recently, well you have.

Here is a list of all the UK politicians who have appeared on Newsnight this month, whether as interviewees or as ‘talking heads’ in reports. (Duplicated names mean appearances in more than one edition!):

Conservatives: Cllr Gavin Elsey (who opposes the government’s immigation cap!), Damian Green, Mark Hoban, Nadine Dorries, Stephen Dorrell, David Willetts, Chris Grayling, John Redwood, Oliver Heald, Peter Lilley, Michael Portillo, Nick Hurd, Bob Stewart
****Total = 13

Lib Democrats: Simon Hughes, Chris Huhne, Simon Hughes, Lord Taylor
****Total = 4

Labour: Keith Vaz, Ed Balls, Tom Harris, Andy Burnham, Stephen Pound, Ed Balls, David Miliband, Diane Abbott, John Prescott, Tessa Jowell, Lord Myners, John McFall, Lord Dubbs, Caroline Flint, Shahid Malik, Tom Harris, Khalid Mahmood, Chuka Umunna, John Mann
****Total 19

SDLP (Labour’s sister party): Delores Kelly
****Total = 1

(I didn’t include ex-minister Lord West, as he’s not supposed to be a Labour party man – though he did attack the new government on the programme.)

So, unlike when Labour were in power and the government dominated the airwaves, the main opposition now gets more invites to speak on Newsnight than both of the government parties combined.

That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it Mr Hunt?