Leveson is essentially the daily weapon used to undermine the Government by the BBC and Labour. It gets massive priority in the BBC daily news agenda although I suggest that most people could not care less about the nuances of who said what to whom and when in the media village. Today, on Today, we had the BBC sniggering at the “revelation” that David Cameron ended his texts to Rebekah Wade with “DC” and in a few instances “LOL”. Sophisticates in the BBC know this means “Laugh out Loud” but Cameron didn’t. Hah – profound political point? Meanwhile Labour is relentlessly using the openly compliant BBC to try and claim the head of Jeremy Hunt. Cameron and Hunt have failed to confront the BBC and really challenge it. In doing so they show weakness if not fear and simply encourage it as it works assiduously to create the idea in the national psyche that the Coalition is doomed and we need Labour back in 2015.  Make no mistake, BBC jubilation at Hollande’s victory last week will be as nothing to what we will endure should it win in three years time.


Bias? What bias? “Clark “surprise” at May ignorance” They just can’t help it, can they? Brodie Clark is the hero de jour of the BBC, a battering ram they are using to try and claim May’s scalp. I don’t recall the same enthusiasm to undermine Home Secretary’s when Labour were in power, do you?


Do you think the BBC thinks Labour is still in power? The reason I ask is this item it ran earlier today focusing on Tony Blair’s comments that “muddle headed analysis” (ie Conservative) of the riots could lead to wrong policy decisions. In a wonderful example of balance, the BBC invites Jack Straw and Tony McNultyon the programme to discuss. So two Labour politicians discussing the pearls of wisdom offered by another Labour politician, on the Labour accommodating BBC. Lovely stuff. I particularly enjoyed Straw and McNulty claiming that Labour’s golden years had seen crime cut in two, teenage pregnancies reduced and the alienation tackled that creates so much rioting and looting.


Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Polly Toynbee is on the BBC telling us how wonderful the Labour years were and how awful those nasty vicious Conservatives are creating so much..ahem.. “child poverty” ! This struck me as a wonderfully unbalanced item but to the BBC it is all light and reason.