I notice BBC reporters are now swarming all over Gaza, like flies around you know what. The sympathy for the Hamas supporters is intense (Check this out) and one could be forgiven for thinking that Israeli forces just lobbed missiles randomly into Gaza, just as Hamas launch rockets randomly into Israel. Naturally nothing could be further from the truth with the precision of IDF/IAF strikes a matter of record but none of that concerns the BBC, who have now joined forces with the UNWRA jew haters to shill for the “fighters” from Hamas. I notice all BBC reports tallk about the Israeli assault on Gaza, rather than Hamas. I guess that also helps stoke up the hatred against Israel, the same hatred manifest in this video of BBC favourite Lauren Booth. Doesn’t what about the facts, Palestinians are always right and Israel is always wrong. That is the only narrative that matters in BBC worldview.


I wondered what you think of the following comments made by Jeremy Bowen? “After inflicting so much pain and death, Israel still says that Gaza’s civilians are not its enemy. That is something that Gazans – and millions of others in this part of the world – do not believe.” I am sure he includes the BBC in that number, don’t you? Also, after Hamas firing rockets into Israel AFTER the ceasefire came into effect, I was curious as to why Jeremy has not asked his excellent UN for a comment on this act of war?


To be honest, I was sorry to see tonight that Israel has called a ceasefire. It would be best that the IDF/IAF continue to pound every Hamas savage into the dirt of Gaza but I guess this was an inevitable political gesture considering the Obama coronation coming to you 24/7 early next week. I caught Jeremy Bowen commenting on this announcement on the 10 News and was struck by his once-more repeated admiration for the Hamas policy of what he calls “Martyrdom and sacrifice” aka hiding behind women and children and finessing homicide bombers in the kindergarten. The BBC still refuses to share with us how many Hamas terrorists have gone in to meet Allah prematurely, instead preferring to imply that Israel has only killed innocents during this campaign. The coverage of this military campaign against Hamas is a textbook example of BBC bias against Israel and all the reason in the world why we should not be funding such naked anti-semitism .


UNWRA goes on the offensive against Israel, and describes what it terms “an attack” on a Gazan school as a “war crime”. The it phones Jeremy Bowen, and the idea is now being propagated that Israel must be tried for war crimes. What sickens me is that the BBC must know that Hamas are committing war crimes on a daily basis and not ONE of their intrepid reporters has thought of asking their pals in UNWRA if using women, children, hospitals and schools as shields is a war crime? In the BBC campaign against Israel, Hamas are never guilty and Israel is never innocent.


I am sure that the BBC knows the difference between a truce and a hudna so why does this report make reference to Hamas offering a 12 month truce? I reckon that after the pounding Hamastan has taken it will need at least 12 months to rebuild itself militarily. A hudna is of no benefit to Israel and yet that is what is being retailed by the likes of the BBC as the best possible outcome. I hope Israel is more precise in what it accepts from Hamas than the BBC.



I suppose that those who may share my delight to see that Israel has taken out the Hamas cesspit and missile launching hotspot that masquerades as the UN HQ in Hamas are a minority. Naturally the BBC are enraged at this and you can expect the full response on Question Time tonight when wannabe suicide bomber Lady Tongue has her say. Even worse for the Beeb, those pesky Jews have only gone and killed Said Siyam, the Hamas interior minister, who controlled thousands of Hamas “security” troops in Gaza and who was said to be widely feared. The BBC does not elaborate on why he was feared but I am sure you can figure.


I would urge you to be sitting down as you listen to Jeremy Bowen’s latest report from Gaza. It’s amazing, isn’t it, to listen to such naked partisanship dressed up as reporting? Jeremy is nothing more than a pro-Palestinian talking head, doing everything possible to diminish the Israeli response to the savagery of Hamas. He concludes his ever so world-weary diatribe by saying “let’s hope there is a cease-fire soon”. Why? He is now offering opinion which favours one side (Hamas) in the conflict, is this not bias? And while we are at it, I notice the BBC is STILL pushing the death statistics of those in Gaza as one BIG media friendly number, whilst they breakdown Israeli deaths by military/civilian. We hear how many kids have allegedly died in Gaza, we never hear how many Hamas terrorists have been killed. Isn’t that a little odd? The BBC seem determined to portray the deaths of all those in Gaza as being the deaths of innocents. It’s sickening to behold.



I see the BBC starts today by flagging up the news that a predictable number of left-wing Jews have written in to The Observer (natch) demanding that Israel stops the military action against Hamas. Hey, even the Jews are against Israel! I also see that the BBC is still insisting that the pro-Hamas rallies yesterday “started peacefully but there were confrontations as police tried to move demonstrators away from the gates of the Israeli embassy.” Confrontations? Lovely word, so much more pleasant that street riots, vandalism and thuggery, don’t you think?


