Biased BBC contributor Graeme Thompson writes;

“Is this an impartial BBC journalist engaging Republican nomination candidate Rick Santorum, or a sneering, jeering Obama supporter trying to lob custard pies at him?

The gentleman in question is Newsnight’s Peter Marshall, which, to anyone familiar with his ouvre, may feel the above question already answered. For the record, I do think Mr Santorum’s comments as reported are ‘off beam’, shall we say, but Mr Marshall’s approach is, as ever, that of left wing antagonist.

I will never forget Mr Marshall’s propaganda pieces on Newsnight on behalf of Al Qa’eda in the wake of 7/7. The man is an obscenity on legs. B-BBC has recorded for posterity an exchange Stephen Pollard had with him over his shilling for Al Q’aeda (scroll down the link). While the BBC insists on employing such overt and odious left-wing antagonists as – cough, cough – ‘journalists’, it’s clear just how deep institutional left-wing bias runs at the BBC.”