I’m not talking Jihadists but rather the BBC. Interesting interview here with Baroness Finlay of Llandaff. Along with some other peers, she has stated in a letter to The Times that the BBC is “running an orchestrated campaign” to change the law on euthanasia. Justin Webb sounds decidedly hostile to the contention put forward by the Baroness and after contradicting her position himself, he then plays back comments from another BBC spokesperson on the subject. The truth of the matter is that the BBC is very much on-board with the assisted suicide narrative and it gets annoyed when those such as Baroness Finlay and her colleagues simply point out their bias!


Sunday Morning Live replaces the awful Big Question. Hosted by the lovely pouting Susanna Reid, it kicked off this morning with the usual BBC mantra – time to get out of Afghanistan. In fact the line being debated was “Are our soldiers dying in vain”. The BBC is keen to use the loss of soldiers lives over there to whip up support for their militant pacifism and evidently care little for the impact these discussions have on the next of kin. It is an article of faith in the godless BBC that the British Army should never go to war and so it uses every opportunity to press it home. For good measure they had a guy on from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee to give his sage advice which involved cutting deals with the Taliban.

Next up for debate – should we be allowed to help kill our relatives? BBC not keen on the war on terror but very keen on advocating euthanasia. Then, Erin Prizzie to express her sympathy with child killer and child porn devotee Jon Venables.

Follow The Money

The Marxist theory of history, as studied in their rebellious youth by so many senior BBC people, emphasises the importance of economic factors and the relations between what were called ‘the forces of production’. From these relations and their associated class relations sprang all the other institutions of society – and even the consciousness of the individuals in each class.

As P J O’Rourke puts it : “As a philosophic recipe, marxism is a cannelloni of the economical, stuffed with economics, and cooked in economic sauce.

Living in pre-Welfare State days, Marx and Engels devoted little thought to ‘the forces of consumption’ – non-productive individuals who consume scarce resources. In a previous B-BBC post I pointed out some of the demographic issues on which the BBC has been so strangely coy over the last 30 years.

The timebomb is serious, and makes the Government’s current credit crunch deficit look like small change. You can see a ‘population pyramid’ here – note the immediate post-war ‘blip’ of babies, then the great bulge born in the 50s and 60s. As that bulge moves into retirement over the next 25 years, the ratio of taxpayers to tax consumers (elderly people need more care and particularly more medical care) will fall. Where will the money come from to pay for their care ?

The Financial Times excellent Alphaville blog has an interesting (if depressing) post on the impact of demography upon government debt – and the ratio of government debt to gross domestic product (GDP) which is a rough measure of the capability of a country to repay its debt.

The unfavourable shift in dependency ratios, combined with sharply increased spending on pensions and healthcare is likely to cause a sustained deterioration in primary fiscal balances and a continuous increase in government debt to GDP ratios.

Translation : “Ageing populations will lead to an explosion in government debt over the long run“.

The cost of medical care is enormous, at 18% of the UK budget. Pensions and ‘social care’ account for around another 20%. The NHS bill is about to take off over the next two decades, as the boomers born between 1945 and 1965 move into retirement. Pressure to contain this budget will be enormous.

As the BBC’s pro-euthanasia campaign grinds on I can’t but think that some BBC editors and producers need to recall what they were taught or picked up from all those Politics and Sociology courses. We are moving into a period where governments, of any complexion, will be desperate to control rising health costs – and when, for the first time, the State broadcaster is running a continual stream of pro-euthanasia propaganda. To paraphrase Marx : “Follow the money”.


I see that BBC presenter Ray Gosling has been talking about how he smothered his gay lover who was dying from Aids. The BBC is enthusiastic about supporting “mercy killings” and this story is simply an extension of this narrative. I do not doubt the pain Mr Gosling and his lover went through but in the final analysis, smothering another human to death is a crime and it is a disgrace that the BBC chooses to portray this in the most sympathetic manner possible. What is your view?