Just catching up with the news and I see that Rent-a-Mob have been out polluting the streets of our major cities, cheering on Hamas. Curious how the BBC has chosen to contradict police estimates of the numbers of protesters present in London (BBC say 50,000 but the Police say 12,000, go figure!) and then uses such weasel expressionsas “given the numbers of people the protest was peaceful.” Hope the injured policemen realise that! I also notice the BBC ends it report with the statement that “Health officials in Gaza say more than 800 Palestinians have died. Israel says 13 Israelis have been killed.” No Hamas terrorists killed so far , then? Not even one, apparently.


I see the BBC has been shilling for the UN following that organisations petulant display that the Unwra will not re-commence its allegedly humanitarian mission in Gaza until Israel guarantess the safety of its workers. Suits me if they never recommence but I wonder why the BBC never asks why the Unwra does not idenify Hamas as a threat to its workers. Maybe they are related? Also, anyone catch Newsnight defining the Red Cross as ” a very conservative organisation” as it launches a verbal onslaught on Israel. Meanwhile Alan Johnston was afforded space to let us know how invincible Hamas is. Loved the way he talked of the Hamas culture of “sacrifice and martyrdom” – that’s homicide bombing to you and me. Nice stuff, Al Beeb – Hamas could not wish for a better PR campaign.


I am sure you will have read the BBC report of “just a few” rockets being launched from southern Lebanon into Israel overnight. (aka Iran opens the northern front). I invite you to compare the paucity of the BBC coverage of the impact these rockets have had on the Israeli population at the receiving enfdwith that here from Fox. I suppose there wasn’t the room given the BBC need to further character assassinate Israel. Your views?


Been a busy morning for the BBC in the promotion of the Hamas cause. Around 6.45am they were phoning Gazans up and asking for feedback on how things were going in Hamastan! You can imagine the predictable results! I was wondering how they got these telephone numbers as it would be interesting to know who provided them and who set the calls. Then, half an hour later, it was time for a discussion on how the Egyptian government is coming under increasing pressure from its own people to open the crossing at Rafah – Gaza’s border with Egypt. The BBC reporter did mention the fact that this area is criss-crossed with tunnels which Hamas use for smuggling weapons into Gaza but for some odd reason, he never wondered who provided these weapons to Hamas, nor indeed where the cash came from to buy these weapons. After all, I thought Gaza was cash-strapped? Half an hour later, we enjoyed thought for the day with Dr Usama Hasan, a Muslim academic before segueing into an interview with Ron Prosor, the Israeli ambassador to the UK. Sarah Montague’s attack line was that the Israeli shelling on a UN school undermines any credence to their cause and she refused to accept the obvious, namely that Hamas use women and children as human shields, so committing war crimes. The second BBC attack line is that Israel was to blame for the breach of the cease-fire last year because it killed six Hamas terrorists! Ambassador Prosor performed admirably under the circumstances but the chill in the air during the interview was visceral. The BBC really are unhinged.


I very rarely watch BBC Breakfast TV but I have just been told about a gem that was on it this morning just after 8am. It appears we were treated to a short potted history of Gaza and the conclusion was that Hamas, after all, is democratically elected and all that Hamas really want to do is get on with building up the Gazan economy and making life better for the people of that area. The faux analogy with Northern Ireland was then employed with the suggestion that Israel should talk to the more “moderate” wing of Hamas, just like the British Government had engaged with the “moderate” Sinn Fein wing of the IRA. It’s all so risible, so totally detached from reality, that it is almost beyond comment but the reality is that many millions of people will have tuned in and been exposed to this pro-Hamas propaganda. And THAT is the danger of the BBC; it is a willing propagandist tool for terrorism, in this instance shilling for Hamas, the IRA — and for that, it deserves to be damned.

Moving on to other matters Gazan, I see the BBC is relentlessly quoting “500 deaths” without any effort to tell us how many of those killed are Hamas terrorists and how many other were killed because of Hamas. Just one big bite-sized media friendly number, natch. I also noted that on the Today programme this morning, the BBC explained that because of Israel’s refusal to let journalists into the conflict area, it had to rely on images provided by those residing in Gaza. (And they didn’t mean the IDF) It stopped short, however, of making it clear that all images and data provided to the BBC are Hamas approved – so no possibility of any bias there then!


Funny how the BBC keeps reporting that Gaza is “amongst the most densely populated places on Earth.” They were at it again this morning. When one considers that the population density of the Palestinian disputed territories is below that of, say The Channel Islands, the Hamas apologists preferred retort is to single out just the Gaza strip and base their argument on its population density. Well it IS indeed quite densely populated but there are over a thousand areas within West Yorkshire, for example, which have much higher levels of population density, as indeed has the little Satan’s Tel Aviv. So, in the interests of fairness, I wonder why BBC in these locations fail to preface ever report with this equally true demographic? Oh, that’s right – it’s about pushing the “Most Oppressed People in the Universe” narrative uber alles. It’s not news anymore, it is propaganda.

Not alone

I have been horrified and angered by the coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict. While paying scant regard to the provocation of 10,000 rockets fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza over the last seven years, the BBC has chosen to broadcast ‘human interest’ stories reminiscent of salacious photos in the cheaper red top newspapers.

Michael Fabricant MP on ConservativeHome.