Whilst the BBC agonises about the societal causes that made poor devout Muslim Major Hasan slaughter 13 of his colleagues at Fort Hood whilst screaming Allahu Akhbar it manages to get some of the basic facts wrong. In this report it reports that Hasan was shot by a fellow soldier. He was not. He was shot by Sergeant Kimberly Munley, a civilian police officer stationed at the base who was the first on the scene as Hasan picked off his victims. You would think with all that world class journalism they could get the basics right, wouldn’t you?.


Just watched the BBC TV News. The line being retailed is that the mass murder of US soldiers may well lead to even more of that awful Islamophobia that so concerns the State Broadcaster. Even as Major Nidal shouted “Allahu Akbar” and slaughtered the innocent, the BBC has instantly reverted to “Islam is the victim” mode. One of my readers over on A Tangled Web is currently helping treat the injured at Fort Hoods and it is to my shame that I tell him how the British State Broadcaster is doing everything possible to present Nidal as the victim and the real guilty party as the USA.


Yes, so I’ve been listening to the BBC’s coverage of the act of mass murder at Fort Hood carried out by Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Just one thing missing – the fact that he was a Muslim who apparently entertained dreams of Jihad. Maybe that’s not news? Best to focus on US foreign policy and how it enraged him….


BBC correspondent Mike Thomson travels to Somalia and here is the first in what the BBC threatens will be a series of reports. Oh god. Within a few minutes, Thomson cuts to the chase and asks the US Ambassador Mike Ranneberger why the US refuses to enter into negotiations with the Al Shabaab Islamic killing gangs. When the US ambassador says it is wrong to talk to terrorists, Thomson shoots back that this is what the UN “special representative” has told him is necessary. In every situation, the BBC seeks to advance the idea that talking to terrorists is always the right thing to do. In a typical BBC flourish the piece finishes with a woman singing, Lennon-esque, for peace. Yes, that’s going work real well with the Islamic hordes that seek to slaughter in the name of their faith. The real story in Somalia is the unspeakable violence carried out in the name of Islam – but I suggest Mr Thomson will do everything possible to occlude this central reality.


A) British Police Attacked by Muslim Mob
B) Rioting British Muslim Mob Threw Fireworks at Police
C) Police hit out at fireworks mob

One of these headlines is from the BBC. I know the ones that use the M word are rather anti Islam so it’s no level playing field, but the BBC has managed to turn the whole incident inside out. The police are the villains!


And, next up on The Big Question, “Should we always show compassion?” The BBC finds a lady who survived 7/7 and who feels that we cannot judge those who carried out this atrocity. She has been on a journey over the past four years and feels that the perpetrators have been radicalised and so were not to blame. Great. I am sure the Imam on the panel approved. They also had the parents of a young boy kicked to death – they wanted their son’s killer released from jail as they had forgiven him. There is a more subtle meme here – the BBC approves of the release of convicted mass murderer Megrahi by the gutless SNP – and the notion is that we must all show “compassion.”

Left Right and Centre

At odds with the theory that we’re all right wingers, some of us regularly visit “left leaning” Harry’s Place.
Four recent posts there indicate the way we’re heading, frogmarched along to an unknown destination by our trusted state broadcaster.

1.) More Islamic rules being imposed by the ministry of education in Gaza. This doesn’t auger well for a future self-governing state peacefully existing alongside Israel. The BBC could register this, maybe pondering over the wisdom of their persistent urgings to talk to Hamas.

2) “Beti Betak” (My House is Your House) the seldom-heard plight of Jews driven from Egypt, in stark contrast to the much publicised and sympathetically treated Palestinian refugee problem. Then there is the neglect, disregard and denial of access to archives, records, religious artefacts that remain in Egypt following the expulsion of Egypt’s Jews. When will the BBC commission a serious documentary on this subject? Is Jeremy Bowen too busy dreaming of his never to be realised appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. Or Stinkily Come Dancing as Mandrake would have it.

