Had to laugh at the punchline from this!

“BBC’s coverage of the OWS protests is now 24 hour….and very friendly and amenable it all sounds:
‘Up All Night went to St Paul’s Cathedral in London meets the anti-capitalists protestors. ‘
The BBC happy to provide a platform for the protestors to have a free, unopposed rant….though they will only ‘resist peaceably’….passive resistance like Ghandi or Martin Luther King according to the BBC presenter.  Some light relief from someone who shall remain nameless…. 

BBC: ‘Who am I speaking to?’
Protestor: ‘You are speaking to me, I’m an entity commonly known as Dom….I don’t have a name…coz that’s part of why I’m here…we’re being enslaved and put into a prison without bars by the legal and monetary systems…society is controlling people by fear…not consent.’


As the anarcho-communist anti-Semitic street rabble infest our financial centres, you can rely on the BBC to cheer-lead for them. Here’s Paul Mason giving them a shout-out..

“Occupy Everywhere, then, is the kind of movement you get when people start to believe mainstream politicians have lost their principles, or are trapped by vested interests, or are all crooked.”


Mark Mardell has awoken. I assume he has been slumbering in recent days such has been his apparent lack of interest in the OccupyWallStreet movement. Initially, I thought that perhaps even HE would be embarrassed by the disgusting antics of this motley crew. I mean, defecating on a Police car or spitting on a Marine are things that surely any civilised person would be ashamed of and yet it’s right up there on the “To Do” wish list for OWS. But Mark has suddenly chosen to engage with OWS and. as one might expect, he’s a fan. Instantly, he compares it to the Tea Party, and is now wondering what it can achieve. He continually references the Tea Party in a vain move to compare the two whilst carefully erasing the law-breaking that has accompanied the Occupy movement – Obama’s little stormtroopers.