Well now, did you catch the boy Cameron being interviewed on the Today programme by newbie Evan Davies? Interviewed is probably the wrong word – harassed is perhaps more accurate. He was not given a chance by Davies, he was constantly interrupted, his answers were dismissed, his agenda thrown aside – all in all it was an attack piece. How things can change in a week. Last week, we had the fragrant Sarah Brown and her allegedly statesman-like husband, Gordon. Solid and reliable. This week we have the hated Tories and they have been treated appallingly by the BBC, in my view. I say that as someone who has grave reservations about Cameron and co but I also speak as someone who believes in fairness. True BBC colours shine through folks, even in Evan Davies.


Well, as forecast here yesterday morning, the BBC has lavished praise on the Brown conference speech. Indeed in the BBC worldview bubble, Brown has triumphed magnificently, silenced his critics, routed the Tories, and laid down solid “serious” plans for the future. They have even suggested, oh so subtly, that Brown has moved the Party “slightly” to the left. Cheers all round and time for more “regulation”. The thing is that the BBC is now completely immersed in the NuLabour spin zone, indeed it is the broadcasting arm of the Labour government. They have been doing their best to “Save Gordon” for some time now and will feel that their mission has been accomplished, at least for this week. Let’s see if Cameron gets such an easy ride next week. Of course OUTSIDE the BBC bubble, things remain as they were. I suggest that Labour remains in terminal decline and the loss of the seat in the forthcoming Glenrothes by-election will surely bring some reality back to this BBC created faux reality. Finally, if you want to see just how great the Brown love-in is, just check out the image on the Today page this morning – Gordon and Sarah kissing each other, even as the BBC drools over them. Pass the sick bag.



What do you make of the news that a senior BBC executive told reporters to ‘go easy’ on the Labour Government now it is lagging behind the Tories in the polls. According to a well-placed source, the man in charge of BBC Radio 4’s flagship “Today In Parliament” told his staff that it was right to be ‘aggressive’ when things were going well for the Government but not when it was in trouble. Some of those present were outraged by the comments attributed to Peter Knowles, editor of the BBC’s parliamentary programmes, at an ‘away day’ gathering in London. Naturally the BBC denies this but then again they would say that, wouldn’t they?


No, I’m not being rude but merely quoting Alistair Darling on this BBC video (Which hilariously carries a warning that “This video contains strong language” – have you heard the profanities that litter so many BBC productions?) Anyway, Darling points out just how grim things are for the UK economy whilst suggesting that this is because of those international perfect storm economic conditions. The BBC interviewer could have enquired how it is that whilst the US reports 3.3% growth in the last quarter the UK under Labour has managed 0%. But that might suggest economic incompetence on behalf of Brown and Darling and that ain’t part of the BBC’s game. World conditions, nothing to see here, move along to the job centre…


Did anyone catch Jabba the Hut ringer John Prescott on Newsnight just now? Kirsty Wark allowed the buffoon a full five minutes rant as he made the most outrageous claims concerning what he alleged was the Tory Policy Exchange Report. This was a set piece by Newsnight to provide Labour with the opportunity to suggest the Tories hate the North, pure and simple. Kirsty did not interrupt Prezza. There has been no attempt made to study the substance of this report and Cameron had to distance himself at a million miles an hour lest real damage was done. It demonstrates once more how treacherous and biased the BBC really is. True colours.


My thanks to the eagle eyed B-BBC reader who spotted this amazing item the BBC is running entitled “Five reasons to be cheerful amongst the gloom.” Give it a read – it’s hilarious, pure BBC delusionalism! Who would have guessed that all is well with the property market; that unemployment has taken only a “minor turn” for the worse; that inflation is down; that lower earnings are good for you… and finally, that we are living longer anyway and so should be a damn side more thankful to the Great Leader for all he is doing for us.


The BBC’s coverage of the Glasgow East by-election is curiously mute on the reasons as to why Labour MP David Marshall suddenly decided to stand down from office. We are told it was for “health reasons”. So when we read in the press that the Labour MP used almost £500,000 of taxpayers’ money over six years to help run an office from his home which was staffed by his wife we have better insight as to why the BBC is so silent. Marshall’s office was in his semi-detached Glasgow home and he employed his wife Tina as his secretary. It is also believed he paid his daughter Christina to work from his home from the same pool of money. Now given the BBC’s delight in revealing every nuance of the allegations against Ray Lewis in London, shouldn’t it be providing these facts concerning how a Glaswegian Labour MP uses tax payers money? Or might that prove a tad awkward for Mr Broon?


Did you pick up on the BBC’s coverage of Labour MP Keith Vaz having received a letter from Geoff Hoon assuring him he would be “appropriately rewarded” for his efforts to help secure the Government victory on the recent 42 day detention. Perish the thought of sleaze, dismiss the idea of corruption. This is all “light-hearted” and “a joke” apparently and the BBC faithfully retail this. If it was a Conservative, do you think the same jokey lines would be let pass?


Touching to read this report from the BBC in which Red Ken Livingstone praises Mr Broon, absolving him of any blame for his defeat at the hands of Boris Johnson. It really is a gushing little tribute to Brown from the odious Livingstone – all part of Operation Save Gordon which is now a central part of the daily BBC agenda at the moment. I laughed at the last line in this report where Livingstone shrills about Brown “there will be a record of delivery.” Quite right – Brown will deliver a Conservative government in 2010 and all this pathetic shilling from the State Broadcaster will do NOTHING to change that.