3) Israeli “Organ Harvesting.” This Harry’s Place article explains the fictional origins of both the Aftonbladet blood libel and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
There are two brief BBC web articles about the sensationalised Swedish newspaper allegations that stem from Palestinians tales of kidnapped children, murdered by the IDF for their internal organs.

The BBC articles on the subject are brief, but painstakingly ‘impartial.’ The allegations and refutations are given equal weight which gives unmerited credibility to these completely unsubstantiated and libelous allegations. A sudden outbreak of impartiality on a particular issue can be more biased than actual straightforward bias.

A further indication of their less than even-handed attitude is that in the first piece the BBC chose to feature their pet figure of derision Avigdor Lieberman, when of course they could have featured any of the Swedish protagonists, or the Israeli Ambassador to Sweden who are central to the original story.
The second web article focuses a little more on indignant reactions from Israel, dwelling on them just enough to make them look petty, a message reinforced by gratuitous mention of an online call to “boycott Ikea.”

4.) Finally, Kensington Town Hall is being used as the venue for another horrendous Islamic propaganda meeting, and Harry’s Place gives some staggering examples. K.T.H. seems to be a regular haunt for lefty get-togethers including Islamic hate preacher Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and various others. Someone should complain to the MP for Kensington and Chelsea, the Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind ….of Jewish descent! If the BBC cares for Britain they should be telling us all about it.

I offer each of the above items, and the way they are treated or downplayed by the BBC, to explain my reasons for posting on B-BBC.


It’s sweet to see that the BBC takes such an interest in Ramadan. Here you can read what Arafana from Wrexham makes of it all. It sounds so exciting! Wonder what she makes of the fact that Islam puts women on the same level of animals? Wonder what her view is on “honour killing”? The BBC doesn’t really go there…still, it’s the thought that counts. Happy Ramadan.


Well, it’s not everyday I feel a sense of sympathy for a Labour MP but in all fairness, I did feel a little sorry for Jim Fitzpatrick when he was being interviewed on Today this morning. Fitzpatrick has incurred the wrath of all those “moderate” Muslims out there by walking out of a Muslim wedding that he and his wife were attending when they askes to sit apart from each other. Listen to the excerpt from BBC Asian network discussion played here – note the lady who speaks at the very end. More Muslim moderation. In all fairness to Fitzpatrick, he has no chance here. Islam is intolerant of women, of course, but it is also entirely incompatible with our western value system. Fitzpatrick was lucky his wife was not asked to don the Burqa. The liberal BBC shills for the dark ages mindset of Islam and Mr Fitzpatrick gets no sympathy for his stance. Nothing new here, move along….


In essence, the BBC meme is that in the aftermath of Islamistan murdering THOUSANDS of people in the USA, British security and intelligence services should have realised that their immediate priority was to ensure the UK did..not get involved in rendition or become complicit in any way with the “torture” of alleged Jihadists. They’ve been dragging this theme out all morning, culminating in Universal Shami getting a canter through the whingfest just after 8am. The image of BBC icon, Binyam Mohammad, graces the Today programme for additional emphasis.

What really irritates me is not just the BBC’s relentless undermining of the work undertaken by our Intelligence Services but the fact that ever since 9/11, the State Broadcaster has chosen to operate as a propaganda channel for every piece of Jihadist trash that has gotten as far as a microphone. (Am I allowed to “Jihadist trash”? – probably not on the BBC, as it might offend you know who) It has continuously maligned the motives and actions of our Armed Forces and also of our Intelligence services whilst simultaneously portraying those captured followers of the religion of peace as kindly folk who only want to be our friend. (Maybe they’ll give Binyam his own TV Show, maybe call it “Britain’s got Jihad” or “Dancing on lies”? )

I often wonder how our nation could have successfully prosecuted WW2 had the BBC as much influence then as it does now? The constant BBC drip drip drip that erodes our National confidence in those who try to defend us from the ever present threat of more Islamic terror is a malignancy that we just cannot continue to finance. Don’t you think?